Chapter 1592: Seven Saint Paradise

A massive purple flower bloomed behind him, and Devouring Heaven and Earth was unleashed to replenish his soul power.

What was quite surprising to Tang Wulin was that Wu Zhangkong was also managing to keep up. It was clear that he was no ordinary Hyper Douluo, and it was very remarkable that he was able to progress so quickly in his cultivation despite how busy he was.

Time slowly passed by, and the green and purple lights gradually faded, while the spatial rift slowly combined as one with the vortex.

Specks of dazzling starlight appeared within the vortex, and the entire space began to stabilize, while the rate at which it was devouring energy slowed down.

A speck of white light began to emerge, and the entire vortex transformed into a lengthy passageway that seemed to lead infinitely into the distance with no end in sight.

Everyone had already expended over half of their soul power at this point, and they all heaved a sigh of relief upon seeing this.

Long Yeyue gave Wu Zhangkong a nod, and Wu Zhangkong immediately extended his two hands forward.

At the same time, specks of light appeared all over his body as a suit of pristine white battle armor was released. Beautiful blue patterns emerged over the entire suit of battle armor, and a pair of wings spread open on his back, accentuating his regal and handsome features.

Looking at Wu Zhangkong, Tang Wulin was suddenly taken back to the moment when Wu Zhangkong had suddenly appeared at the entrance of the academy and scared away that group of mecha pilots.

Wu Zhangkong was always going to be Tang Wulin's idol; that had never changed, even as Tang Wulin had gradually caught up to Wu Zhangkong's cultivation rank. That memory from back then was simply branded too deep into his mind.

Right at this moment, seven streaks of light erupted from Wu Zhangkong's body, and each streak of light corresponded with a color of the rainbow.

These seven streaks of light then transformed into balls of light that hovered in mid-air, following which Tang Wulin heard a voice that he had never wanted to hear again in his life. "Kukuku, I didn't think you'd manage to organize everything so quickly; I'm quite impressed!"

Wu Zhangkong's expression seemed to have become even colder, and even Long Yeyue and Yali's expressions had become slightly strained, while Tang Wulin's face had paled slightly.

"What's with this reaction? Do you not welcome us?"

Long Yeyue forced a smile onto her own face, and said, "I pay my respects to my seven seniors."

The seven balls of light transformed into seven figures that frequently featured in the nightmares of all of the inner court disciples of Shrek Academy. They were Old Demon Scourge, Old Demon Engulfment, Old Demon Hatred, Old Demon Nightmare, Old Demon Desire, Old Demon Sloth, and Old Demon Greed.

Old Demon Greed wore a benevolent smile as he said, "I heard you're already the Sea God's Pavilion Master, Little Wulin; I must congratulate you. As expected of someone trained by me."

"Bullsh*t! What does this have to do with you? I was the one who saw the potential in him first!" Old Demon Scourge immediately countered.

"What a load of crap! How could he possibly be where he is today without my trial of boundless desire? Oh? You're no longer a virgin, Little Wulin. Who took your first time? I'm very curious! Was it the little girl from the vision you experienced or have you moved on to a new romantic interest?"

If Tang Wulin had a choice, he really wanted to flee the scene. No matter how good his mental state was, he felt as if he were constantly on the verge of a mental breakdown in the face of these seven old demons.

The traumatic memories from their training were simply... unforgettable...

"Ah, you're Little Yeyue, right? You're so old now, but your aura and that look in your eyes haven't changed at all. Let me see, you married that guy, right? What was his name again? The one that went on to become the Sea God's Pavilion Master, right? But if I recall correctly, you experienced a vision with someone else during your trial of boundless desire."

The strain in Long Yeyue's expression became even more pronounced upon hearing this, and she immediately urged, "Ahem, the small world has already been created; please move in right away, seniors."

Tang Wulin looked up into the sky to repress his own laughter, while Wu Zhangkong looked away and pretended as if he hadn't heard anything.

"Little Zhangkong had such a sad past. He..." Old Demon Desire was about to continue when she was dragged aside by Old Demon Scourge.

"Alright, let's go now. Haven't you heard the saying that the one who knows the most will die the quickest? We're finally getting a new home; I still want to live for a few more years."

Old Demon Greed chuckled as he swept a hand through the air, then flew toward the spatial passageway, followed closely by the six other old demons.

Tang Wulin heaved a sigh of relief at the sight of their departure, while Long Yeyue was cracking her knuckles as she aimed a vicious glare at Wu Zhangkong.

After all, this was his idea.

While Wu Zhangkong was accompanying students to the demonic island, he expressed the issue of Shrek Academy's lack of teaching staff to the seven old demons and asked if they had any solutions.

Upon hearing that the tree of life had been revived, the seven old demons had immediately hatched a plan. They could only live in places where life and destruction intertwined, so a new home could be created for them as long as those conditions could be replicated.

Wu Zhangkong raised the idea to Tang Wulin, who then made an inquiry toward the tree of life. After confirming that this was indeed a viable option, the seven old demons were invited to the academy.

A small plane was opened, and the core of destruction on the demonic island was balanced by the rich life energy of the tree of life to maintain the small plane. Thus, the seven old demons were able to reside in the Sea God's Lake. Furthermore, this independent small plane was extremely useful for Shrek Academy; it could be used as a sanctuary, while also acting as the training base for the seven old demons.

This was undoubtedly going to be extremely beneficial for the academy's development. Of course, just like it had been in the past, only inner court disciples who had undergone examination had the right to receive this training.

All of a sudden, Old Demon Greed returned amid a flash of light.

"Little Wulin, we're very happy to be able to return to the academy, and as a gesture of gratitude, we've decided to let you name this small plane as the Sea God's Pavilion Master."

Tang Wulin faltered slightly before suggesting, "How about we still call it the demonic island?"

Old Demon Greed's face immediately fell. "Who are you calling demons? We're now integral parts of the academy. How about we call it the Seven Saint Paradise? I think that's quite a good name. Alright, seeing as you've agreed, then it's settled; we'll call it the Seven Saint Paradise."

After that, Old Demon Greed disappeared amid another flash of light, leaving Tang Wulin to look on in a flabbergasted manner.

Hadn't he been given the naming rights? Having left the demonic island so long ago, he had already somewhat forgotten how tricky the old demons were.

Seven Saint Paradise? More like Seven Demon Abyss!

However, Tang Wulin had no intention of going against their wishes. Those old demons knew far too many secrets...

Furthermore, they really were integral parts of the academy; it was just that no one liked them.

Long Yeyue turned to the other Limit Douluos present, and said, "Thank you for your help, everyone. You can all go now; Yali and I will assist the seven seniors in consolidating the plane."

Zang Xin wore a joyful smile as he said, "Don't worry, Elder Long; we didn't hear anything."

Long Yeyue's smile immediately faded. "Get out of here!"

"Haha!" Zang Xin couldn't help but burst into laughter as he departed. He wouldn't dare to provoke Long Yeyue like this on his own, but he was far more confident with Cao Dezhi present as well.

Consolidating a small plane wasn't an easy task, but thankfully, they had the assistance of the tree of life, which would at least ensure that the small plane wouldn't be damaged.

During the subsequent period of time, the entire Shrek Academy began to busy itself with making preparations for enrolment day.

The first round of selection had already passed, and those who passed that round of selection would be eligible to move on to the second round, and that round of selection would decide how many students would be accepted into Shrek Academy.

Shrek Academy's mantra was that they only accepted monsters and no ordinary people. If there were only a single monster among all of the applicants, then they would only take a single student. Quality above quantity was the integral concept.

The traditions of Shrek Academy couldn't be shaken no matter what; this was the conclusion Tang Wulin had reached during his discussion with Elder Long, Yali, Wu Zhangkong, and the other high-ranking members of the academy.

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