Chapter 1616: Heavenly Demon Transformation

Upon making this realization, she had communicated to Qiangu Dongfeng that she wanted to fight in the next match.

She naturally wasn't going to make the same mistake as Da Mo, so even though she was constantly pressuring Ye Xinglan with her attacks, she was also carefully appraising Ye Xinglan this entire time.

Much to her surprise, not only did Ye Xinglan possess extensive battle experience, she was very good at maximizing her advantages, and she was like an impregnable fortress. Throughout this entire match, her sword intent was constantly subdued, and even when counterattacking, she never allowed herself to overextend and give Li Mengjie any opportunities.

That short sword that Li Mengjie had just transformed into was her Demonic Maiden Sword, and it was able to devour the target's life force upon contact.

The life force of normal people was pointless to her; only the life energy of a young and exuberant Titled Douluo could replenish her needs.

However, Ye Xinglan had chosen to evade without any hesitation.

Now that Ye Xinglan was commencing her counterattack, Li Mengjie could clearly sense that she had already attained a sword soul, and that it definitely hadn't been attained only recently.

Was this the power of the Shrek Academy's students?

Li Mengjie's eyes narrowed slightly in the face of this unexpectedly troublesome opponent.

However, what was quite encouraging to Li Mengjie was that Ye Xinglan had released her martial soul true body first. How long would she be able to maintain this form?

Abilities like martial soul true bodies and battle armor domains consumed a lot of energy, which was why it was generally accepted that the one who released such abilities first during battle were conceding a disadvantage, unless they could secure victory in one fell swoop like Xu Lizhi had just done.

As such, it was clear that Ye Xinglan was about to unleash an extremely powerful attack, and Li Mengjie could clearly sense that this attack was going to pose a huge threat to her! By her estimations, there was a very good chance that she wouldn't be able to withstand this attack unless she released her martial soul true body or battle armor.

In this situation, she immediately made a decision.

The Demonic Maiden reappeared, but was immediately dragged onto her own body, and the two figures combined, upon which a peculiar product emerged.

The body still belonged to the alluring Demonic Maiden, but the face attached to that body belonged to Li Mengjie, creating a rather chilling contrast.

A hint of struggle appeared in her eyes, and her wizened features began to warp and transform, as if she were struggling to become young and beautiful. However, in the end, only half of her face successfully transformed.

From the side, one could easily be forgiven for thinking that they were appraising a stunning beauty. However, from the front, one would discover that half of the face belonged to Li Mengjie, while the other half was in the Demonic Maiden's appearance.

This was Li Mengjie's martial soul true body, Heavenly Demon Transformation!

After completing her transformation, the same staff from before appeared in Li Mengjie's right hand, while the short sword appeared in her left.

Right at this moment, a beam of radiant starlight descended, and countless galaxies seemed to be contained within the starlight.

This was Ye Xinglan's sixth soul skill, Sword Star Soul!

In her Stargod Sword Body form, Ye Xinglan's sword intent and sword soul were both released to their maximal extent, and all of her subdued power was instantly released in an explosive assault.

Li Mengjie's expression changed slightly upon seeing this, and she quickly donned her suit of battle armor.

Her battle armor was also very peculiar; the left side was black, while the right side was white to match the two halves of her face.

In the face of this attack, she had been forced to don her suit of three-word battle armor.

Right at this moment, the sky suddenly turned dark as if night had fallen, and countless specks of starlight emerged.

This was Ye Xinglan's three-word battle armor domain, Dazzling Galaxy!

During the construction of her battle armor, Ye Xinglan had intentionally emulated Xu Xiaoyan's domain.

With the enhancement from her Dazzling Galaxy domain, all of her attacks became around twice as powerful.

A solemn look appeared on Li Mengjie's face as she drew a circle with her short sword, creating a round door that was filled with warped light. As Ye Xinglan's attack approached her, a part of it simply passed through her as if she were merely an illusion.

This was her eighth soul skill, Mortal Coil!

She raised her staff high up into the air, and a massive white vortex appeared as her body began to rapidly revolve, sweeping up all of the specks of starlight.

This was her other eighth soul skill, Heavenly Demon Gravity Field!

That's right, in a sense, her Demonic Maiden martial soul was equivalent to twin martial souls, and that was why she had so many soul skills at her disposal.

However, her martial soul was different from normal twin martial souls as it was essentially one martial soul that had been divided into two extremely similar or contrasting pieces.

Another example of this was Xie Xie's twin martial souls prior to their evolution to become the Space Time Dragon.

Right at this moment, the projection of a sky that was identical to the one above Li Mengjie appeared beneath her feet, and what was even more peculiar was that there was also a galaxy of stars surging through that projected sky.

Just a moment ago, she had been standing on solid ground, yet now, it was as if she were in outer space. 

She was completely enveloped on all sides by a starry sky, and the surging galaxy instantly formed a massive starry vortex that encompassed her entire body.

Li Mengjie's expression changed drastically upon seeing this. Never did she think that Ye Xinglan would be this powerful.

Piercing light erupted from Li Mengjie's body, and a layer of pink light spread through the air beneath her feet.

As soon as the starlight came into contact with this pink light, the former would instantly fade away.

Due to the fact that she had just unleashed her eighth soul skills, it was already too late to switch to a different soul skill, so she could only unleash her three-word battle armor domain, Heavenly Demon Demise!

The domain possessed extremely corrosive properties, and even though it didn't encompass a large area, anyone caught within it would have their body eroded into nothingness.

Furthermore, the domain also excelled in defense, protecting Li Mengjie from a large portion of the bombardment of starlight, but there was simply too much starlight to deal with.

Each speck of starlight was formed by the purest sword Qi from the Stargod Sword and was extremely sharp.

She could nullify the attacks, but she was unable to keep out the sharp sword intent imbued within the sword Qi, and her mind was beginning to receive heavy blows.

All of the spectators down below could only see a vast expanse of radiant starlight, but they didn't know what was happening.

The terrifying power currently being displayed by the Stargod Sword was not inferior to the power that Yuanen Yehui had displayed earlier.

"Boom, boom, boom!" Three layers of light exploded in quick succession beside Li Mengjie, scattering much of the starlight, as well as the invading sword intent. However, more starlight continued to surge toward her, and it seemed that there was no end to this attack.

Li Mengjie felt as if she had sunken into a swamp where she had to constantly withstand extremely fearsome attacks. Wasn't she only a rookie Titled Douluo? How was she able to maintain such a fierce assault for so long?

The sword projections were so sharp that Li Mengjie didn't even dare to use her battle armor to directly withstand them.

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