Chapter 1582: Tang Wulin's Crisis

Three fearsome corkscrews of power converged from three different directions. These were the same Divine Titan Fist attack, and they had all been unleashed by Limit Douluos.

The culminating destructive power exceeded that of even the previous Metallic Storm, and in that instant, it was as if the entire world were crumbling, and even the cities hundreds of kilometers away were trembling as if they were being struck by an earthquake.

In the instant before the explosion erupted, the giant azure claw that had tore into the Storm of Destruction grabbed onto the purplish-golden figure that was acting as a beacon and pulled her into the door of light, where they both abruptly vanished.

In the face of the all-out attacks from three Limit Douluos, the nine severely wounded great demons were virtually instantly blown into smithereens by the terrifying explosion.

Arba was barely able to defend himself, let alone worry about the nine great demons.

Never did he think that there would be a fourth Limit Douluo level powerful being lurking in the shadows, and this one was very likely to be even more powerful than he was.

It could be said that that claw strike was the final nail in the coffin that had snuffed out all of his hope.

A massive crater that was several hundred meters deep and over 500 meters in diameter appeared on the ground.

The surrounding energy storm tore through the entire space, and massive spatial rifts had appeared around the crater. The members of the Yuanen Family had already retreated into the distance prior to this final eruption, and what little remained of the devilish army thought that they were finally getting some respite, but in the next instant, they had already been completely torn into shreds.

At the center of the massive crater was Arba, who was barely able to remain on his feet. His right arm and dark demonic sword had completely disappeared, as had his dazzling fiery wings. Over 60% of all of his scales had been shattered, and purplish-golden liquid was flowing out of his entire body, while his aura had become feeble to the extreme.

The nine great demons had been wiped out of existence, and their immense life energy was currently converging toward Tang Wulin in the air above.

"I, impossible! I'm the almighty Arba; how could I possibly die here! It's all because of your dirty tricks! All of you deserve to die!"

A cold light flashed within Yuanen Zhentian's eyes as he said, "Arba, have you forgotten how you opened the planar passageway over 10 years ago and killed over 30 members of our family? You demons have taken away many of my loved ones; it's time that you paid the price."

Surrounded by three Limit Douluos and debilitated by the Douluo Continent's planar laws, there was no longer any chance for Arba to escape.

"What? I've never come to the human world before this! Wu Jie gave this opportunity to me. He said that he had once visited the human world, but the humans were more powerful than he imagined, and he said that only the mighty Arba could conquer this world! That bastard, he must've attained the ability of clairvoyance and foresaw all of this! It wasn't me; I wasn't the one who attacked your family!" 

Yuanen Zhentian and Yuanen Tiandang both faltered slightly at the sight of Arba's vehement display.

Thinking back, he did seem to be different from the leader of the demonic creatures that had last descended upon the Douluo Continent. Back then, the leader's most powerful minions were cerberuses, whereas it was great demons instead on this occasion.

Arba's eyes were filled with rage and indignation. What the hell was this situation? He had come here to devour life energy, yet he had become a scapegoat for Wu Jie instead! 

Yuanen Zhentian and Yuanen Tiandang exchanged a glance, yet just as the former was about to say something, Er Ming's cold voice suddenly rang out. "Regardless of who you are, you came to the Douluo Continent with the objective of bringing death and slaughter. You can curse Wu Jie for deceiving you after you die."

Er Ming crashed down from the heavens as a giant yellow shooting star as he spoke, crashing into the center of the massive crater with an earth-shattering boom.

Thus, Arba perished amid a howl of pain and indignation.

Streaks of purplish-black spread through the air in all directions, seemingly trying to get away, but right at this moment, a burst of enormous suction force erupted from up above alongside an authoritative dragon's roar.

High up in the sky, Tang Wulin had already transformed into a massive golden dragon that was over 100 meters in length with the Golden Dragon Spear hovering right in front of him.

The energy of Arba and the nine great demons were instantly drawn into his Golden Dragon Spear, and scintillating golden light began to radiate from the giant golden dragon's body.

All of a sudden, the massive golden dragon threw its head back and let loose an agonized roar as a cloud of reddish-golden light enveloped its entire body.

Yuanen Zhentian and Yuanen Tiandang both looked upward with perplexed expressions. They had no idea how Tang Wulin was able to absorb the life energy of the demonic army in the first place, and this situation was far beyond their realm of understanding.

Er Ming also looked up into the sky with a grim expression.

He didn't know what had happened, either, but Tang Wulin's spiritual fluctuations were far too violent, and this definitely wasn't a good thing.

However, Tang Wulin's aura was currently filled with insanity, and he couldn't intervene; Tang Wulin would have to weather this storm on his own.

In reality, Tang Wulin really was struggling to hold on. Too much life energy had flowed into his body, and he had to focus most of his attention on converting this energy, so he couldn't prevent the loosening of his Golden Dragon King seals.

As such, in this critical juncture, he had adopted his martial soul true body form, trying to withstand the enormous influx of life energy through this form's superior physical resistance.

However, his 14th Golden Dragon King seal had instantly shattered with the influx of life energy from the nine great demons, and in that instant, Tang Wulin felt as if he had been transported into a cold and completely silent world.

An indescribable sense of insanity and unyielding will surged into his mind, striking him with the uncontrollable urge to destroy everything.

The terrifying power instantly filled every single corner of his body, forcing him to absorb it.

Right at this moment, Arba was slain by Er Ming, and his life energy was also drawn into Tang Wulin's body through the Golden Dragon Spear.

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