Chapter 1615: Celestial Maiden

This was another woman who appeared to be in her twenties; wearing a white dress and a thin white veil over her face. The curves of her gorgeous figure were indistinctly visible through her thin white dress, and she reached a finger out toward the back of Ye Xinglan's head.

Another speck of starlight appeared behind Ye Xinglan's head with unerring accuracy, and the finger was also forced back while Ye Xinglan's body suddenly took on an illusionary quality, right as a wizened palm flashed past her cheek.

In the blink of an eye, two exchanges had already taken place. The woman in white appeared silently behind Li Mengjie before disappearing into her body.

This was none other than Li Mengjie's Demonic Maiden martial soul.

It didn't appear as if Li Mengjie had used any soul skills, but her body suddenly left a trail of afterimages in its wake as she grabbed toward Ye Xinglan again.

At this point, Ye Xinglan's Stargod Sword had already appeared in her grasp, and she remained completely unflustered as she slashed her sword through the air, unleashing her second soul skill, Sword God Net.

Looking from down below, it was as if fireworks were flourishing up above, and the attack didn't release much power, but a hint of surprise appeared on Qiangu Dongfeng's face at the sight of it.

This was sword Qi that had had its essence completely restrained! It appeared to be harmless, but the sword Qi would only erupt upon contact.

Li Mengjie cackled as she thrust her finger forward over and over again, pointing directly at the points where the Sword God Net were connected. The Sword God Net was instantly taken apart, but the sword Qi it contained also instantly erupted, sending a string of ringing sounds reverberating through the air.

Li Mengjie faltered momentarily, and a speck of starlight arrived right before her like an illusion.

All of a sudden, the illusion vanished, and only one Li Mengjie was left in mid-air.

Between the index and middle fingers of her right hand held the tip of Ye Xinglan's Stargod Sword.

"Not bad at all!"

The pristine white figure reappeared, and she began to rotate on the spot, releasing a burst of powerful rotational force that dragged Ye Xinglan's body off to the side.

This was her Demonic Maiden Dance!

Ye Xinglan withdrew her Stargod Sword, and she rose up into the air as a dazzling sword projection to escape the influence of the rotational force. In the next instant, a speck of resplendent starlight descended from above.

This was her third soul skill, Sword Star Fall.

The Demonic Maiden Dance continued, and the vortex suddenly expanded before abruptly converging, seemingly in an attempt to devour and destroy the speck of starlight.

However, a storm of countless stars suddenly rained down from the heavens, completely illuminating the vortex.

This was Ye Xinglan's fourth soul skill, Sword Star Rain.

The Demonic Maiden rose up into the air, and the vortex vanished. 

Li Mengjie also appeared beside the Demonic Maiden, and the two of them held hands as they stood in mid-air with the starry rain as their backdrop. All of a sudden, Li Mengjie vanished, and a short sword appeared in the Demonic Maiden's hand.

The sword was slashed through the air, and time seemed to have suddenly stopped as a gentle voice rang out.

"I... miss... you..."

Upon hearing these three gentle words, even the people spectating the battle down below felt chills run down their spines, particularly as the voice was accompanied by the alluring sight of the veiled Demonic Maiden.

Those words being spoken by such an exquisite beauty naturally sent one's mind aflutter.

As those words were being uttered, the Demonic Maiden's short sword had already reached Ye Xinglan, and it had left a string of ripples through the air.

Ye Xinglan's expression changed slightly at the sight of these ripples, and she shot back like lightning, having been completely unaffected by the Demonic Maiden's words.

She was completely dedicated to her sword, so her willpower and mental fortitude were unshakeable.

In the past, Yuanen Yehui had been very introverted and unwilling to open up to anyone due to her tragic past. Now that everything was behind her, she was a lot more bubbly and lively.

In contrast, Ye Xinglan was truly focused entirely on her cultivation, and the only people she shared emotional ties with were Xu Lizhi and her friends.

As such, regardless of how alluring that voice was, it couldn't affect her even in the slightest.

However, the warped light released by the short sword was different; it only encompassed a very small area, but it struck Ye Xinglan with the same feeling as Tang Wulin's Millennium White Clouds, indicating that the short sword was imbued with the power of space and time.

A cold light flashed through Ye Xinglan's eyes as she suddenly stopped in mid-air. Specks of dazzling starlight erupted from her body, making her look as if she had turned completely transparent.

At the same time, her seventh soul ring lit up, and that pleasant ringing sound rang out once again, evoking the mental image of an exceptional sword about to be drawn out of its scabbard.

This was her seventh soul skill, Stargod Sword True Body!

"Ding!" The Stargod Sword was thrust forward and struck the tip of the short sword with unerring accuracy, instantly knocking it upward.

The warped light was shattered, and Li Mengjie reappeared beside the Demonic Maiden with a dark expression.

She reached out with her right hand and grabbed onto the Demonic Maiden's shoulder, and in the next instant, the Demonic Maiden transformed into a streak of white light that converged over her hand.

This was a slender staff, at the tip of which was a carving identical to the Demonic Maiden. The staff was waved in Ye Xinglan's direction, and a plume of white mist surged forth.

The mist was comprised of countless thin needles, affording Ye Xinglan no avenues for evasion, and Ye Xinglan didn't choose to take evasive measures anyway.

All of a sudden, a star lit up in the sky to illuminate Ye Xinglan, and the Stargod Sword was slashed through the air, slicing the white mist in half.

A peerlessly sharp streak of light flashed through the air, forcing Li Mengjie to evade.

She swept her staff horizontally through the air, and the surrounding light abruptly vanished, plunging the entire area into darkness.

However, Ye Xinglan remained completely unfazed even in the face of this domain-like ability.

A speck of starlight appeared above her again, and she abruptly vanished on the spot.

This was her fifth soul skill, Star Sword!

A peerlessly sharp aura began to take shape in the sky, and it was spreading at an alarming speed. Countless specks of scintillating starlight appeared, and it was as if the entire sky were about to be torn apart. Each speck of starlight made the darkness recede a little, and Li Mengjie reverted back to her original form with a bewildered look on her face.

At the beginning of the battle, she had sensed that Ye Xinglan was only a rookie Titled Douluo.

It was definitely very astonishing to see a Titled Douluo at such a young age, but in terms of battle experience and power, Ye Xinglan should've been far inferior to her.

However, as the battle progressed, she began to have more and more doubts about her own judgment.

This match didn't seem to be as intense as the previous ones, but this type of melee combat was the most dangerous as being struck by even a single attack could result in an immediate defeat.

During the last match, Li Mengjie had already deduced that Xu Lizhi wouldn't have been able to maintain his four-word battle armor for long. If it weren't for Da Mo's overt pride and complacency, Xu Lizhi would've had no chance in a battle of attrition.

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