Chapter 1584: Golden Dragon Patterns

The Silver Dragon King was giving off abundant powers of laws, and her seven-elemental law was like a gentle medium that allowed Tang Wulin's body to absorb the Golden Dragon King essence from the 14th seal in a subtle manner.

In reality, through his constant heavenly refinement, Tang Wulin had improved his physical resistance to the point that it wouldn't have been that difficult for him to withstand the power within the 14th seal, but it was still quite staggering to him just how much power was contained within that seal.

Aside from the occasions where he had combined as one with Gu Yue and drawn upon Gu Yue's power to make a huge leap in his soul power, the Golden Dragon King essence had only ever improved his physical constitution and the purity of his Golden Dragon King bloodline.

However, on this occasion, things seemed to be different. To Tang Wulin's surprise, both his dragon core and soul core now had golden dragon patterns all over their surfaces, as did his bones, muscles, and meridians.

This was a fundamental change, not just an enhancement in his physical constitution.

He had just experienced how formidable Arba's essential power had been, and now, the essential power of the Golden Dragon King appeared within his body; this was truly a stunning turn of events.

What was even more shocking to him was that his soul power was being drastically enhanced in the purest way.

Inside his mind, his barely distinguishable second soul core had completely taken shape with the influx of Golden Dragon King essence, and his soul power had also reached rank 95, making him a Hyper Douluo.

This drastic improvement was completely unprecedented, almost like a Soul Master that had just attained their martial soul true body.

After breaking the 14th Golden Dragon King seal, Tang Wulin was going to attain his seventh Golden Dragon King soul ring, and this latest soul ring would undoubtedly provide him with an ability that outstripped all of his past Golden Dragon King abilities.

Despite this major enhancement, Tang Wulin wasn't happy at all as he had seen his own father for the second time.

Tang San had told him that he had planted three spiritual seals within his body that could save him on three occasions.

The first time that Tang San had appeared to save him was during the evolution of the Infernal Lightning Vine, and this was the second time.

Regardless of how much more powerful he had become, the irreversible reality was that there was only one more chance for him to see his father unless he could track down the Divine Realm.

Even though he had never truly been with his father before, he was constantly experiencing his father's love through Old Tang and Tang San's spiritual projections.

From his father's expression, he could clearly see just how unwilling his father was to part with him, and he was just as reluctant to see him go.

However, everything had happened and concluded far too quickly, and he had lost this second opportunity without even being able to talk to his own father.

These three spiritual seals were the most precious things to Tang Wulin, not just for his father's protection, but also for the opportunity to see his father.

The golden and silver light gradually began to subside, and Tang Wulin's energy was subsequently withdrawn. The massive Silver Dragon King slowly extricated itself from around his body, then tore open a spatial rift and departed after taking a glance in Er Ming's direction.

This had been a resounding victory for the Yuanen Family. Not a single demon had managed to escape, and Arba and the nine great demons had all been killed.

This was also a fantastic situation for Shrek Academy as the supply of life energy had spurred on the seed of life to grow to around 50 meters tall.

Unbeknownst to everyone, a series of patterns that resembled Tang Wulin's Golden Dragon King scales had appeared on the surface of the tree of life.


"These are the spoils of the battle," Yuanen Zhentian said as he handed a storage soul tool to Tang Wulin.

Three days had already passed since the battle against the demonic army, and an official investigator had arrived on the scene due to the massive commotion that the battle had caused.

Of course, their investigation yielded no results. This was a very secluded area with an extremely low population density, and by the time the investigators arrived, all of the signs of battle had been cleaned up.

The only conclusion that the investigators could draw was that several high-grade soul missiles had exploded here, and that required further investigation, but that investigation obviously wasn't going to extend to the Yuanen Family.

The entire plan had been perfect. Aside from Er Ming, Yuanen Zhentian, and Yuanen Tiandang, Da Ming had also done his part from the Myriad Beast Plane.

Da Ming was even more powerful than Er Ming, and he was the true trump card. It was planned for him to contribute to this effort as prior to coming here, even Tang Wulin and Er Ming hadn't predicted that a new Limit Douluo in the form of Yuanen Tiandang would appear in the Yuanen Family.

He had struck at the critical moment to erase any chance Arba had of escaping, and the combination of the four Limit Douluos and the Tang Sect's high-grade soul missiles had simply been far too fearsome.

Yuanen Yehui's connection with the demonic plane was severed by Da Ming, and her Fallen Angel bloodline had undergone a second awakening due to the enhancements she had received from the purplish-golden bloodline.

The only issue was that Tang Wulin had almost perished due to the breaking of the 14th Golden Dragon King seal. This experience served as a stern warning to him, but looking back on the situation, he really had no choice.

The supply of life energy was simply far too important for the seed of life, and he had already been informed of its growth by Shrek Academy.

Even though the tree of life was still underwater, the rich life energy it was now releasing was slowly improving the conditions of the Sea God's Lake.

During the past three days alone, over 10% of the lake's radiation had disappeared. At this rate, it would only take around another month for the radiation problem of the Sea God's Lake to be completely resolved, and once life returned to the Sea God's Lake, that would undoubtedly only serve to benefit the tree of life's growth.

However, it was very apparent that even more life energy was required for the tree of life to grow to full maturity.

The life energy from the entire demonic army had only allowed it to grow to 50 meters, and it would have to at least reach a height of over 100 meters just to emerge from the surface of the lake.

The moment that the tree of life emerged from the Sea God's Lake would be the moment that Shrek Academy was truly revived.

Unfortunately, following this battle, the demonic plane most likely wouldn't dare to try and invade the Douluo Continent ever again. Da Ming was able to sever Yuanen Yehui's connection with the demonic plane very easily as the demonic plane had already cut off its connection with the Douluo Continent in fear of a counter-invasion.

The Wu Jie that Arba had mentioned was clearly quite a wily customer. At the very least, he was more intelligent than Arba.

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