Chapter 1576: Demonic Army

Each of the great demons was over 10 meters tall with massive wings on their backs, twisted horns on their heads, and extremely formidable darkness auras emanating from their bodies.

After the gates were stabilized by them, even more demonic creatures began to emerge, including some small white demons that were very short in stature. Despite that diminutive stature, they were not to be looked down on as they were the spellcasters of the demonic plane, able to draw upon darkness energy to cast all types of debilitating spells.

Following them came a series of goat-like demons with inky-black flames beneath their hooves. These goat demons were very large and strong, and the spellcasting demons all jumped onto their backs. These goat demons were extremely fast and were capable of unleashing powerful flame attacks. The spellcasting demons could cast powerful spells, but were very slow and defensively inept, so the two made a perfect match.

At this point, the demonic army had just about taken shape, and only more of the same demons were pouring out of the gates. The gates of light became more and more insubstantial, and even nine great demons were struggling to keep them open.

Right at this moment, a thunderous roar rang out, and the nine gates suddenly combined to form one gargantuan gate, following which an enormous being emerged.

This being was over 30 meters tall with purplish-golden scales all over its body, and a pair of horns on its head that were over three meters in length. There was a pair of massive wings on its back that were manifested from purple flames, and it was wielding a fiery purplish-golden claymore. As soon as it appeared, the surrounding space warped violently, as if the power of the plane were rejecting the being with all its might.

The massive demon roared as it cackled, "I, the great Demon Monarch Arba, have finally arrived in this world. My brethren, slaughter and devour to your hearts' content! The more living beings you devour, the more powerful you'll become, and once you attain sufficient power, we'll be able to open up more demonic passageways to allow more of our brethren into this world. Make this world tremble at our feet!"

The demonic army now numbered in excess of 30,000, and all of them roared to the heavens as an intense aura of darkness spread through the entire heavens, casting a purplish-black shadow over the entire earth.

"Hmm? What's that?" All of a sudden, Arba caught sight of something a little peculiar.

Those seemed to be several stars, except they seemed to be growing larger and brighter.

"How can there be such bright stars in this world? What are those things, my envoy?" A sense of foreboding welled up in Arba's heart at the sight of the approaching stars.

"I do not know, Your Majesty," Yuanen Yehui replied in a respectful manner.

"Roar!" Arba let loose an enraged roar, and flocks of flying demons rose up into the air toward the oncoming stars.

As the stars expanded, a special scorching aura surged through the air, and it quickly became apparent that these were actually balls of light.

Demons absolutely detested such pure light elemental auras, so the flying demons were already blasting venom toward the balls of light in a frenzy even without instructions from Arba.

Seven balls of light exploded almost in complete unison, illuminating the entire night sky and making it as bright as day.

"Howl!" Cries of anguish rang out within the demonic army as terrifying light elements descended from above like a torrential storm.

Everything had arrived far too abruptly, and the light elements were far too powerful. In the blink of an eye, countless demonic creatures were basked in intense, scorching light, and some of the weaker demonic humans and hellhounds were already melting away within this rain of light.

Those were eighth-grade soul missiles, Holy Radiance!

Arba let loose a roar of fury as he swept his massive fiery claymore through the air, creating a vast expanse of purplish-golden flames that surged toward the descending rain of light.

The nine great demons behind him also slashed their flaming claymores through the air, forming another sea of flames to resist the rain of light.

Right at this moment, a peculiar high-pitched screeching noise erupted, striking one with an indescribable sense of fear and apprehension.

The sharp screeching was also accompanied by a string of sonic booms, and before Arba even had a chance to react, the purplish-golden flames he had just unleashed were quickly punctured, and an object emerged from within the flames before plunging directly into the ground.

That area was surrounded by spellcasting demons and goat demons, and all of them looked down to inspect the object in the ground with curiosity in their eyes.

This was a conical object that wasn't very large and was glowing with faint white light.

Most of the demonic army had been dealt a heavy blow by the rain of light, but the spellcaster demons had better resistance against light elements, so they remained largely unscathed.

A few of the spellcasting demons jumped down from the goat demons and began to approach the object, right as Arba bellowed from afar, "Get back!"


Time suddenly seemed to have slowed down, and the spellcasting demons felt as if they were able to see their own bodies melt away, as well as the sharp blades slashing over their melting bodies.

An extremely dazzling explosion had erupted like a massive flower, except the petals of this flower were formed by countless metal fragments.

This was the ninth-grade soul missile, Metallic Storm!

This type of soul missile had existed since 10,000 years ago, but had been refined on countless occasions since then. In particular, after elements of the Tang Sect's Buddha's Fury Tang Lotus were incorporated into the design of the soul missile, its power had been drastically improved.

Metallic Storm was particularly effective on the battlefield. Its explosive power didn't compare all that favorably to other ninth-grade soul missiles, but it was definitely the best ninth-grade soul missile when it came to dealing casualties. Its fearsome destructive power encompassed a diameter of around three kilometers, and the shrapnel released by its explosion could cover every single inch of that area.

As such, Metallic Storm was also known as Storm of Death, and was one of the most strictly regulated weapons in the federation.

After the Tang Sect's modifications, one could almost argue that Metallic Storm was a 10th-grade soul missile. Soul missiles of each successive grade were generally around twice as powerful as soul missiles of the previous grade.

Around the epicenter of the explosion, countless demonic creatures were felled like crops in a harvest as they were devoured by the terrifying metallic storm. Energy of all elements were rendered completely pointless in the face of the lethal storm, and all of the demonic creatures caught within the storm were made to look as fragile as rag dolls.

No body remained intact within the metallic storm, and all of the demonic creatures that fell to it were instantly sliced into countless pieces before being completely vaporized.

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