Chapter 1618: Twins

Qiangu Dongfeng's mind was racing as he assessed the situation, but no matter how he thought about it, it was clear that Tang Wulin had screwed him over. "You think you're going to win through these devious little tricks?"

Tang Wulin harrumphed coldly in response. "Do you want to continue or not?"

Qiangu Dongfeng knew that he had fallen for Tang Wulin's trap. Tang Wulin had used a completely inconsequential figure in a matchup against Qiangu Dongfeng, thereby preventing him from being able to feature in the two-on-two matches.

If the two-on-two matches were only worth one point each, then there wouldn't be an issue, but that wasn't the case. Tang Wulin had clearly tricked him, yet he was playing the victim!

Taking a look at the bigger picture, Shrek Academy had indeed fallen behind by one point, but both Leng Yaozhu and Qiangu Dongfeng were now unable to feature in the two-on-two matches.

Leng Yaozhu was also a rookie Limit Douluo like Yali, but she was a four-word battle armor master and an assault system Soul Master; if she had been paired against Yali in a one-on-one battle, her victory would've virtually been assured.

However, even though he and Leng Yaozhu had earned two points for the Spirit Pagoda, Shrek Academy hadn't been forced to use any of its important pieces.

Neither Yali nor Long Yeyue had taken part in any matches thus far, and they were clearly playing the long game, saving their most powerful beings for the matches that were worth the most points.  [1]

However, if he thought that he could win like this, then he was dead wrong! The Spirit Pagoda had far more depth than he could imagine.

With that in mind, Qiangu Dongfeng was instilled with even more confidence. At the very least, this was a concession of weakness from Shrek Academy. Resurrecting Yun Ming was nothing but a joke. He had already enquired the Holy Spirit Cult about such a possibility, and he had been told that only a god would be able to resurrect Yun Ming. Only a wisp of his soul remained, and it could only just barely survive in an object.

"Let's continue. Show me what other little tricks you have up your sleeve."

Tang Wulin's expression had already returned to normal at this point, and it was impossible to tell what he was thinking.

Meanwhile, the students and parents in the distance were all quite perplexed. How had that spy been planted into Shrek Academy? Even though the Spirit Pagoda was leading by a point, the two powers were evenly matched in the eyes of all of the bystanders.

All of the parents were thoroughly enjoying this spectacular show. Ticket prices for a showdown of such epic proportions would undoubtedly be extremely expensive, yet they were able to spectate for free!

Even though there were live broadcasts on all the television channels, seeing the clash live was a completely different experience.

Furthermore, this was an impromptu clash, so the television crews were very ill-prepared and could only shoot the footage from the ground, thereby compromising on clarity.

Tang Wulin and Qiangu Dongfeng faced each other again before giving a countdown in unison.

"Three, two, one, begin!"

Two more figures instantly flew up into the air.

One-on-one and two-on-two matches had been around in the Soul Master world since the beginning of time. Even back in Tang San's generation, these were already very common competition formats. In particular, the two-on-two matches were very common for Soul Masters with soul fusion skills.

The representatives from the Spirit Pagoda were a pair of tall middle-aged men who appeared to be in their thirties with burly physiques and military buzz cuts.

What was most interesting about them was that they were a pair of identical twins!

This was a clear indication that there was a very good chance they possessed a soul fusion skill.

Generally speaking, twin Soul Masters had great synergy with one another, and there was a very good chance that they possessed soul fusion skills from birth.

Tang Wulin had encountered similar opponents in his younger days, and they had posed quite a stern challenge to him.

As the twins rose up into the air, they released their soul rings in unison, and both of their soul ring configurations consisted of three purples and six blacks.

This was slightly inferior to the Spirit Pagoda representatives that had come before them, and it made it even more likely that they possessed a soul fusion skill. Otherwise, they wouldn't have been granted the opportunity to represent the Spirit Pagoda in this clash.

Tang Wulin couldn't help but be impressed by the depth of the Spirit Pagoda. Many of the Soul Masters that had featured in the matches today were ones that Tang Wulin had never seen before, but all of them were Titled Douluos.

In a normal small sect, a Titled Douluo was enough to ensure the prosperity of the entire sect, but in the Spirit Pagoda, it seemed that Titled Douluos were a dime a dozen. Through the allure of its soul spirits, it was able to recruit a whole host of powerful beings.

The two representatives from Shrek Academy were also very burly and muscular. In fact, they were far more imposing than their opponents, but they weren't twins.

The one on the left was extremely tall and broad with glistening bald heads, and his clothes did nothing to conceal his cartoonishly developed muscles.

The one beside him was slightly shorter, but he was just as imposing and gave off an indescribably overbearing aura.

These two were none other than A'Ruheng and Sima Jinchi.

Sima Jinchi couldn't leave Tang Wulin, and A'Ruheng didn't have anywhere to go, so both of them had been recruited by Tang Wulin to become teachers of Shrek Academy.

Teaching was a new challenge to both of them, and they didn't know whether they would be good teachers, but they were both very interested and immediately agreed.

Prior to this, it had already been decided that they would feature in the first two-on-two battle.

The Spirit Pagoda had very little information about these two.

A'Ruheng had stayed in the Body Sect his entire life and only emerged into the outside world as a Soul Douluo, while Sima Jinchi's files had been kept confidential by the Southern Legion where he had been a high-ranking military official. He was constantly by Tang Wulin's side like a weapon, and he didn't receive much attention as he rarely ever did anything worthy of note. Even during the joust for a spouse event, he had only appeared in disguise.

As such, Qiangu Dongfeng's brows furrowed slightly at the sight of these two. He could sense that both of them were very powerful Titled Douluos, but he was also very confident in the twins representing the Spirit Pagoda.

After all, synergy was very important in two-on-two battles.

Sima Jinchi and A'Ruheng exchanged a glance, then immediately turned away from one another with disdainful expressions.

"I'm telling you, don't weigh me down!" Sima Jinchi scoffed.

A'Ruheng harrumphed coldly in response. "Piss off! I can handle them on my own; don't get in my way!"

[1] [As you may recall, Yali has already taken part in a one-on-one match, so this appears to be another inconsistency from the author. Yali features in a later two-on-two match, so unfortunately, I can't change things up here to make the storyline consistent across the board.]

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