Chapter 1612: Xu Lizhi's Four-word Battle Armor

Xu Lizhi twisted around slightly before rushing a few meters away to the side while redirecting Da Mo's attack away, causing it to brush past him.

This was the Tang Sect technique, Controlling Crane Capturing Dragon!

Da Mo faltered slightly upon seeing this, clearly not expecting Xu Lizhi to employ such a method of resistance. He seemed to have achieved this through pure soul power and hadn't even used any soul skills; how was that even possible?

Having diverted that punch away, Xu Lizhi's nerves were settled significantly, and he raised a hand to produce a Bloodthirsty Red Bean Bun, which he immediately stuffed into his own mouth, following which a peculiar look appeared on his face.

He was so nervous that he had forgotten to chew and swallowed the stuffed bun whole!

His blood began to boil as the Bloodthirsty Red Bean Bun instantly took effect, and at the same time, specks of light appeared all over his body as he summoned his suit of dark purple battle armor.

That's right, his battle armor had become purple, and it was such a dark shade of purple that it seemed to be able to devour all light.

Faint rainbow radiance was surging over the surface of his suit of battle armor, but it was clearly incomplete, missing a helmet and the entire lower body section, which meant that it was currently only comprised of pauldrons, gauntlets, and a breastplate.

However, Da Mo was quite stunned by the sight of that rainbow light.

Was this four-word battle armor? A Soul Douluo possessed pieces of four-word battle armor?

How was this possible?

Four-word battle armor was enormously taxing to its wearer as the heavenly refined metal would automatically draw upon the Soul Master's energy in an uncontrollable process. As such, it was widely accepted that only powerful beings of the Hyper Douluo level or above would be able to handle a full suit of four-word battle armor master.

This suit of four-word battle armor wasn't complete, many pieces had already been adorned; surely Xu Lizhi would have to at least be a Titled Douluo to be able to withstand the physical strain! He was just a Soul Douluo, and a food system Soul Douluo, at that!

However, Da Mo only faltered for a split second before immediately rushing forward, and his right fist abruptly expanded to three times its original size as it was swung toward Xu Lizhi like a giant hammer.

Releasing his battle armor from the get-go was already a concession of inferiority from Xu Lizhi, and as a Hyper Douluo, Da Mo wasn't really even considering Xu Lizhi to be a serious opponent.

After releasing his four-word battle armor, Xu Lizhi's essence, energy, and spirit instantly spiked drastically, and he chanted, "Don't judge a bun by its folds!"

Light flashed in his two hands, and a pair of stuffed buns appeared. The bun in his right hand was hurled directly toward Da Mo, while the bun in his left hand was quickly stuffed into his mouth.

After swallowing the stuffed bun, his entire body became more light and agile, and he quickly retreated.

The stuffed bun flying toward Da Mo was of a purplish-black color, and in the face of an attack, Da Mo only knew one way to respond: counterattack!


A violent explosion erupted, and Da Mo's devastating fist was stopped cold in its tracks for a moment. Taking advantage of this opportunity, Xu Lizhi had already retreated by over 100 meters.

What the hell was this thing? An exploding bun?

Da Mo faltered slightly upon seeing this. The stuffed bun really did pack considerable explosive power, but it was only enough to stop him for a moment.

What an interesting little fatty; he was a food system Soul Master, yet he was creating bombs!

As soon as this thought sprang into his mind, he caught sight of Xu Lizhi stuffing another bun into his own mouth. This was a transparent bun, and following consumption, a layer of translucent light instantly appeared over Xu Lizhi's body.

Da Mo didn't even know whether he should be amused or angry at this point. Was his opponent challenging him to a battle of attrition? Even so, there was still no chance that he would lose!

Da Mo shot forth like lightning, and on this occasion, he was planning to strike down Xu Lizhi once and for all.

His third soul ring lit up as he thrust his fists forward, and countless fist projections were instantly unleashed, encompassing a massive area and affording Xu Lizhi no avenue for evasion.

Every single fist projection was filled with terrifying strength and extremely compressed soul power, and it was like a storm of soul missiles.

This was Da Mo's third soul skill, Rocket Punches!

The names Da Mo assigned to his soul skills were all very simple; they were generally all named "something something" punch, and this third soul skill had been named as such for its explosive power. His naming convention reflected his straightforward personality.

In the face of the Rocket Punches, Xu Lizhi seemed to have flown into a panic, retreating as quickly as he could, but there was no way he could outrun a Hyper Douluo charging at him at full speed! In the end, he was caught within the massive wall of fist projections.

However, he suddenly made a surprising gesture. He took a deep breath, and purplish-black light erupted from his body, making it look as if he were preparing to withstand this attack with his battle armor.

Da Mo harrumphed coldly upon seeing this. An incomplete suit of four-word battle armor was inferior even to a complete suit of three-word battle armor as it didn't possess a domain. Even if its defensive prowess were extremely stellar, there was no way that Xu Lizhi would be able to withstand a flurry of such powerful attacks.

Was Xu Lizhi really planning to withstand the attack head-on? The answer was quickly revealed.

All of a sudden, he thrust his hands through the air, releasing a vast expanse of palm projections that hurtled directly toward Da Mo's rocket punches.

Was he going to fight fire with fire?

All of the people down below were stunned to see this. A food system Soul Douluo was engaging in a direct clash with a Hyper Douluo...

Did he have a death wish?!

However, as the clash took place, an incredible turn of events unfolded.

A string of loud slaps rang out, and through the use of his Purple Demon Eyes, Tang Wulin could see that Xu Lizhi had also unleashed his Purple Demon Eyes, allowing him to track the trajectories of all of Da Mo's punches. Regardless of how fast his Rocket Punches were, they were comprised of individual punches, and what Xu Lizhi had to do was match his opponent's speed.

The first palm struck the first oncoming punch with unerring accuracy, and the latter was diverted off to the side.

The second palm followed, then the third palm...

Xu Lizhi was like a Thousand-hand Buddha, thrusting his palms forward over and over again like lightning to dispel the Rocket Punches one after another.

Da Mo was incredibly stunned to see this.

Xu Lizhi's hands were extremely strong and firm, and they seemed to be protected by a special type of energy, allowing him to divert all of the oncoming Rocket Punches away.

How could a Soul Douluo possess such immense strength and abundant soul power?

Even four-word battle armor shouldn't have enhanced him by this much!

The string of clashes lasted for around seven to eight seconds, and at its conclusion, the two combatants were only separated by several meters.

Right at this moment, Xu Lizhi suddenly pounced forward, and he circled his arms in front of himself, releasing a burst of enormous suction force directly toward Da Mo.

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