Chapter 1600: Asphyxiation

Right at this moment, a figure emerged from within the academy. Her stunning beauty and short fiery red hair were both very eye-catching, and despite her slender figure, she gave off a mountainous aura.

She looked to be in her early twenties, and she was wearing the most ordinary dark green Shrek Academy uniform, creating an interesting contrast with her red hair.

She wasn't walking very quickly but it only took her a few steps to pass through the crowd and face off against the maddened Meng Te.

Meng Te's martial soul was Air Control, and this was a very rare martial soul that was technically a mutation of wind elemental control. As a result, he had very accurate control over air, and that had helped him become a divine-grade mecha pilot.

At this moment, all of the air around him was warping violently, and at the sight of the slender approaching figure, he lashed out without any hesitation.

The air instantly compressed, and a massive white palm formed by compressed air instantly reached the red-haired young woman. The palm was over two meters tall, and a string of alarmed cries immediately rang out.

This was an attack from an enraged Titled Douluo! Could that young woman really withstand it? It would be a real pity if a beauty like her were to die here!

Even some of the mecha pilots in the distance had turned away, unable to bear watching any longer.

Furthermore, if Meng Te were to kill someone in front of Shrek Academy, this conflict would be immediately escalated to a whole new level, and that wouldn't benefit Spirit Academy at all. Competition was competition, but murdering was something else entirely.

Right at this moment, the young woman sprang into action.

Her expression remained unchanged in the face of Meng Te's devastating palm, and she merely extended a pristine white fist in an unhurried manner.

Her movements seemed to be very casual and harmless, but it was as if heaven and earth had congealed around her fist.

The surrounding air suddenly began to revolve, and ripples began to appear over the surface of Meng Te's giant palm. Those ripples quickly dispersed, and the extremely compressed air seemed to be on the verge of falling apart.


In the next instant, a resounding boom rang out, causing the entire space to tremor violently, and the surrounding air erupted into the heavens like a tornado.

Meng Te was struck by a sense of asphyxiation, and his body was instantly enveloped within a burst of invisible rotational force. It was as if the surrounding air had shackled him, rendering him completely immobilized.

His forte lay in his ability to control air, but for some reason, it was as if the air had suddenly turned against him.

The earth had become impossibly heavy, forcing him to plummet to the ground, following which the red-haired young woman stepped forward once again before slamming her pristine white palm directly toward his head.

From the instant that the giant palm was nullified to the moment that the young woman reached Meng Te, only around a second or two had passed.


Two loud cries rang out in unison from the other two divine-grade mechas. They had returned to their senses right as Meng Te was charging toward Shrek Academy, and they immediately realized what severe consequences would be incurred if Meng Te were to kill someone in front of Shrek Academy.

Even though they weren't exactly on friendly terms with Meng Te, they couldn't just watch him commit such an atrocious act.

Thus, the two mechas shot forth in a flash, streaking through the air like two bolts of red lightning.

The divine-grade mechas were extraordinarily fast, and they managed to make it to Meng Te's side a split-second before the young woman could reach him.

The red mecha on the right raised its right arm to send a flurry of wind blades surging toward the young woman while also releasing a powerful repulsive energy barrier.

The young woman's expression changed slightly, and she instantly stopped before allowing herself to be sent flying by the energy barrier, then landed several dozens of meters away.

"Calm down, Brother Meng Te." The other divine-grade mecha had already grabbed onto Meng Te to hold him into place.

The two divine-grade mechas were completely different in design; the one on the right was a humanoid one with crescent blades on its arms, and it was extremely fast, clearly designed to be adept in melee combat.

In contrast, the other divine-grade mecha resembled a huge bird and also possessed some properties of fighter aircrafts. It was also very fast, and there were many missile barrels on its surface, hinting at its enormous destructive capabilities.


The red-haired young woman harrumphed coldly as she adopted a horse stance, and as she did so, the gravity in a radius of hundreds of meters spiked drastically, giving both divine-grade mecha pilots quite a fright.

Who was this young woman? She seemed to be even more powerful than the average Titled Douluo!

Before they had a chance to say anything, the young woman's body suddenly began to expand, and in the blink of an eye, she had transformed from a stunning young woman into a giant ape that was over 10 meters tall.

The giant ape was entirely black in color, and a burst of terrifying battle intent erupted from its body.

A gauntlet appeared on the massive ape's right arm, and the gauntlet was reflecting extremely dazzling light, as if it had been carved out of diamond. The gauntlet covered the giant ape's entire right arm, and it was so radiant that it was almost too bright to look at.

The huge ape took a deep breath, and its body expanded even further. The ape then got even deeper into its horse stance, then thrust its right fist toward the two divine-grade mechas in a very slow manner.

Despite how slow her movements were, everyone's expression changed drastically as soon as she unleashed this punch.

This was because the weather had suddenly changed.

The sky had been completely bright and devoid of clouds just a moment ago, yet all of a sudden, it had become very dim.

Clouds had suddenly begun to converge up above before surging downward, forming a massive rotating vortex that engulfed the giant ape's entire body.

All of a sudden, the surrounding air became very humid, and fearsome rotational air currents encompassed all of the mechas up ahead, not just the two divine-grade mechas!

What kind of power was required to change the weather through a single attack? Who was this woman?

The defenses of the two divine-grade mechas were instantly activated to the maximal extent, and in the next instant, both of them were struck by a burst of astonishing force.


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