Chapter 1594: Face Them Head-on

"However..." Wu Zhangkong suddenly continued, and everyone turned their attention back to him again.

"Just because we can't think of anything doesn't mean there's no solution. I suggest that we should add Old Demon Greed as a new member of our Sea God's Pavilion. With his vast wealth of life experience, perhaps he'll have some unique insights."

Everyone's eyes lit up upon hearing this. 

Of course, no one enjoyed seeing the old demons around, but they had to admit that all of them had benefited immensely from their "military training".

The seven old demons were special teachers of Shrek Academy that were a secret to everyone else, and only the more core disciples were able to receive their training. Their small world was already stable, and only a small vortex was visible from the outside to indicate the Seven Saint Paradise's existence, so no one knew what the interior was like.

Tang Wulin turned to Long Yeyue, and the latter's brows furrowed tightly as she said, "I really detest those old demons, but at the same time, I have to admit that they've contributed far more to the academy than all of us. Seeing as they've returned, there really should be a spot for them in the Sea God's Pavilion, but only one!"

Indeed, all seven of the old demons deserved to be members of the Sea God's Pavilion, but if they were accepted, then the Sea God's Pavilion would soon be tipped on its head!

Tang Wulin nodded in response. "I agree. Teacher Wu, please invite Senior Greed to join us."

"Alright." Wu Zhangkong departed, and a brief period of silence ensued. The situation was very dire, but no one had any good ideas.

Shortly thereafter, Wu Zhangkong returned, and Old Demon Greed was hovering next to him.

The old demon's body appeared to be very substantial, completely unlike a typical soul body. He had a rotund frame with a benevolent smile on his face, and no one would think of him as a demonic being.

However, those who were familiar with him knew that he was the leader of the old demons. The seven old demons were constantly bickering with one another, but anytime something important happened, they would all turn to Old Demon Greed for instructions.

"Senior Greed." Everyone stood up and paid their respects to Old Demon Greed.

Old Demon Greed made his way over to Long Yeyue with a warm smile, and said, "Can I sit beside you, Little Yueyue?"

Long Yeyue's expression immediately fell. "Do whatever you want."

Old Demon Greed continued, "Don't worry, I won't tell anyone about what happened back then. It was just..."

"Shut up!" Long Yeyue yelled as spiritual power surged from her body, only to be completely dispelled by a flash of red light released by Old Demon Greed.

"Haha, alright, I won't say anything," Old Demon Greed chuckled, then took a seat next to Long Yeyue, which had just been vacated for him.

"How are things going in the Seven Saint Paradise, Senior Greed?" Tang Wulin asked.

"Everything's going very well. The tree of life is doing a very good job, and the small world is just as stable as the main world. As long as nothing happens to the tree of life, the Seven Saint Paradise will have no issues. On top of that, all of us are thoroughly enjoying everyone's company here."

A wry smile appeared on Tang Wulin's face. "I must request you and the other seniors to refrain from harassing the people in the academy."

Old Demon Greed replied with a smile, "What do you mean by harass? We're just testing everyone. Alright, I agree to join the Sea God's Pavilion. Come to think of it, this was my greatest wish back when I was alive; I didn't think it would come true now. Even though this is no longer the same Sea God's Pavilion of the past, I'm still very happy. Truth be told, if you make me the pavilion master, I'll get the academy back to its former glory in no time!"

As expected of Old Demon Greed, he was making no effort to disguise his own greedy nature.

Tang Wulin cleared this throat, and said, "Senior Greed, the academy has encountered a problem, and we'd like to hear your advice."

Thus, he gave a brief summary of the situation surrounding Spirit Academy.

After hearing his account, Old Demon rolled his eyes, and denounced, "You're all a bunch of idiots!"

Tang Wulin faltered slightly upon hearing this, while Long Yeyue's expression darkened even further, and only Yali managed to maintain her smile as she asked, "Why do you say that, Senior?"

Old Demon Greed rolled his eyes, and asked, "Let me ask you this: what is Shrek Academy?"

Yali replied, "The number one academy on the continent?"

Old Demon Greed continued, "What type of people do we teach?"

Tang Wulin replied, "Outstanding young Soul Masters."

Old Demon Greed countered, "Wrong! We only teach monsters; we are an academy of monsters. What is a monster? Monsters aren't just prodigies; when required, monsters have to be unreasonable. Why didn't the Spirit Pagoda dare to found an academy in the past? It's because Shrek Academy was too powerful for them to contend with. All of you think that we have to compete with them through conventional means, but since when have monsters followed the rules? Do you think Shrek’s Seven Monsters is just an empty title?"

Tang Wulin felt as if his eyes had been opened to a whole new world after hearing this. Indeed, his thought process had been too orthodox and conventional.

Old Demon Greed continued, "The best way to deal with the Spirit Pagoda is to face them head-on and spit in their faces!"

Long Yeyue's lips twitched slightly with amusement, and Tang Wulin's eyes also began to light up.

As expected of an old demon!

One week later.

Almost all of the soul television channels on the entire continent were broadcasting news about Spirit Academy's enrolment, and Spirit Academy had also released a statement.

In the statement, it was announced that the academy would be split up into a Soul Master branch and a mecha pilot branch. It was going to be situated beside the Spirit Pagoda headquarters, which meant that it was less than 15 kilometers away from Shrek Academy.

The mecha pilot branch offered courses for white, yellow, purple, and black mechas, and the full term was 12 years. Students would be able to graduate once they became fifth-rank mecha pilots or above.

There was also a divine grade mecha academy in the mecha pilot branch, and this was a joint venture with the mecha pilot association. All of the teachers in this prestigious academy were seventh-rank mecha pilots at the lowest, and there were even three divine-grade mecha pilots among them.

As for the Soul Master branch, that was split up into a normal academy and an advanced academy.

The full term in the normal academy was 12 years, and upon becoming a Soul Ancestor, one could choose to graduate or apply for enrolment in the advanced academy.

In the advanced academy, all resources required for the students were provided free of charge, but after graduation, students had to work for the Spirit Pagoda for at least five years.

All of the soul spirits required by students of the advanced academy would be provided by the Spirit Pagoda, and all of the teachers of the Soul Master branch were Spirit Pagoda Soul Masters, including 12 Titled Douluos and 24 Soul Douluos.

Entrances to both the Spirit Ascension Plane and Myriad Beast Plane were going to be set up in the academy, and students could earn points through academic merit for chances to enter the two planes. The Myriad Beast Plane was only open to students of the divine-grade mecha academy and advanced Soul Master academy, and each student would only receive two free entries per year.

At the same time, scholarships were being offered based on one's powers. Students that exceeded rank 20 in soul power or became third-rank mecha pilots prior to turning 12 would receive full scholarships and a range of other benefits.

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