Chapter 1590: Fulfilling a Promise

"Thank you, Patriarch," the Beautiful Silk Tulip said in an emotional voice.

"Following my child was the best decision you could've made." When speaking to the Beautiful Silk Tulip, the voice of the tree of life was filled with unmatched authority, rather than the benevolence it directed toward Tang Wulin.

"Yes, Patriarch," the Beautiful Silk Tulip replied as he bowed with reverence. He then transformed into a ball of pink light and vanished back into Tang Wulin's body.

Tang Wulin was also very happy as he had fulfilled his promise to the seven immortal plants, and he felt like a weight had been lifted from his shoulders.

The tree of life's voice turned gentle and benevolent again as it said, "I'll make sure that these seeds flourish beside me. They'll make the Sea God's Lake even more resplendent in the future; you'll know what I mean when the time comes."

"Thank you!" Tang Wulin was ecstatic to hear this. All of the seven immortal plants stood at the pinnacle of the plant world, and they each had their own unique properties. If a portion of their power could fuse into the Sea God's Lake, it would definitely benefit Shrek Academy immensely.

The tree of life said, "There's no need to be so polite and formal; you are the child chosen by me. What's the other request you wanted to make?"

Tang Wulin replied, "The other request is about the small plane that I spoke to you about in the past. Are you ready to create the small plane in the lake now?"

The tree of life said, "I am, but I can only do this once. On top of that, you have to assess the power within it. I can only help you maintain it from the outside, and if anything goes wrong inside it, I'll reject it right away; I can't allow that destructive energy to affect the Sea God's Lake."

"Of course. Rest assured, we'll do our best to maintain its ecosystem," Tang Wulin said in an excited manner. This was going to be very important for Shrek Academy, and once it was done, the academy would receive a massive boost, granting it something that it never had even in its heyday.

"Alright, then come back once you're prepared. I've already chosen a good spot; it's in the western part of the Sea God's Lake. You'll see a vortex there soon, and once you're ready, we can begin there. With my protection, you won't have to worry about safety."

The tree of life was speaking in a very placid yet confident manner. Even though it was far from reaching its former glory, it had regained some of its original abilities. Even in this severely weakened state, it was still the source of all life on the entire Douluo Continent, and its powers were unimaginable to the average person.

"That's fantastic!" Tang Wulin exclaimed in an ecstatic voice, "On behalf of Shrek Academy and the Tang Sect, I thank you for protecting all of us for so many years."

"Go on now," the tree of life said in a gentle voice.

After extending another respectful bow, Tang Wulin departed.

Right after his departure, the surface of the tree of life warped slightly, and a rather faint face appeared. It cast its gaze toward the departing Tang Wulin, and it said with a warm smile, "Foolish child, how could I not protect Shrek Academy and the Tang Sect?"

After rising back to the shore, Tang Wulin expelled the moisture on his body, then returned excitedly to the main school building.

The building had already completely taken shape now, and it perfectly recaptured the glory of the old main school building of the academy. The building was regal and refined, and it was impossible to tell that it had been constructed in only a few months.

After walking through the main entrance, there was a spacious circular hall with many paths that led to different areas of the building. Directly up ahead was a giant soul screen that was over 500 inches in size, and some important information would be broadcast on it from time to time.

Tang Wulin made his way along the screen and went upstairs to the teacher's office on the top floor. He knocked on the door of the innermost office, and a voice rang out inside. "Come in."

Tang Wulin opened the door and was greeted by the site of a spacious office with an antiquated design, completely matching the style of the old Shrek Academy. Wu Zhangkong rose to his feet behind the sturdy timber desk before extending a slight bow toward Tang Wulin. "Pavilion Master."

Tang Wulin hurriedly said, "Teacher Wu, I've already said this before: you're my teacher, you shouldn't bow to me."

Wu Zhangkong countered, "These are the rules of the academy. You are the Sea God's Pavilion Master, so you deserve this treatment; you'd be putting me in a difficult spot if you don't accept this gesture."

Tang Wulin was quite resigned to hear this. Wu Zhangkong was the one who had truly led him into the world of Soul Masters, so he had nothing but genuine respect for him.

A rare hint of amusement surfaced in Wu Zhangkong's eyes at the sight of Tang Wulin's resigned expression, and he said, "You look like you have some good news."

Tang Wulin was far more mature and steadfast than he had been in the past, so it was quite rare to see him display this degree of excitement.

Tang Wulin nodded in response. "I do! The tree of life has already agreed to our request and found a suitable place for us; when should we begin?"

Wu Zhangkong's eyes lit up upon hearing this. "That's great! I've completed the preparations on my end as well. They'll still be able to last over two more months, so we have more than enough time. Let's do this right away; it would be best to get everything settled while they're still in good condition."

Tang Wulin nodded in response. "Alright, I'll invite everyone to wait for you at the Sea God's Lake."

Wu Zhangkong also nodded in agreement, and Tang Wulin could see that his hands had already balled up into tight fists.

Wu Zhangkong was currently the principal of the outer court, and Tang Wulin knew just how much pressure he was facing.

During the disaster, all of the other teachers had sacrificed themselves for him and the students. It was the weight of their sacrifices that was spurring him on to work like a madman, mulling over every single minute detail of the academy's reconstruction while also working extremely hard in his own cultivation. In his current schedule, the only time he had to rest was during his cultivation.

The occasional strand of silver could already be seen in his long blue hair, and even though his appearance hadn't changed, he seemed to be more jaded and weathered.

However, his rate of progression in his cultivation was quite astounding, and even with Tang Wulin's Spirit Domain realm spiritual power, he was unable to ascertain Wu Zhangkong's exact cultivation rank.

Two hours later.

A series of figures appeared side by side in front of the Sea God's Lake, and all of them bowed toward the center of the lake in unison.

Tang Wulin stood at the very forefront of the group, and the lineup behind him was truly astonishing.

The four Limit Douluos, Light Dark Douluo Long Yeyue, Holy Spirit Douluo Yali, Amorous Douluo Zang Xin, and Heartless Douluo Cao Dezhi were all present. Aside from them, there were also the two Limit Douluos, Yuanen Zhentian and Yuanen Tiandang, as well as the two Hyper Douluos, Wu Zhangkong and Tang Wulin.

Long Yeyue turned to Yuanen Zhentian with a smile, and said, "Thank you for agreeing to do this."

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