Chapter 1585: The Tails of the Great Demons

"What's that?" Tang Wulin asked.

There should've been nothing left behind in the wake of the soul missile explosions.

Yuanen Zhentian smiled, and replied, "Remember the formation that the nine great demons adopted during the battle? Their connection relied heavily on their tails, and even after their bodies had been wiped out of existence by our attacks, their tails managed to remain intact. Senior Er Ming has already confirmed that these are special divine tools that can connect multiple living beings as one to share their energy, and that makes them perfect for your Shrek's Seven Monsters. We've kept two of them, and we're giving the remaining seven to you. You contributed many precious soul missiles during the battle, so you deserve the majority of the spoils."

A hint of elation appeared in Tang Wulin's eyes upon hearing this. "These things will indeed be very useful to us. I'll take them back to the Tang Sect and see if they can develop some replicas in the future."

Yuanen Zhentian smiled, and said, "I was hoping you'd say that. In terms of technological research and development, no one can match the Tang Sect."

Ever since Yuanen Zhentian had made the decision to move the family to Shrek Academy, he had become a lot closer with Tang Wulin. In particular, after witnessing that godly projection, he was even more convinced that Tang Wulin was no ordinary man.

Not only did he possess enormous power and potential, he also seemed to harbor many astonishing secrets. After all, the ultimate goal for all Soul Masters was to attain godhood, and he had been shown a glimmer of hope by the godly projection that had appeared to save Tang Wulin.

"We'll need a few more days to prepare for the trip. If you're in a hurry to go back, you can go on ahead. We'll take a bit longer to join you, but we should definitely be able to complete the move within a month."

"Alright," Tang Wulin replied, "Then I'll go on ahead and organize a place for your family to stay."

Yuanen Zhentian smiled, and said, "We'll be in your care then, Sect Master Tang."

After wiping out the demonic army, he had been in a very good mood, and he felt as if a massive weight had been lifted from his shoulders.

Tang Wulin nodded in response. "I'll go back and make some preparations as well. Once you and your family arrive, I'll take care of your suits of three-word battle armor first."

The main objective for both himself and Shrek Academy was to consolidate. He had to consolidate the new powers he had just attained, while the academy had to consolidate and prepare for the enrolment that would be taking place in less than three months.

As a Divine Blacksmith, he was definitely vital to bolstering the overall power of the academy.

There was no lack of ninth-rank mecha makers in the Tang Sect, but every organization was always looking for more blacksmiths, and there were only two Divine Blacksmiths in this entire world.

Due to health reasons, Zhen Hua very rarely took on heavenly refinement jobs anymore, but Tang Wulin was right in his prime and didn't have to fear elemental tribulation.

He was still not that confident in heavenly refinement when it came to alloys comprised of many types of metals, but his success rate was very high for singular metals or alloys comprised of two types of metals. On top of that, heavenly refinement was a very good cultivation method for him, so he was going to work hard on his forging when he got back, both to bolster Shrek Academy and the Yuanen Family, as well as to further his own cultivation.

Tang Wulin, Xie Xie, and Yuanen Yehui departed first via soul train, while Er Ming stayed behind. He wanted to stay at the Yuanen Family manor for a few more days to reminisce about his past lover.

Due to the contributions he had made to the family, Yuanen Zhentian had officially announced his identity to everyone, and he was now being referred to as patriarch as opposed to senior.

The return of their patriarch had immediately brought the family a quasigod and a Limit Douluo, and that was more than enough to convince everyone that he was the real deal. However, Er Ming had said that he wasn't going to return to Shrek Academy. Having already visited his descendants, he was going to return to the Myriad Beast Plane, and he would visit them at Shrek Academy in the future once he had some free time.

What made Yuanen Zhentian very happy and Yuanen Tiandang and Yuanen Tianshang feel a little awkward about was that Er Ming had declared that the two brothers had to find wives to pass on their lineage.

He was naturally eager to see his descendants flourish, particularly those with pure bloodlines and outstanding aptitude.

After returning to Heaven Dou City, Tang Wulin dropped off the great demon tails at the Tang Sect's research department, then returned to Shrek Academy with Xie Xie and Yuanen Yehui.

At this point, the area surrounding the Sea God's Lake was still a massive construction site, and the federation could only turn a blind eye to the academy's rebuild.

During the joust for a spouse event, Shrek Academy and the Tang Sect had displayed through their actions that they were not to be messed with, so everything had been quite calm at Shrek Academy during this recent period.

However, the federation still hadn't reversed its decision on declaring the Tang Sect a treasonous organization, so it was clear that the Spirit Pagoda was still being favored.

The initial construction of the three main buildings was complete, and teaching supplies and facilities were being moved in.

Everyone was pouring their heart and soul into the academy's reconstruction, and there was more and more support coming from external sources. After all, Shrek Academy still had two Limit Douluos! Which other academy on the Douluo Continent could compare with this?

Indeed, Shrek Academy had been struck by a massive disaster, but ironically, that disaster had increased everyone's confidence in the academy.

Two godslayer missiles had been dropped on the academy, yet all of the students had survived, and only teachers had perished; how could one not respect such an academy?

What concerns did a parent need to have sending their child to an academy where the teachers would protect the students with their own lives?

Currently, over 2,000 prospective students had already registered for enrolment and were awaiting the commencement of the interviews.

The only piece of bad news to Shrek Academy at the moment was the controversy surrounding Tang Wulin.

Firstly, a narrative was being spun out of his defeat to Gu Yuena and his identity as the Tang Sect Master. The Spirit Pagoda was currently heavily promoting the idea that the massive gap between the Tang Sect Master and the Silver Dragon Princess reflected the insurmountable gap between Shrek Academy and the Spirit Pagoda.

Secondly, they were denouncing Tang Wulin as a shady conspirator who had targeted the Spirit Pagoda by ruining the joust for a spouse event.

As of yet, Shrek Academy and the Tang Sect hadn't responded to those claims. Without eliciting a response, those claims had no point.

A lot of meetings had taken place among the higher-ups of the Spirit Pagoda, but as for whether they were planning to target the Tang Sect and Shrek Academy, that was something that only they were aware of. However, what was very apparent was that these major powers were bound to clash again in the future.

The Eagle Faction still held the upper hand in the federal parliament, but many members of the Eagle Faction were beginning to lean toward Shrek Academy, and they were headed by the Southern Legion.

Due to all of these subtle changes that were taking place, the spotlight was once again placed on the rebuilding Shrek Academy.

It was clear that the extent to which Shrek Academy was able to recover would heavily impact the political standings in the parliament.

Shrek Academy had proven that its influence spread over to every single major power on the entire continent, and even the Battle God Hall had expressed support to the academy to a certain extent.

At the Spirit Pagoda headquarters.

"Make sure to look after yourself; don't be too hasty in your cultivation," Qiangu Dongfeng said with a rather grim expression as he appraised his grandson's gruelling training.

After the joust for a spouse event, Qiangu Zhangting had recovered from his minor injuries very quickly, and after that, he had immediately returned to cultivation.

In contrast to before, he was cultivating like a madman, and he only stopped every day after he was completely and utterly exhausted.

"I'm fine, Grandfather. I'll work hard and surpass that bastard," Qiangu Zhangting panted.

Qiangu Dongfeng continued, "There's something I want to ask you; what do you think of Na'er?"

Qiangu Zhangting faltered slightly upon hearing this. "Na'er? What about her?"

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