Chapter 1580: You're Not Getting Away!

As such, Arba chose to flee without any hesitation as he was afraid that it would be too late otherwise.

"You're not getting away!" Er Ming bellowed as a massive projection instantly appeared behind him.

The projection depicted a lush forest that was filled with abundant life energy, and his roar seemed to have awakened the entire forest as countless deafening roars rang out to resonate with him.

Terrifying pressure converged toward Arba from all directions, and he was forced out of the spatial gate he had just created for himself.

This was Er Ming's Myriad Beast spiritual domain!

Er Ming had kept a close eye on Arba this entire time, so he certainly wasn't going to allow Arba to get away. If a Limit Douluo level demonic monarch were to successfully flee from this battle, who knew how much death and destruction he would bring about?

All of this had already been planned back in Bright City, and the soul missiles had been supplied by the Tang Sect. The plan was seamless, and they weren't going to let even a single demon escape.

Having had his attempt to escape foiled, Arba was completely enraged. Countless streaks of flames erupted out of his wings, all of which hurtled directly toward Er Ming like a series of purplish-black shooting stars.

Er Ming sprang up into the air, and the streaks of flames immediately followed him, only for him to instantly crash back down onto the ground. The gravity in the area had been significantly altered, and enormous suction force erupted from the earth, forcing all of the shooting stars to strike the ground amid a string of massive explosions.

Thus, Er Ming and Arba clashed once again, and at this point, the battle between the nine great demons and Yuanen Zhentian's duo had also reached a climax.

Yuanen Zhentian was also a quasigod now, and he was able to draw upon enormous power of planar laws. Each punch that he unleashed created a mountainous projection that descended from above and increased gravitational pull by at least tenfold compared to normal. As such, the great demons were unable to get away.

This was Yuanen Zhentian's first battle after becoming a quasigod, and his formidable powers and extensive battle experience were both on full display. His movements didn't appear to be very fast, but they were filled with power, and he was virtually preventing the nine great demons from escaping all by himself.

Yuanen Tiandang was also unleashing his Divine Titan Fists beside his father, but his attacks bore a sense of deranged fury.

He truly detested these demons for ruining his happy and harmonious family. For over a decade, he had constantly been wallowing in pain, sorrow, and the memories of his late wife.

All of those emotions combined with his thirst for vengeance, and even though he had only just become a Limit Douluo, he was attacking with all his power, thereby elevating him to close to the demigod level.

He was like an almighty ferocious beast that was sweeping through the battlefield like a massive hammer, while Yuanen Zhentian restricted the great demons from above.

The nine great demons were arranged in a straight line. Each of them had a long tail that was wound around the waist of another great demon, forging a connection between them. These tails seemed to have very special properties, and whichever great demon was attacked by Yuanen Zhentian and Yuanen Tiandang, that great demon would be able to draw upon the power of the other great demons to defend itself.

As such, the nine great demons were like a single entity, and that was how they had managed to just barely withstand the ferocious attacks from Yuanen Zhentian's duo.

A vast expanse of purplish-black patterns had appeared on the ground beneath their feet, depicting what appeared to be a series of giant dragons. However, in contrast with the dragons of the Douluo Continent, these dragons bore a closer resemblance to snakes, and the nine great demons were like the heads of the nine snakes. The formation they were in was very peculiar, and it allowed them to advance or retreat as one.

Yuanen Tiandang let loose a roar of fury as he crashed down toward the center of the nine great demons like a scintillating yellow shooting star.

The nine great demons quickly retreated, and even though they were slowed down by the increased gravitational force, they were very well-coordinated.

As they retreated, the nine great demons let loose a sharp cry in unison, and they slashed their dark demonic swords through the air, unleashing streaks of purplish-black light that intertwined to form a sinister snake's head that swept toward Yuanen Tiandang.

"Boom!" The nine great demons shuddered in unison, and purplish-black light surged out of their bodies. 

The surrounding space instantly became more viscous, and they turned to face Yuanen Zhentian's attack, which was hurtling toward them from the side.

Yuanen Tiandang smashed a giant crater into the ground, and his breathing was rather short and shallow as his soul core compressed to absorb more natural energies.

Right at this moment, a sense of feebleness spread through his mind, indicating that he had overexerted his spiritual power.

Yuanen Tiandang faltered slightly upon sensing this, and he immediately realized that he had been attacking far too recklessly, thereby excessively taxing his own spiritual power without even realizing it.

He had only just reached the Limit Douluo level and hadn't completely consolidated his powers yet, and his mental state had been affected as he had failed to kill even a single great demon despite his all-out barrage of attacks.

He took a deep breath to calm himself down, and just as he was about to spring into action again, his eyes suddenly lit up.

Yuanen Zhentian raised his hands up into the air, and countless giant yellow shooting star projections appeared up above. This was his eighth soul skill, Giant Titan Meteorite Shower!

When unleashed by a quasigod like him, this attack was definitely no less powerful than a ninth-grade soul missile.

The nine great demons quickly gathered together like nine giant snakes.

This wasn't the first time that this Giant Titan Meteorite Shower had been unleashed, and it had previously caused them massive problems.

On this occasion, the nine great demons were defending with all their might, and their formation became even tighter as they formed a ring with their tails interconnected between them. They then pointed their dark demonic swords into the air, and the nine giant snake patterns on the ground were projected into nine massive snakes in mid-air. All of the snakes were giving off extremely powerful auras, and they were releasing darkness energy out of their mouths to resist Yuanen Zhentian's attack.

In the face of this Giant Titan Meteorite Shower, even Yuanen Tiandang didn't dare to get too close. This was a quasigod level attack, and on the previous occasions it had been unleashed during this battle, it had already razed several surrounding mountains to the ground.

An earth-shattering explosion erupted as purplish-black and yellow light intertwined, and the entire area was suddenly filled with a terrifying elemental storm.

Yuanen Zhentian stood still on the spot as he absorbed the natural energies in the air with all his might. Meanwhile, the legs of the nine great demons had all sunk into the ground, and their scales had dimmed significantly.

A clash of this caliber was extremely taxing to both sides.

Right at this moment, a figure silently appeared beneath the nine great devils.

In their current forms, all of the great devils were over 15 meters tall, so this figure, which was less than two meters tall, was far too insignificant.

At this moment, the great demons had their attention focused entirely on the Giant Titan Meteorite Shower and Yuanen Tiandang, who was waiting for an opportunity to strike, and as a result, they failed to notice the figure that had appeared at their feet.

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