Chapter 161 - Mysterious Heaven Method

Chapter 161 - Mysterious Heaven Method

Though the seat was narrow, Tang Wulin was fortunately still a child so there was just enough room for him to sit cross-legged. And with the tall and reliable Wu Zhangkong blocking any prying eyes, he could continue his lessons without any worries.

He gently urged his soul power to slowly circulate through his body. He was still unfamiliar with the complicated pathways of the Mysterious Heaven Method, and he needed to circulate his soul power through meridians he’d never even noticed before. There was one area that proved to be quite a challenge for him, where his meridians were particularly complex. The only thing he could do was slowly explore within himself and build his understanding bit by bit.

Luckily for Tang Wulin, Wu Zhangkong was present to provide him with guidance whenever he ran into any troubles. Every time he ran into an impasse, a cold stream of energy would enter his body and guide his soul power back onto the right path. Through trial and error and with Wu Zhangkong’s guidance, Tang Wulin’s understanding of his meridians grew deeper and deeper.

In such a manner, Tang Wulin was finally able to complete one cycle of soul power circulation as outlined in the Mysterious Heaven Method. He gradually tuned out his surroundings and wholly focused on the task at hand. Slowly but steadily, his soul power was on its way to completing another cycle.

Withdrawing his hand from Tang Wulin’s stomach, Wu Zhangkong gave a slight nod of approval.

This child’s perception is pretty good. He only took two hours to complete his first circulation cycle with my guidance. Not bad. When he was helping Tang Wulin, Wu Zhangkong was also pleasantly surprised to discover that Tang Wulin’s meridians were far stronger than normal. Not even three or four-ringed Soul Masters had meridians that could compare. With Tang Wulin’s tough meridians and his soul power at the one-ringed level, he would be able to circulate his soul power quickly without worrying about his body.

This was the advantage of a powerful physique!

The soul train steadily sped along, but even with its high speeds, it would take one day’s worth of travel to reach Heaven Dou City. Fortunately for the passengers, there were over a dozen stops at major cities in between, giving them a chance to stretch their legs.

Even though it was Tang Wulin’s first time cultivating the Mysterious Heaven Method, he had somehow managed to enter a state of deep meditation, not leaving it once. Wu Zhangkong could feel the soul power within Tang Wulin’s body circulating more smoothly and with greater speed.

This was the result of possessing both great perception and a strong body. The deep meditative state he was in was highly beneficial to Soul Masters, but rarely entered. Wu Zhangkong was a bit frightened though; from the looks of things, Tang Wulin might not even wake up when they arrived at their destination.

Entering a deep meditation as soon as he was introduced to the Mysterious Heaven Method meant that he would come out of this meditative state with a complete understanding of the method and the optimal benefits from it. He would not need to familiarize himself with the method any further.

Wu Zhangkong held up a hand to stop a passing train attendant.

“Hello, what may I help you with?” The train attendant’s eyes widened a bit at Wu Zhangkong’s handsomeness and a blush found its way onto her cheeks. Her voice was clearly sweeter now than when she had been talking to the other passengers.

“I’m sorry to bother you, but I’m looking for the conductor,” Wu Zhangkong said in his usual cold tone.

“You’re looking for the conductor? She’s busy at the moment, so could you tell me what matter you’re looking for her first? Perhaps I’ll be able to assist you instead?” Although Wu Zhangkong’s handsome figure had set her heart aflutter, she still retained her professionalism.

“You won’t be able to help me. Please ask the conductor to come here.” As he spoke, Wu Zhangkong raised his right hand to reveal several floating halos.

Yellow, yellow, purple, purple, black, black! Six soul rings rose in this order. They were visible only to the attendant as she was currently positioned in a way that obstructed the gazes of others.

“Ah!” The attendant couldn’t help but cry out at the shocking sight.

After the soul rings disappeared in a flash, Wu Zhangkong curtly nodded at her. On the Douluo Continent, this was the easiest way to demonstrate one’s strength. Soul rings equalled strength and status after all. Not only was Wu Zhangkong a six-ringed Soul Emperor, he was even a powerful expert that possessed a pair of ten-thousand-year black soul rings! How else was the attendant supposed to have reacted?

“Hey, you, don’t use your handsomeness to take advantage of young ladies.” A tall and robust man had appeared beside the attendant. He hadn’t seen Wu Zhangkong’s soul rings, but he had heard the attendant’s cry of alarm.

Wu Zhangkong only shot him a glance and remained seated with his signature cold and silent manner.

“Boy, I was talking to you. Stand up!” The tall man clearly had a short temper.

“It’s nothing, nothing at all.” The train attendant had finally snapped out of her daze and hastily stopped the man from approaching Wu Zhangkong. “I was just surprised at their credentials. They really do have an important matter to talk to the conductor about. Thank you for looking out for me, but you can return to your seat now.”

The tall man cast a doubtful look at the attendant before mischievously laughing. “Don’t be afraid, little sister. I didn’t like that pretty boy from the start. If he dares to try anything with you, just tell this big brother, and I’ll help you punish him.”

“It’s fine, it’s fine,” the attendant quickly assured. She turned back to Wu Zhangkong and respectfully said, “Please wait a moment. I will immediately get the conductor.”

Stating this, she hurriedly left. Perhaps it was because of the attendant’s deferential attitude to Wu Zhangkong, but the tall man no longer bothered them.

Not too long after, the attendant returned, followed by a middle-aged woman.

“Hello, I am this train’s conductor. What may I help you with?” The train conductor spoke with the utmost courtesy. This was only natural of course. In front of her was a young, six-ringed Soul Emperor. Considering his age and the strength he possessed, she could only imagine how high his status must be and from what great clan he hailed from.

The conductor saw a slight change in Wu Zhangkong’s expression before she discovered with alarm that they had been isolated from the clamor of their surroundings.

“My disciple has entered a state of deep meditation, and I don’t know how long this will last. May I know if this train is heading anywhere else after reaching Heaven Dou City?”

Deep meditation? For someone who wasn’t a Soul Master, these two words didn’t have much meaning, but she still answered quickly. “We will be resting in Heaven Dou City for one day before continuing westward all the way to Sun Moon City. This train runs from east to west, across the whole continent. That is why this train is also called the Traveler.”

Wu Zhangkong frowned. “Then is it possible to stop in Heaven Dou City for a while longer?”

The conductor made an awkward face. “I’m afraid that’s impossible. Many travelers have already bought tickets, so we wouldn’t be holding up our end of the deal if we didn’t continue on.”

Nodding in understanding, Wu Zhangkong said, “Okay. I understand. I’ll think of some other way then.”

“Alright. Sorry for the inconvenience. If there’s anything else I may help with, please notify me,” the conductor said with a smile.  

After she left, the tall man from before said with disdain, “What kind of farce is this? The conductor came yet you guys didn’t even speak a word.”

As if he hadn’t heard the man’s complaints, Wu Zhangkong closed his eyes and ignored him.

Bored now, the tall man didn’t continue deriding Wu Zhangkong.

Like this, the soul train smoothly reached Heaven Dou City.

“To all passengers, please make sure to take all of your luggage and exit in an orderly fashion. Due to the cramped quarters, we ask that you watch out for your belongings and your step to prevent any injuries from falling.”

Speakers projected the conductor's voice throughout the train.

Passengers stood up one by one to make their way to the exit, but Wu Zhangkong remained still. Tang Wulin was still in a deep meditation.

His brows wrinkled as he thought about his plans.

Not too long after, he and Tang Wulin were the only ones left on the train. The attendant tasked with tidying up the train walked over and politely said, “We’ve arrived at the station. You must disembark now.”

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