Chapter 1579: Revival of the Ancient Tree of Life!

As more and more life energy was injected into the seed of life, its rate of growth began to accelerate.

Leaves and branches grew in a frenzy, and the intense aura of life energy struck one with an indescribable sensation.

From the shore, one could see that a ball of green light had appeared within the water of the Sea God's Lake. With the influx of golden light, the ball of green light gradually grew brighter and brighter, and life energy proliferated in all directions, while the radiation in the Sea God's Lake was slowly dissipating in its wake.

"He succeeded!" Long Yeyue said in an excited voice.

There were already tears of excitement flowing down Yali's face.

As long-standing members of the Sea God's Island, they were well aware of what the ancient Golden Tree entailed for Shrek Academy.

As the Great Star Dou Forest gradually disappeared, the Golden Tree was significantly weakened, and this was one of the reasons why Shrek Academy had been unable to survive that bombing. 

The revitalized seed of life was the true core of Shrek Academy, and Long Yeyue closed her eyes and used her spiritual power to experience its growth.

In doing so, she could clearly sense that the seed of life had grown to two meters tall in a short time, and its life force was being enhanced exponentially as it sprouted countless branches and leaves.

At its deepest point, the Sea God's Lake was around 100 meters deep, so a two-meter-tall tree of life wasn't very noteworthy in comparison, but it was far better than the tiny seedling it had been before. At the very least, this entailed that the tree of life had truly been revived and was no longer in its original state, where it was constantly in danger of withering away.



Er Ming's attacks epitomized the concept of violence, and he was attacking Arba with reckless abandon.

Even though he hadn't experienced the tragedy of the Yuanen Family, those were all his descendants, and his thirst for vengeance was further fueling his attacks.

Arba was one of the most powerful beings of the demonic plane, but he was being completely dominated by Er Ming.

Every single one of Er Ming's punches was as heavy as a mountain, and he could only just barely hold his own as he defended himself with his dark demonic sword.

Meanwhile, Yuanen Zhentian and Yuanen Tiandang were battling the nine great demons.

Each of the great demons was equivalent in power to a human Hyper Douluo, and they had a special type of combination ability that enhanced their powers; that was the only thing that allowed them to keep the two furious Limit Douluos at bay. Thus, an impasse ensued, but don't forget that this was the Douluo Continent.

Here in this plane, both Arba and his subordinates were being rejected, which resulted in greater energy expenditure. If things were to continue like this, then defeat and death would be their only possible fate.

Tang Wulin was still hovering in the air overhead. The life energy from the deceased demonic army was simply far too massive; even though he was only acting as a filter, the process was still heavily taxing his body. If it weren't for the fact that his body was powerful enough to rival that of a Limit Douluo, there was no way that he would dare to attempt something like this.

The Golden Dragon Spear's ability to devour energy was on full display, and his body was constantly in a state of full saturation. Even though all of the life energy had been transferred away, some of it was still being absorbed and strengthening his body in subtle ways. However, this also raised a major issue, which was that his Golden Dragon King seal was beginning to loosen.

Back when he had become a Titled Douluo, his 13th Golden Dragon King seal had broken, and ever since then, he had been very careful in his cultivation, making sure not to impact the Golden Dragon King seals through his accumulation of power.

However, the influx of life energy on this occasion was simply far too massive, to the extent that he was unable to control it and divert it entirely away from his Golden Dragon King seals.

The seals were constantly thirsting for energy in order to awaken more of the power of the Golden Dragon King, and under normal circumstances, Tang Wulin would actively isolate them. Even though this didn't allow him to completely limit the seals, it would significantly delay their opening.

However, he had no spare capacity to focus on that under these circumstances, and he hadn't foreseen that this would become an issue.

Each successive seal past the 10th Golden Dragon King seal contained extremely violent power that would enhance Tang Wulin significantly, but on the flip side, even if the slightest thing were to go wrong, he would be killed.

Unfortunately, his hands were currently completely tied. Was he supposed to cut off this flow of life energy? But who knew when such a brilliant opportunity would arise again?

He could clearly sense just how much the seed of life yearned for this rich life energy.

This life energy didn't belong to the Douluo Continent, and it was exactly because of this that the seed of life would be greatly replenished if it could absorb all of this life energy.

Just like how the abyssal plane and demonic plane were constantly attempting to devour life energy from the Douluo Continent, the Douluo Continent could also devour their life energy to strengthen itself.

As such, even though Tang Wulin was aware that his 14th seal was very likely to shatter if things were to continue like this, he still gritted his teeth and hoped for the best.

This life energy was too important for the seed of life; everything else would simply have to take a backseat.


Er Ming's fist clashed with Arba's sword once again, and fierce demonic flames erupted in all directions, causing the surrounding space to warp violently. Arba's massive body shuddered in the face of the power of the Divine Titan Fists, but Er Ming wasn't exactly enjoying himself, either.

The dark demonic sword was imbued with extremely powerful darkness energy that was filled with corrosive and penetrative properties, setting off a series of darkness explosions within his body.

The two temporarily separated, and Arba abruptly spread his wings, manifesting a flaming gate behind himself, which he quickly sped toward.

The rejection from this plane was already beginning to affect him, and its effects would only worsen from here, so he knew that he had to leave as quickly as possible.

What truly struck fear into his heart wasn't Er Ming. Er Ming was very powerful, but he could contend with Er Ming for quite some time. Instead, it was Tang Wulin and his Golden Dragon Spear that truly terrified Arba.

As a demonic monarch, he could clearly sense the life energy of the fallen members of his demonic army being rapidly devoured.

Tang Wulin was able to devour such an enormous quantity of life energy without imploding, and he shared a special type of bond with this entire world; it was clear that he was blessed by the plane or an existence similar to a planar envoy. Once the entire demonic army was wiped out, who knew if Tang Wulin would target Arba next?

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