Chapter 1588: The Ecstatic Qiangu Zhangting

Wu Zhangkong was already a Hyper Douluo, so he would have no issues handling a suit of four-word battle armor. Not only had his rate of progress not slowed down since he became a Titled Douluo, it had sped up instead, and that was why he had been able to become a Hyper Douluo in such a short time.

Yali told Tang Wulin that it was as if Wu Zhangkong had been reawakened by that explosion, and his thirst for vengeance had sparked a new flame in his once-dead heart.

Aside from the two Limit Douluos of the academy, he was the only teacher that remained.

All of the other teachers had sacrificed themselves for him and the students; what excuse did he have to continue wallowing in his own grief?

Following that disaster, Wu Zhangkong had decided that his life now belonged to the academy rather than himself. His cultivation aptitude was very exceptional to begin with, and after making this decision, his progress had been rapid.

It was imperative to complete the three suits of four-word battle armor as quickly as possible as this had something to do with the "good news" that Wu Zhangkong had brought back.

The battle armor for the two Limit Douluos and Wu Zhangkong naturally couldn't be crafted using just one type of metal. The goal that Tang Wulin had set for himself was to craft the suits of battle armor out of four-metal alloys, which was the upper limit of his current capabilities.

At his current success rate, it would take three months to complete all of the metals required for the three suits of battle armor.

Lodging had already been organized for the Yuanen Family in the form of a new apartment built around a kilometer away from the main school buildings of the academy.

The entire academy was ecstatic to see two more Limit Douluos join their ranks, particularly because these two Limit Douluos were absolutely trustworthy. In addition to that, the Yuanen Family also had two Hyper Douluos and five Titled Douluos, which was an extremely formidable lineup anywhere on the continent.

Most importantly, the entire family had chosen to ally itself with Shrek Academy.

At the same time, all of the members of the Yuanen Family had immense potential for improvement. Once all of the powerful beings at the Titled Douluo or above among their ranks received their suits of high-grade battle armor, the entire family would be elevated to new heights. With the addition of the Yuanen Family, Shrek City was finally able to establish itself. After all, even the Spirit Pagoda didn't have that many Limit Douluos among its ranks!

Among the powerful beings of the Yuanen Family, only Yuanen Tiandang, Yuanen Tianshang, and three other Titled Douluos became teachers of the academy. The others, including Yuanen Zhentian, were already quite old and not suited to undertaking teaching responsibilities.

Construction for the apartment allocated to the Yuanen Family had already commenced, and it had been named the Titan Spire. Judging by the current rate of progress, the members of the Yuanen Family would be able to move into it as soon as they arrived.

After emerging from his forging workshop, Tang Wulin did some stretches to loosen his tight body.

His forging workshop was situated on the roof of Shrek Academy's main school building, and it was replicating the heavenly platform, which took advantage of the high altitude to better connect with the elemental particles in the air. At the same time, it was very unlikely for elemental tribulations here to affect the outside world.

The soul defense system here had been designed and constructed by experts from the Tang Sect, and it was even better than the defense system at the heavenly platform. It was even able to disguise changes in light, so only sufficiently powerful Soul Masters would be able to vaguely sense the energy fluctuations during Tang Wulin's forging, but no one would know that there was a Divine Blacksmith there engaging in heavenly refinement.

Tang Wulin had named his forging workshop the heaven refining platform, and most of his time was spent there every day.

Standing at the edge of the heaven refining platform and peering into the distance, he could see that some vitality had already emerged within the Sea God's Lake. Perhaps this was only a feeling, but it was as if Tang Wulin could sense the presence of the tree of life deep under the Sea God's Lake.

The first thing he did when he came back was to visit and communicate with the tree of life.

The tree of life was extremely excited, having just received such a massive influx of life energy, and it told Tang Wulin that it was now capable of cleansing the entire Sea God's Lake. Even without any further injections of life energy, it would be able to create a complete ecosystem within the Sea God's Lake in 10 years, and when that time came, the Sea God's Lake would gradually be able to produce its own life energy.

However, it would take an immeasurable amount of time for the tree of life to return to the former glory of the ancient Golden Tree.

The best thing about the life energy from the demonic army was that it had come from an alternate plane.

However, the tree of life also told Tang Wulin that due to how severely lacking the life energy on the Douluo Continent plane was, it would require even more life energy to truly flourish, and the amount of life energy required made the life energy from the demonic army completely pale into insignificance.

Hence, Tang Wulin had to continue to source more life energy.

Tang Wulin had already planned to pay a visit to the Blood God Legion once everything settled in Shrek Academy and see if he could make a trip to the abyssal plane. He was far more powerful than he had been in the past, and he was confident that he would be able to ensure self-preservation. The only issue was that he could potentially be targeted by the abyssal plane upon entry.

After a brief conversation, the tree of life fell into a deep slumber to digest the life energy and further improve the water quality in the Sea God's Lake.

Everything was progressing in a positive direction. How are you, Gu Yue? When will we be able to meet again? When will we be able to be together permanently? 

He cast his gaze toward the Spirit Pagoda headquarters, which wasn't very far away from the Sea God's Lake.

From his side, he was able to clearly see the Spirit Pagoda headquarters, and he knew that she was there, but there was nothing he could do.


This was the happiest day of Qiangu Zhangting's life.

He was unable to help himself in the end and used some forceful methods to take her for himself.

He was so overcome by excitement that he couldn't even clearly remember the process. All he could remember was that he had taken her over and over again, and it was her first time, as evidenced by the blood she had shed.

The sight of her blood had filled him with an indescribable sense of satisfaction, and all of his doubts had instantly been erased.

She had been dragged by him into his room, but she hadn't refused him in the end.

He sat up on his bed, and as he looked at the strands of silver hair lingering beside his pillow, he had never felt better in his life.

His greatest wish had been fulfilled, and it was truly a wonderful feeling.

But why was she gone? The only thing that could make this situation better was if he could revisit her blissful warmth this morning.

He grabbed his soul communicator and dialled her number, but she didn't pick up from her end.

What was she doing? Why wasn't she taking the call? Was she angry?

Qiangu Zhangting's heart jolted as this thought occurred to him. She had to be displeased with his forceful methods. After all, he had promised that he would only touch her after they got married. He was still floating on cloud nine, but what if she were angry with him?

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