Chapter 1574: Win-win

It was no wonder that Yuanen Zhentian had asked him for a heavenly refinement demonstration. Now that he thought about it, Yuanen Zhentian had most likely already made his decision in advance, but didn't want to commit to such an important decision without verifying Tang Wulin's abilities first.

This was definitely a win-win situation. The Tang Sect and Shrek Academy would be greatly bolstered by the Yuanen Family, and at the same time, the entire Yuanen Family would become significantly more powerful once it obtained the three-word battle armor and four-word battle armor promised to them by Tang Wulin.

Even though Shrek Academy had been destroyed, their show of power and influence at the joust for a spouse event proved that the flame of Shrek Academy was far from snuffed out. On top of that, they were also closely allied with the Tang Sect, so it was definitely a good decision for the Yuanen Family to side with them.

With the addition of Yuanen Zhentian and Yuanen Tiandang, the Tang Sect and Shrek Academy now had a total of six Limit Douluos, a number that exceeded all other powers!

Another important factor behind Yuanen Zhentian's decision was Tang Wulin's potential.

He was only in his twenties, yet he was already a Titled Douluo and a Divine Blacksmith. Furthermore, his understanding of laws was astounding even to a veteran Limit Douluo like him. Where did his future lie?

As such, Yuanen Zhentian had already considered many things after Tang Wulin's invitation, and it appeared that he had made quite a rushed decision, but it was actually one that was very well thought-out.

In fact, he had already been considering this course of action back when he had first found Yuanen Yehui in Bright City. Yuanen Yehui was only one year older than Tang Wulin, yet she was already close to the Titled Douluo level; this was something that neither he nor Yuanen Tiandang had been able to achieve, and they were now both already Limit Douluos.

After that, Tang Wulin had withstood his three attacks. There was no technique involved; it was purely a direct clash where fire was fought with fire!

The fact that such a young man was able to withstand his power completely transformed Yuanen Zhentian's impression of the current Soul Master world.

At the time, he realized that the Yuanen Family would have to integrate itself into society if it wanted to develop further. Otherwise, it would only continue to be left behind and fall into decline generation by generation like the Body Sect.

As such, the seed had already been planted in his mind even from way back then.

After that, he witnessed the stunning display put on by Shrek Academy at the joust for a spouse event, and was also made aware of Tang Wulin's true identity.

Following Tang Wulin and Yuanen Yehui's return, he was actually already trying to get some information out of them. Currently, Shrek Academy was in its rebuild phase where it was most sorely in need of support, so offering support at a time like this definitely carried greater weight than it would've at other points in the academy's history.

The past Shrek City had once been referred to as heaven on earth. Even though it was later proven that Shrek City wasn't absolutely safe as it had appeared, this would only mean that the new Shrek City would be further improved.

Shrek Academy had been dealt an extremely heavy blow, but the support of the four Limit Douluos and the enormous potential of the younger generation gave Yuanen Zhentian a lot of hope. It was clear that once Tang Wulin and his friends fully matured, Shrek Academy would complete its resurgence and perhaps even become more powerful than it had once been.

The same type of miracle had already taken place in the Tang Sect once before, and the leader of that resurgence was the founder of the Spirit Pagoda and also one of Shrek’s Seven Monsters at the time.

The potential displayed by Tang Wulin, Yuanen Yehui, and Xie Xie was quite formidable even in the eyes of Yuanen Zhentian, so surely this generation of Shrek’s Seven Monsters wasn't inferior to the two most renowned generations of Shrek’s Seven Monsters in history.

Tang Wulin was developing far faster than what he had thought to be possible for a Soul Master, and that had made him even more confident in his decision.

As such, Tang Wulin's invitation to Yuanen Tiandang provided the perfect catalyst to set everything into motion. In reality, he would've most likely moved the family to the new Shrek City even without the temptation of battle armor, so there was absolutely no way he would've turned down this offer.

As for the possibility of having to contend with the Spirit Pagoda in the future, that was something that he wasn't concerned about at all. What did a quasigod like him have to fear?

Furthermore, their family's patriarch had also returned. Er Ming's arrival had left him completely dumbfounded, and through his actions, it had been verified beyond a doubt to Yuanen Zhentian that Er Ming was indeed their patriarch. On top of that, he could see Er Ming's bond with Tang Wulin was very special. He seemed to hold absolute trust and even a hint of respect for Tang Wulin. This was a very strange feeling, but it only made him even more confident to invest in Tang Wulin's potential.

This was a young man who was destined for great things!

Any lingering trace of hesitation and indecision in Yuanen Zhentian's mind was completely erased by Tang Wulin's display of heavenly refinement.

Thus, everyone returned to the banquet and drank in celebration of the new alliance that had just been forged. The banquet only concluded deep into the night, and by then, Xie Xie was so drunk that he had to be carried back by Yuanen Yehui.

Xie Xie could tell that there was no way his future father-in-law would be satisfied until he was drunk, so he merely accepted his fate and downed a few massive cups of wine to completely knock himself out.

After carrying Xie Xie back to his room, Yuanen Yehui placed him down onto the bed, and she was both amused and slightly emotional as she recalled back to how her father had targeted Xie Xie at the banquet.

If only you were still alive, Mother; I'm sure you'd like Xie Xie. I really miss you, Mother, but don't worry, I won't be sad anymore. I have to be happy and look after the two most important men in my life; I'm sure you'd also want me to be happy. 

Her eyes gradually lit up, and the burden she had held in her heart for so many years was finally released.

Her heart was filled with emotion, and after returning to her room, she laid down to sleep instead of meditating for the first time in a very long time. She kept the curtains parted and allowed the moonlight to shine down onto her face as her breathing gradually became slow and even.

She really wanted to have a good night's sleep and forget all of her past pain and trauma.

Will I see you in my dreams, Mother? Please pay me a visit, Mother. 

The complex emotions in her heart gradually subsided, and she fell into a deep sleep.

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