Chapter 1581: Destructive Storm

The figure flashed through the air like lightning, and a golden and silver streak of light suddenly appeared.

It emerged right at the center of the ring-shaped formation formed by the nine great demons, and it sliced right through two of their tails.

The darkness energy being transmitted through the bodies of the nine great demons was abruptly cut off, and right at this moment, Yuanen Tiandang arrived.

His ninth soul ring lit up, and he thrust both fists forward to unleash his Heaven-shattering Titan Strike!

The dense yellow light around him suddenly turned transparent, and two angular bodies of light crashed toward the great demons with ultimate power.

In the face of such a fearsome attack from a Limit Douluo, the great demons didn't even have a chance to inspect what had happened to their tails; all they could do was defend with all their might.

However, the severed connection couldn't be reconnected again in a short time, and as soon as they came into contact with those two formidable bodies of light, the great demons realized that they wouldn't be able to withstand the attack.

They immediately split up into two groups of four and five, then dove off to the side in unison.

After unleashing that all-out attack, Yuanen Tiandang's face had also turned very pale, and his legs gave out from under him as he sat onto the ground.

The great demons had exceptional resistance, so this attack wasn't enough to kill them, and it seemed as if not much had been achieved, but in reality, the formation that the great demons had always relied upon had been broken!

A pair of massive hands, each of which was over 100 meters in diameter, descended from above, swatting the two groups of great demons even further away from one another. Yuanen Zhentian then stomped his right foot onto the ground, instantly increasing gravity by a hundredfold, stripping the great demons of the opportunity to connect together again.

Titan Grip!

A massive transparent hammer suddenly appeared in the two giant hands, and this was still the Heaven-shattering Titan Strike, but Yuanen Zhentian's version was far more powerful than the one that Yuanen Tiandang had unleashed.

Arba was constantly keeping an eye on the entire battlefield, and he was struck by a sense of great urgency upon seeing this.

The destruction of his demonic army was very unfortunate, but he could always recruit more subordinates once he returned to the demonic plane. However, these nine great demons weren't expendable. In a sense, they were a part of him.

There was no concept of reproduction on the demonic plane; fission was the only way to pass down one's lineage. During this process, a demonic being would split up into two separate entities that were weaker than the original one, then cultivate to become more powerful before undergoing fission again.

Of course, there were many restrictions to this type of fission, but it was the way through which powerful beings of the demonic plane passed down their heritage.

All nine of these great demons had been split from Arba's body.

At his level, Arba was already standing at the very pinnacle of the demonic plane, so his method of fission was obviously different from that of normal demons; only after he cultivated to the pinnacle of the demonic plane would he choose to undergo fission, temporarily sacrificing a small amount of his own power to create the most loyal great demon. He only chose to do this as there was no way to continue progressing after reaching the pinnacle of the plane, and it would take him a long time to reach that level again.

The energy in the demonic plane was limited, and it was far inferior to the Douluo Continent. As such, it would take Arba several centuries to produce a single one of these great demons. It could be said that these nine great demons formed the basis of his power. When he aged to a certain extent and fission was no longer an option, he could even pass down his power to one of the great demons and resurrect himself through those great demons.

Thus, these great demons were essentially nine extra lives for him!

All of the other demons could be replaced, but the death of each great demon equated to the death of one of his lives!

Arba let loose a thunderous roar as a series of light patterns surfaced beneath his feet. All of a sudden, a terrifying storm of darkness erupted within a diameter of 10,000 meters, causing the entire space to warp violently.

"Look out, everyone! He's been backed into a corner!" Er Ming yelled as a serious look appeared on his face. The desperate last-ditch retaliation from a quasigod was definitely a very fearsome thing.

The storm of darkness naturally enveloped the nine great demons as well, and a series of black chains instantly connected them as Arba attempted to drag them back toward him.

Yuanen Zhentian's Heaven-shattering Titan Strike had already arrived, and despite the resistance from the storm of darkness and the fact that Arba was injecting his own energy into the nine great demons through the black chains, the great demons were still struggling to withstand the terrifying attack.

Six of the great demons had been slammed heavily into the ground and severely injured, while three of the great demons had already had their horns snapped.

For great demons, their horns were the source of their powers, so having their horns snapped essentially meant that they were half-dead.

However, Arba still managed to forcibly drag the nine great demons back to himself in the end. Under the cover of his storm of darkness, all of the great demons remained alive, although all of them had suffered injuries of varying degrees of severity.

"Rise up, Storm of Destruction!"

All of a sudden, nine massive tornados emerged within the storm of darkness, and Arba suddenly expelled a mouthful of purple blood that vanished into the storm as a plume of blood mist.

Right at this moment, a purplish-golden speck of light appeared silently within the Storm of Destruction.

The purplish-golden figure was none other than Yuanen Yehui, and she was currently also in the form of a great demon. As such, the Storm of Destruction posed no threat to her as it wouldn't harm a demonic being.

Her eyes were currently filled with cold bloodlust, and bright purplish-golden light radiated from her body as she pointed toward a certain direction.

In reality, she had never been controlled by her own demonic bloodline.

As soon as she became a Titled Douluo and awakened her demonic bloodline, the seed that Er Ming had planted in her body had also awakened.

This was Er Ming's third drop of blood essence, and it was cleverly concealed within Yuanen Yehui's mind, allowing her to retain her sanity at the critical moment.

However, in order to lure the demonic plane into a false sense of security, Yuanen Yehui had allowed her actions to be controlled by them from afar.

After that, she arrived in this barren place to open up the demonic passageway, and she had even been rewarded with the purest of royal demonic bloodlines.

In reality, the powers of her and her mother originally stemmed from Arba. Through fission, he had created a seed that had been planted on the Douluo Continent.

Arba was hoping for this seed to grow and flourish on the Douluo Continent as he knew that there was no longer any point in remaining in the demonic plane. In order to attain godhood, he had to find an alternative path, just as all of the Limit Douluos on the Douluo Continent were trying to do.

As such, in her Fallen Angel form, Yuanen Yehui was like a part of Arba, so she wouldn't be rejected by his attacks, thereby allowing her to strike at this critical juncture.

Arba had drawn upon his own essential power to unleash this attack not just to protect the great demons, but also to escape at all costs.

As long as he could get away, he would be able to replenish himself through devouring other living beings on the Douluo Continent, and perhaps he could even reopen a passageway to the demonic plane.

Unfortunately, he had forgotten about the seed he had planted in this plane. At this moment, this seed was acting as a beacon, notifying Er MIng and the others of Arba's location.

Due to the fact that they shared the same bloodline, even Arba had completely failed to notice that there was someone nearby giving away his location.

All of a sudden, a door of light appeared beside the purplish-golden figure without any warning, and a massive azure claw emerged before tearing viciously into the Storm of Destruction.

Arba let loose a howl of anguish, and the entire Storm of Destruction was instantly cut off.

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