Chapter 1601: The Might of a Single Punch

The massive cloud vortex spanned over a kilometer in length and over 300 meters wide, encompassing all of the 300 mechas within its scope of coverage.

All of the students and parents in the distance had already been completely rooted to the spot, and they felt as if they were witnessing a god in action.

Was this really something that a human could create? Wasn't the federation constantly promoting the notion that mechas could already completely replace Soul Masters? How could this possibly be the power of a single human?

Having said that, the human had just transformed into a giant ape, so was she even a human anymore?

The ferocious storm lasted for close to 20 seconds before gradually subsiding, and after the dust settled, the giant ape had already disappeared.

The red-haired young woman had taken its place again, and the dazzling gauntlet had appeared on her right arm.

Her Shrek Academy uniform had disappeared, and she was only wearing a tight-fitting jumpsuit. Her face was slightly pale, but that was nothing in comparison with the terrible state that the 300 mechas were in.

The 300 mechas had been organized in an orderly fashion just a moment ago, yet their formation had been completely shattered, and most of them were missing parts and appendages. In particular, all of the yellow mechas had virtually fallen apart.

The mechas closer to the back had fared slightly better, while the mechas at the front had all been damaged to a certain extent aside from the pair of divine-grade mechas.

The defensive prowess of two divine-grade mechas was truly astounding, but even they had been forced back by over 100 meters, damaging around a dozen other mechas that they had crashed into.

All of this had been caused by a single punch!

The most pitiful sight was presented by Meng Te. Everyone else had mechas to protect them, but he had nothing!

Prior to the attack, he was protected by two divine-grade mechas, but he was then sent flying by the divine-grade mecha that subsequently crashed into him. Currently, he was moaning in a pile of scrap metal, and if it weren't for his Titled Douluo level body, he would most likely be dead by now.

"Who are you?" A roar of fury rang out from one of the divine-grade mechas, and the voice was also tinged with astonishment and horror.

300 mechas led by three divine-grade mechas could qualify as an official federal mecha legion, yet it had just been wiped out by a single person.

Of course, they had been slightly complacent, thinking that there was no way that a single person would be able to contend with all of them, but that attack had most definitely exceeded what was possible for normal Soul Masters.

The young woman raised her head, and replied in a calm yet clearly audible voice, "I am a member of the current generation of Shrek’s Seven Monsters, Yuanen Yehui!"

That's right, it was none other than Yuanen Yehui who had unleashed that almighty punch.

Ever since her progression to the Titled Douluo level and the resolution of her Fallen Angel martial soul issue, both her powers and mental state had improved considerably. It was as if she had been reborn anew, and during the past few months of arduous cultivation, her soul power rank had soared to 93.

Her Divine Cloudvortex Fists had been completely integrated with the Divine Titan Fists to forge her own unique path, and as soon as she uttered the term "Shrek's Seven Monsters", the eyes of all of the students and parents in the distance instantly lit up.

The current generation of Shrek’s Seven Monsters were only in their twenties, and the current leader of Shrek’s Seven Monsters was also the Sea God's Pavilion Master, as well as the Tang Sect Master. 

Everyone had witnessed Tang Wulin's incredible powers during the Trial of Five Gods, but the rest of Shrek's Seven Monsters were far less renowned than he was.

However, what everyone did know was this generation of Shrek’s Seven Monsters were all quite young. Initially, everyone had thought that Yuanen Yehui's youthful appearance surely belied her true age, but it turned out that she really was this young!

The fact that she had reached such an incredible level in her twenties was a testament to the quality of education in Shrek Academy.

Her almighty display sent adrenalin surging through everyone's veins, and they became even more confident in their decision to apply for enrolment in Shrek Academy.

In the distance, the massive banners set up by Spirit Academy had been blown into oblivion by that ferocious storm, and the two Titled Douluos beneath it had adopted defensive stances with awkward looks on their faces.

Only a single person had emerged from Shrek Academy, and that had been enough to completely turn the tables. Furthermore, this person wasn't a Limit Douluo; she wasn't even a teacher of Shrek Academy. Instead, she was only a member of the current generation of Shrek’s Seven Monsters.

All of the reporters that were stirring up unrest earlier were now completely rooted to the spot.

The live broadcast had commenced from the moment that Meng Te had first approached Shrek Academy in his divine-grade mecha, and no one could've envisioned this outcome.

"That's a piece of four-word battle armor!" A stunned voice rang out from within the other divine-grade mecha.

"I'm glad you're not completely blind! Now piss off!" Yuanen Yehui said in an indifferent voice before making her way back into the academy.

Four-word battle armor...

Everyone was stunned once again upon hearing this.

All of those who had heard the rumors immediately realized that the Sea God's Pavilion Master of Shrek Academy really was a Divine Blacksmith capable of heavenly refinement!

Otherwise, where had this four-word battle armor come from?

Everyone was well aware of what a Divine Blacksmith entailed.

This was the power of Shrek Academy!

Just that single punch alone had instilled all of the registrants with immense confidence.

All of the reporters had been rendered completely speechless, and no matter what they said, they wouldn't be able to convince any of the Shrek Academy registrants to defect to Spirit Academy.

Unbeknownst to everyone, as soon as Yuanen Yehui disappeared from view, she sat down onto the ground and began to gasp for air.

Her gauntlet was slowly withdrawn into her body, and sweat began to pour down her forehead.

That punch was by far the most powerful one she had ever unleashed, but it had also completely overexerted her.

Her essence, energy, and spirit had been integrated to perfection, and her four-word battle armor had enhanced her powers to an incredible extent, but also taxed her body significantly. If the divine-grade mecha pilots had attacked her back then, they would've discovered that she was completely powerless.

She wouldn't do this in a normal battle as the energy expenditure was far too great. The total sum of energy unleashed by that attack was close to that of a Limit Douluo level attack, and there was no way she would've been able to unleash it if not for the string of breakthroughs she had recently made. However, that punch had exhausted everything that she had, and her objective was to intimidate her opponents.

A faint smile appeared on her gorgeous face as she murmured to herself, "I bet they're pissing their pants right now, haha!"

A concerned figure arrived silently by her side. "Are you alright? That punch was exceptional; as expected of my daughter."

The figure that had appeared next to her was none other than Yuanen Tiandang.

Yuanen Yehui had been chosen for this role due to her status as one of Shrek’s Seven Monsters, as well as to keep the fact that Shrek Academy had recruited new Limit Douluos a secret.

The one who had thrown out Meng Te earlier had been none other than Yuanen Tiangdang.

Yuanen Yehui was helped to her feet by her father, and she said, "Don't worry, Father, I'm fine. That punch really took a lot out of me, but I feel like I've released all of my frustration through it. We're going to make sure the Spirit Pagoda's plan blows up in its face!"

Yuanen Tiandang smiled and patted Yuanen Yehui on the shoulder. "Looks like you're very confident. Aren't you worried that something will happen to that little rascal in front of Spirit Academy?"

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