Chapter 1608: Threefold Yanghancement

The two axes combined as one, and scintillating crimson light threatened to part heaven and earth as a gargantuan ax that was over 100 meters wide emerged.

This was his eighth soul skill, Fierce Demonic Slash!

In the instant before this soul skill was unleashed, Lan Muzi's body shuddered slightly as his Yang Wood Saber instantly elongated to around five feet in length.

The entire saber turned a reddish-golden color, and there was also reddish-golden light flowing over its surface like water.

His seventh soul ring lit up as he unleashed his martial soul true body, immediately following which his second soul ring also lit up.

Spring Sun and White Snow!

Was it possible that he could withstand Yun Tianheng's eighth soul skill with just his second soul skill?

Just as everyone was beginning to worry for his safety, an unexpected sequence of events unfolded. The Spring Sun and White Snow on this occasion didn't just bring about one flash of reddish-golden light, but three flashes in rapid succession instead.

With each flash of reddish-golden light, the Fierce Demonic Slash would dim slightly, and after the three consecutive flashes, the Fierce Demonic Slash had been reduced to less than half its original size, and was looking rather transparent.

This was the eighth soul skill of a Hyper Douluo enhanced by his three-word battle armor and martial soul true body! Surely it wasn't far away from being the most powerful attack he could possibly unleash!

However, this almighty attack had been debilitated thrice in an instant, and immediately thereafter, Lan Muzi slashed his Yang Wood Saber through the air again, unleashing his Three Sun Strike. No, on this occasion, it was Nine Sun Strike! There were nine total balls of sunlight that crashed into the Fierce Demonic Slash like a string of shooting stars, instantly shattering the devastating attack.

That was only his first soul skill? How was this possible?

At this point, it was clear that both his Spring Sun and White Snow and Three Sun Strike had been enhanced by threefold. In fact, the overlaying effect had enhanced the power of those attacks by far more than threefold!

Even three-word battle armor couldn't produce such an enhancement, so there was only one explanation: this ability had stemmed from his martial soul true body!

Lan Muzi's martial soul true body was Threefold Yanghancement, and this was his true power!

Generally speaking, a Soul Master's powers would be enhanced by 150% to 200% by their martial soul true body. However, his martial soul true body had enhanced the power of all of his soul skills by more than threefold! This was incredible!

Lan Muzi took a step forward, and he instantly reached Yun Tianheng, following which his body suddenly became illusiory, and it was as if countless Lan Muzis had appeared around Yun Tianheng.

He was unleashing his Yin Yang Illusion and Yin Yang Paradox together, and with the enhancement of his Threefold Yanghancement, even the Limit Douluos spectating the battle from down below were unable to determine where the real Lan Muzi was.

All of this had happened in the blink of an eye. Just a moment ago, Lan Muzi had still been facing Yun Tianheng's Fierce Demonic Slash, yet he was suddenly unleashing a counterattack now, and the abrupt transition was truly breathtaking.

At this point, Yun Tianheng could only defend passively as one ball of crimson light after another exploded around him to withstand Lan Muzi's flurry of attacks. However, it was clear that he had been forced firmly onto the back foot.

Under the effects of Threefold Yanghancement, Lan Muzi's attacks were so dense and concentrated that there was no chance for Yun Tianheng to retaliate at all.

"Boom!" All of a sudden, the entire sky turned crimson amid a resounding explosion. All of the illusory Lan Muzis were destroyed, and Yun Tianheng re-emerged.

Countless crimson arrows erupted outward from the crimson halo beneath his feet as he unleashed his three-word battle armor domain, Bloodlust Demon Spikes!

This attack was very spontaneous and explosive, catching Lan Muzi off guard and forcing him into a retreat.

He unleashed his Spring Sun and White Snow again to nullify all of the oncoming demonic spikes, but his prior momentum had been completely halted.

During this brief moment of respite, Yun Tianheng immediately unleashed his ninth soul skill.

However, right at this moment, Lan Muzi's eighth soul skill suddenly lit up, and a streak of reddish-golden light suddenly appeared in the sky, connecting Lan Muzi and Yun Tianheng almost instantaneously.

The distance between the two of them instantly vanished, and Yun Tianheng became significantly more sluggish. He didn't even get a chance to fully unleash his ninth soul skill before he suddenly began to move in slow motion.

Meanwhile, Lan Muzi switched to a two-handed grip on his saber for the first time in this battle, and he sent the saber crashing directly down toward Yun Tianheng.

Yun Tianheng only just barely had time to raise his Bloodlust Battle Axes in defense before they were struck by the saber, and his entire body tremored violently as he flew back as a ball of reddish-golden light.

This was Lan Muzi's eighth soul skill, Great Sunny Path!

However, the worst was still yet to come for Yun Tianheng. 

The same reddish-golden light appeared again, and Lan Muzi caught up to Yun Tianheng on two more occasions before unleashing the same saber strike twice more.

This was the effect of Threefold Yanghancement!

"Boom!" Yun Tianheng plummeted out of the sky before slamming heavily down onto the ground below. The entire area in a radius of dozens of meters around him had been entirely charred black.

Lan Muzi hovered in mid-air with his usual calm smile, and the outcome of the battle was decided!

This clash seemed to have been quite a lengthy one, but it was actually over very quickly.

In the beginning, Yun Tianheng had indeed displayed incredible power, but his abilities were constantly being suppressed by Lan Muzi.

In reality, Lan Muzi had been taking the lead throughout the entire clash, and Yun Tianheng had no opportunities from start to finish.

Qiangu Dongfeng's expression darkened significantly upon seeing this. He wasn't concerned for Yun Tianheng as his suit of three-word battle armor would at least have ensured his survival.

He stared intently at the descending Lan Muzi, and he knew that this was someone that he had to conduct extensive research into.

Lan Muzi returned before extending a slight bow toward Tang Wulin and Yali, then made his way back to Tang Yinmeng without any hint of smugness in his eyes.

Tang Yinmeng smiled as she held onto his hand with a proud expression.

Even back as far as two years ago, Lan Muzi had already become a Hyper Douluo. However, very few people knew about this as he wasn't one to boast or brag.

Tang Yinmeng was his only regular sparring partner, so only she was aware of just how powerful he was.

Lan Muzi had mastered saber intent at 18 and attained a saber soul at 21. He had unleashed eight soul skills during this battle, but in reality, this wasn't the full extent of his power.

Tang Wulin's heart was currently full of awe and praise for Lan Muzi. After witnessing that battle, even he wasn't confident that he would be able to defeat Lan Muzi. All of Lan Muzi's attacks seemed to be quite harmless, but they were filled with destructive power.

In contrast, Tang Wulin had far more soul skills due to his Golden Dragon King bloodline, but could his mastery over his own soul skills really compare with that of Lan Muzi?

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