Chapter 1591: Creating a Small Plane

Yuanen Zhentian hurriedly replied, "Please don't be so polite, Elder Long. Technically speaking, you're a senior of mine. Back when I first became a Soul Master, you were already a household name all throughout the continent."

Long Yeyue smiled, and said, "It's Shrek Academy's honor to have the support of the Yuanen Family. Now then, Zhangkong, please begin; we'll all follow your lead."

Wu Zhangkong replied, "Alright, please come with me, everyone." He rose up into the air as he spoke, then flew toward the western side of the Sea God's Lake.

Tang Wulin and the others also followed closely behind him.

Following the reawakening of the tree of life, the deathly aura of the Sea God's Lake had already vanished. The water in the lake was still very clear, but signs of life were beginning to appear.

There was currently no plan to rebuild the Sea God's Island as that would have to wait until after the reconstruction of Shrek Academy. The tree of life had told Tang Wulin that at the very least, it had to grow out of the surface of the lake first before the reconstruction of the Sea God's Island could even be considered. Shrek Academy had only just begun its rebuild, and there was a lot of work left to be done.

The Sea God's Lake was quite massive, but at their speed, they were still able to reach their destination quite quickly.

In the distance, a vortex with a diameter of roughly 30 meters emerged before everyone's eyes.

The vortex was perfectly round, and the water within it wasn't flowing very quickly, but one could sense that it was very deep just by looking at it.

The entire group was comprised of powerful Soul Masters, so they were all able to clearly sense the powerful spatial fluctuations within the vortex.

All of the Limit Douluos surrounded the vortex, while Wu Zhangkong cast his gaze toward Tang Wulin.

A series of soul rings emerged around Tang Wulin's body, and his fifth greenish-golden soul ring began to glow, while his eyes also turned green.

Moments later, he gave Wu Zhangkong a nod to indicate that he had established a connection with the tree of life.

Wu Zhangkong didn't hesitate any longer as he extended a respectful bow toward the vortex, then carefully raised his hands to reveal an extremely peculiar-looking rock.

The rock was entirely purplish-black in color, and its surface was extremely bumpy and uneven. Furthermore, there were beams of purple light emanating from the pits and bumps on its surface.

The purple light was initially restricted to within a diameter of around half a foot, but as soon as Wu Zhangkong removed a colorless bead from the top of the rock, the purple light immediately flourished through the surrounding area.

Wu Zhangkong was situated closest to the rock, and a pained look immediately appeared on his face. The purple light was imbued with the purest of destructive auras, and it was as if this aura were threatening to devour the entire world.

Tang Wulin wore a serious expression, as did the six Limit Douluos, and all of them sprang into action at once, releasing their enormous soul power to form a light barrier that contained all of the destructive energy.

The amount of destructive energy within this small rock exceeded even that of the radiation previously in the Sea God's Lake, and it was far purer as well.

Wu Zhangkong tossed the rock down into the vortex below, and as soon as the rock entered the water, the entire vortex was instantly tainted a purplish-black color.

Wu Zhangkong quickly retreated to join the circle formed by the seven other people present, following which Long Yeyue thrust her wizened palms forward, and her wrinkly hands suddenly turned as fair and smooth as jade as she made a ripping motion.

A spatial rift was instantly torn open, and as soon as it appeared, it began to devour everything around it in a frenzy.

At the same time, the other five Limit Douluos also sprang into action. Golden light began to radiate from their bodies, and that wasn't just their soul power, but also their enormous spiritual power.

The five Limit Doulous grabbed onto the sides of the spatial rift, then tore it open even further to form a circular shape.

One had to realize that the edges of spatial rifts were able to slice through all things, so it definitely required more than just normal power to tear it open like this.

The destructive aura that had just surged into the water was instantly devoured and connected with the spatial rift.

Tang Wulin stepped forward and arrived directly above the rift, then immediately released his suit of three-word battle armor. The wings on his back spread open to allow him to maintain his altitude as he hovered above the rift, and his greenish-golden soul ring began to glow with scintillating radiance.

A beam of green light rose up into the air from the center of the Sea God's Lake, traveling in a beautiful parabolic arc through the air before projecting onto his body with unerring accuracy, illuminating him into a greenish-golden color.

The gentle greenish-golden light was filled with an extremely rich aura of life, creating a stark contrast with the destructive aura in that rock.

The polar opposites of life and destruction clashed amid a resounding boom, but the sound was caught somewhere between reality and illusion, and it was audible only to the eight people present.

Everyone gave a muffled groan as their auras diminished, and the spatial rift that had just been torn open suddenly faltered.

A beam of silver light then erupted out of the vortex down below, following which an authoritative voice rang out. "The conclusion of all life is destruction, while destruction is the beginning of all creation. They act as one another's starting points and conclusions, and they form the cores of this small world. Converge, life and destruction; create this new world!"

Green, purple, and silver light surged forth in unison, converging toward the spatial rift that had just been torn open.

All of a sudden, the entire spatial rift began to ripple violently, and everyone injected their soul power into the rift with all their might.

Enormous waves were suddenly swept up within the Sea God's Lake, and the vortex in the lake also began to rotate at a rapid speed.

One had to realize that a small plane was currently being created, and the creation of every plane had a subtle impact on the entire world.

To put it in simpler terms, they were currently creating a small plane similar to the Myriad Beast Plane. Aside from planes that were naturally formed within space, only gods could create new planes, and there was no god present; not even the tree of life was a godly being.

As such, they had to use the clash between life and destruction to generate a tiny spark of creation, then use that to form this small world.

This could only be achieved by the tree of life, while Tang Wulin and the others were required to provide the energy required to bring the small world into existence. If they were to solely rely on the tree of life to complete this process, then it would undoubtedly overexert the life energy it had just recovered.

At a time like this, the disparity in everyone's powers was quickly put on display.

The six Limit Douluos all wore serious expressions, but they weren't showing much signs of strain. However, Tang Wulin was beginning to struggle.

He had only just become a Hyper Douluo, and his foundation was definitely very solid, but he was tasked with the transference of life energy, and that was the most taxing role.

He felt as if that spatial rift were like a bottomless hole that was constantly devouring his soul power, and he was quickly struck by a sense of feebleness.

Thankfully, he was able to hold everything together with the support of his enormous bloodline power.

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