Chapter 1583: Tang Wulin's Savior

The life energy of a quasigod level demon monarch was simply far too massive. In particular, having lived for so long, Arba possessed far more life energy than a human quasigod.

The enormous influx of life energy instantly fused as one with the power from the 14th Golden Dragon King seal, flooding into every single corner of Tang Wulin's body and also surging toward the 15th seal.

This was the biggest area of concern for Tang Wulin.

All of the Golden Dragon King seals after the 10th one contained the will of the Golden Dragon King, and it was constantly waiting for an opportunity to take over control of Tang Wulin's body.

Tang Wulin had faced this situation once before when he had saved his foster parents, and if Gu Yuena hadn't appeared to save him, he would've most likely been possessed by the Golden Dragon King.

Under these current circumstances, the issue was even more severe as the will of the Golden Dragon King was able to draw upon the life energy flowing into Tang Wulin's body to further strengthen itself.

The Golden Dragon King's purest godly power had been restricted by Tang San and transformed into 18 seals, and each successive seal contained more power than the previous one.

The power imbued within the 14th seal was already extremely formidable, and it was extremely difficult for Tang Wulin to contend with it. 

For the essence of the Golden Dragon King, the influx of Arba's life energy couldn't have come in a more timely fashion. By drawing up this life energy, it was instantly filled with boundless vitality, and it quickly began to conquer every single inch of Tang Wulin's body and mind.

The Ice God's Bead hanging in front of Tang Wulin's chest was releasing a cold aura to try and assuage his emotional fluctuations, but it was all to no avail.

The 15th Golden Dragon King seal was on the brink of being shattered, and if it were broken, Tang Wulin would have no chance to regain control over his own body.

The Golden Dragon King would completely awaken with his body as its vessel, and the remaining seals would all be broken at once, bringing disaster upon the entire Douluo Continent.

Er Ming's expression became grimmer and grimmer as he sensed Tang Wulin's worsening condition, but he didn't know how to help him. The insane will threatening to erupt out of Tang Wulin's body struck even Er Ming with a sense of fear.

Right at this moment, a burst of silver light appeared above Tang Wulin, and it immediately transformed into a massive silver dragon.

The dragon's entire body was covered in oval scales, and it was slightly smaller than the golden dragon. It dove headfirst into the reddish-golden light, then grabbed onto the golden dragon with its front claws before winding its own body tightly around the golden dragon's body.

Bright silver light surged forth alongside rainbow light, forming a series of shackles that locked around the golden dragon's massive body, preventing the reddish-golden light from spreading any further.

The two giant dragons intertwined in mid-air, and the light glowing from the silver dragon became brighter and brighter as it gradually restricted the reddish-golden light.

However, right at this moment, the golden dragon let loose a thunderous roar, and all of its scales stood up on end as a burst of enormous power erupted out of its body, sending the silver dragon flying.

At this point, Tang Wulin was completely unable to control his own body, and he could only look on in horror as all of his energy surged toward the 15th seal.

On the previous occasion, Gu Yuena had managed to calm him down in time, but this time, the will of the Golden Dragon King was clearly prepared. Furthermore, the life energy of Arba presented it with the perfect power source, so even Gu Yuena was unable to control it.

It's over! 

Such a massive flood of energy was definitely not something that the 15th Golden Dragon King seal could withstand. As soon as it was shattered, the Golden Dragon King essence within the seal would be released, and nothing would be able to stop the Golden Dragon King's reawakening.

In this dire situation, the Golden Dragon King's body abruptly froze in mid-air.

Everything seemed to have fallen still.

This absolute stillness was brought about by the Time Reversal domain in its ultimate form, and this was clearly something that Tang Wulin was still incapable of.

A beam of golden light surged out of the Golden Dragon King's forehead, transforming into a tall figure with a head of long blue hair. Golden halos proliferated from the trident in his hand, and this was none other than Unpredictable Storm.

The Unpredictable Storm locked around the Golden Dragon King's massive body and also sealed its enormous power, temporarily paralyzing it. At the same time, the 15th seal in Tang Wulin's body was instantly bolstered to an unprecedented extent.

The Silver Dragon King took advantage of this opportunity to wrap itself around the Golden Dragon King's body again, and its purple eyes were filled with astonishment as it cast its gaze toward the blue-haired figure.

The tall figure gave her a meaningful look, and Gu Yuena was struck by a burst of sharp pain in her mind as a spiritual seal was silently branded deep into her brain.

At this moment, she was focusing all of her efforts on containing Tang Wulin's violent aura, so she didn't have the spare capacity to worry about what that spiritual seal was. The two giant golden dragons intertwined and tumbled through the air, then landed on the ground in the distance.

The tall figure remained in mid-air, and he smiled as he gave Er Ming a nod of acknowledgment.

In the next instant, his golden trident flew out of his grasp and plunged into the Golden Dragon King's glabella.

The Golden Dragon King instantly stiffened, and its insane will was instantly scattered by the might of the trident. The enormous life energy finally converged before being transferred into the distance by the Golden Dragon Spear.

The blue-haired figure looked down at the Golden Dragon King on the ground below, and his eyes were filled with fatherly love and a reluctance to depart.

In the next instant, the projection disintegrated into specks of light.

All of this had taken place in a very short time, and Er Ming was completely rooted to the spot, while Yuanen Zhentian and Yuanen Tiandang had no idea what had even happened.

All they could recall was that in the face of this blue-haired figure, both of them felt so tiny and insignificant. Both of them were already standing at the pinnacle of this world; what kind of being could possibly strike them with such an overwhelming sense of inferiority? Could it be that they had just witnessed a true god?

As soon as this thought occurred to them, it led to the formation of an even more astonishing thought. Could it be that Tang Wulin was being protected by a god?

Both of them were very well-versed with the history of the Douluo Continent, and thinking back to the appearance of the blue-haired figure and the golden trident that he was wielding, the same name instantly appeared in both of their minds, striking them with a sense of irrepressible excitement.

"It's him! It really is him! He's still alive!" Er Ming was yelling like an excited child.

After what he had just witnessed, he was finally able to completely confirm Tang Wulin's identity. Only in the hands of that familiar figure was the Sea God's Trident truly a paramount divine weapon, and only he could unleash Unpredictable Storm to such a powerful extent.

An indescribable feeling welled up in Er Ming's heart, and a lump suddenly appeared in his throat. 

Hurry back to this world, my brother, Tang San! 

Tang Wulin was currently in a very peculiar state. He could clearly sense and see everything taking place around him, but he was unable to do anything.

At the same time, he could also see the changes that had taken place within his own body. His 15th seal had completely recovered, and it was even more resolute than it had been in the past. The Golden Dragon King essence within his body was slowly being absorbed, and the life energy of Arba and the nine great demons was being transferred to the seed of life along with some of the Golden Dragon King's essence through his Golden Dragon Spear.

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