Chapter 1575: Passageway to the Demonic Plane

Right as she fell asleep, her aura began to transform in a subtle manner. A layer of faint translucent light appeared over her skin, and her soul power circulated naturally into her soul core before being purified, then surged throughout her body like a gushing river.

Having let go of her mental baggage, her cultivation bottleneck was also shattered in her sleep.

A layer of yellow light appeared around her alongside a series of soul rings, and the ninth soul ring finally appeared beside the eight existing ones.

In that instant, she had become a Titled Douluo.

In her dreams, she was finally able to see the person that she had been longing to see for so many years.

Her eyes were so gentle and captivating, and her arms were spread wide open as she called out Yuanen Yehui's name.

"Mother!" Yuanen Yehui yelled as she rushed toward the woman, but for some reason, she was unable to close the short distance between them and dive into the woman's arms.

All of a sudden, her mother began to transform. Her eyes turned into a pair of dark purple vortexes, and a pair of massive wings slowly spread open on her back. She began to scream with pain as a pair of long, twisted horns emerged from her forehead, and her body began to expand while releasing a formidable aura of absolute darkness.

"Fall into the darkness and you shall be free. Awaken, my daughter; awaken the boundless demonic power within your blood," her mother suddenly said in an enchanting voice while luring her toward the darkness.

Enormous power began to spread through Yuanen Yehui's entire body, causing it to tremble slightly. Intense darkness power surged into her body and transformed her, while a cold and deranged will quickly manifested itself in her mind.

Fierce bloodlust, fear, and insanity also flowed into her mind alongside a whole host of other negative emotions, and in this instant, Yuanen Yehui felt as if all of her blood had also run cold as she began to advance toward that world of darkness.

All of a sudden, she opened her eyes, and she found herself still in the same room. Her aura had become even darker than that of the night outside, and faint purple light began to spill out of her eyes.

What was even more terrifying was that she was giving off a deathly aura, and a pair of massive wings slowly emerged on her back, while all of her nine soul rings had turned a purplish-black color.

A pair of twisted long horns had emerged on her head, and darkness elements filled the entire room.

"Roar!" A guttural roar rang out as she rose to her feet and opened the window in a stealthy manner. All of the surrounding darkness energy had surged into her body to isolate her from the outside world.

She flew out the window, and after briefly inspecting her surroundings, she flapped her wings and traveled into the distance.

She was incredibly fast, and the purplish-black light around her was causing the space in its wake to twist and warp slightly, as if some type of otherworldly energy were flowing into her body.

This was an insane yet wonderful feeling, and she could sense her own powers being enhanced at a rapid rate.

Finally, she folded her wings and descended like a shooting star toward a mountain down below. At an altitude of around 20 meters, she spread open her wings again to arrest her own momentum and gently landed on the mountain summit.

"Fall into the darkness and you shall be free," she said in a deep voice, and as she did so, a series of purple demonic patterns appeared.

The ninth soul ring that she had just attained abruptly lit up, and a massive purplish-black formation appeared on the ground. Purplish-black light rose up, and she began to chant an incantation as a huge purplish-black gate of light gradually emerged.

This was her ninth soul skill, Demonic Passageway!

Initially, the gate of light was only just over three meters tall, but it quickly expanded to over 20 meters tall and around 15 meters wide in the blink of an eye.

The surrounding space warped violently as the power of the plane rejected the power from another world, but this resistance was futile in the face of the purple light constantly pouring out of the gate of light.

Yuanen Yehui continued to chant as she made her way over to one side of the gate, and the purplish-black radiating from her body became even brighter as her powers continued to elevate at an insane rate.

Ripples of light appeared around the massive gate, and a deep and enchanting voice rang out. "You've done very well, my child, my envoy. You've opened the passageway to the demonic world, and you will lead your brethren into this brand new world. Let's destroy and fall into the freedom of darkness together! Go forth, my demonic army!"

"Roar!" Yuanen Yehui roared up into the heavens as her body began to expand, and she instantly transformed into a giant demon that was over 10 meters tall.

A layer of purplish-golden scales also appeared on her wings to reflect a powerful demonic bloodline.

"I bestow upon you the royal purplish-golden bloodline for your contribution, and a portion of all of the life energy we devour will go to you. Once we conquer this world, you will rule over it as my representative."

The purplish-golden light radiating from Yuanen Yehui's body brightened even further as streaks of purplish-golden light surged out of the gate before flowing into her body in a frenzy, causing her aura to spike drastically.

In this instant, even her eyes had turned a purplish-golden color, and she waved both hands through the air, upon which a giant gate of light appeared on each side of the existing one.

She flapped her wings and rose up into the air, and as more and more purplish-golden light surged into her body, she was able to make the gates of light expand even further. With each expansion, the purplish-golden light on her body would dim slightly, and it was clear that this light was not just enhancing her powers, but also injecting more energy into the demonic passageways.

Only after nine gates had been created did the expansion finally cease, and a thunderous roar rang out. "Descend, my demonic army!"

The first creatures to rush out of the gates were a series of burly hellhounds that were extremely ferocious in appearance. Their heads were even larger than their bodies, and their mouths were filled with fangs that resembled sharp blades, threatening to tear this entire world apart between their jaws.

Thousands of hellhounds had flooded out of the nine gates in the blink of an eye, and directly following those were giant demonic humans. It was apt to describe them as demonic humans as they were bipedal humanoid creatures, but each of them had four arms and were around 2.5 meters tall. The bulging muscles all over their bodies were covered in scales, some of them had one eye, while others had two. They strode out of the gates of light in a uniform formation, and after them came flying demons with wings thrice as large as their bodies.

As the aerial soldiers of the demonic plane, these flying demons were extremely fast and could release corrosive venom out of their mouths.

In the blink of an eye, thousands of flying demons had emerged, and at this point, the demonic army was already over 10,000 strong. At this point, the nine gates of light were beginning to become rather unsteady.

They came from another plane, so they were naturally rejected by this plane.

Right at this moment, one massive figure emerged within each of the nine gates, and they used their arms to support the gates of light while injecting bright purplish-golden light into the gates to stabilize them.

Their appearance was similar to that of Yuanen Yehui's current demonic appearance, and they were the great demons, the true powerful beings of the demonic plane.

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