Chapter 1572: Stunning Heavenly Refinement

This was truly an extraordinary display of skills!

Yuanen Zhentian wasn't very familiar with forging, but even he could tell that there was no doubt that Tang Wulin was indeed a Divine Blacksmith. How deep of an understanding of forging was required to accomplish this?

In reality, this was a set of abilities unique to Tang Wulin. Zhen Hua was also a Divine Blacksmith, but his powers were far inferior to Tang Wulin's, particularly when it came to spiritual power. Furthermore, Tang Wulin was blessed by the entire plane, thereby deepening his understanding of laws and allowing him to bestow aptitude to a certain extent during his forging.

Imbuing a piece of metal with aptitude didn't mean that the piece of metal would be able to unleash the same attack as Yuanen Zhentian. Instead, it would make the piece of metal more harmonious with those able to unleash the same type of attack as Yuanen Zhentian. The degree to which battle armor was harmonious with its wearer greatly influenced its power and effectiveness.

To put it in simpler terms, Tang Wulin was essentially planting a core circuit into the metal through his forging.

A string of buzzing sounds rang out from the piece of metal, and layers of radiance proliferated from its surface, as if it were rejecting or resisting something. However, its resistance was gradually quelled as it was comforted by Tang Wulin's spiritual power, and the fist intent was truly engraved into the piece of metal.

Tang Wulin began to swing his hammers, and countless projections were released from his hands. In the eyes of the bystander, the piece of metal seemed to be dancing in an alluring and rhythmic manner within the flurries of hammer projections.

Yuanen Zhentian couldn't help but nod with genuine approval in his eyes, while the blacksmith from the Yuanen Family already had tears flowing down his face. Witnessing such an exceptional display of forging was truly a life-changing experience for him!

Right at this moment, all of the hammer projections were suddenly withdrawn, and Tang Wulin also descended from the sky, while the piece of metal remained hovering in mid-air, releasing brilliant radiance as it did so.

Tang Wulin swung his hammers in an arc through the air, and a serious look finally appeared on his face.

Everyone could clearly sense that violent energy fluctuations had appeared in the air. This was different from the utilization of soul power; these energy fluctuations were converging from all directions.

The converging energy quickly condensed before spreading, and four clouds of light red, blue, yellow, and azure in color began to take shape while the might of heaven and earth slowly descended.

This was elemental tribulation!

Yuanen Zhentian's expression changed slightly upon sensing the formidable aura of laws, and he immediately released his own soul power to form a protective barrier to shield everyone and the hall behind him.

Tang Wulin roared up into the heavens as his long hair fluttered wildly around him, giving off a sense of reckless abandon. In that instant, it was as if he were facing the wrath of heaven and earth, yet he remained completely fearless.

"Rumble!" A violent thunderclap rang out as four-colored lightning crashed down from the heavens.

Tang Wulin raised the hammer in his right hand, and the bolt of lightning that was traveling toward the piece of metal was guided by him onto his own body, causing him to be entirely illuminated by four-colored light.

Everyone let loose cries of surprise upon seeing this, including even Yuanen Yehui and Xie Xie. They didn't know what elemental tribulations were, but the fearsome auras of laws could be clearly sensed by everyone. The bolt of four-colored lightning was imbued with extremely formidable power, yet Tang Wulin had guided it onto his own body; what was he thinking?

Right at this moment, a layer of gentle four-colored light erupted from his body to strike the piece of metal that was suspended in mid-air.

The metal began to buzz again, and the joyful intent that it was giving off was very apparent to everyone present.

At the same time, everyone was astonished to discover that Tang Wulin was using his own body to filter the power of the elemental tribulation before transferring just the right amount to the metal he was forging.

Was this really doable? Wouldn't he be hurting himself?

Everyone looked on in astonishment as one bolt of four-colored lightning after another crashed down with ferocious might, and all of them were guided by Tang Wulin onto his own body.

High-quality heavenly refinement required a piece of metal to be struck by tribulation lightning. The destructive power of tribulation lightning could purify the metal to a certain extent, but the main benefit the metal derived was from the injection of the power of laws. The forging process was important, but it only made up around 30% of heavenly refinement.

Perfect heavenly refinement required tribulation lightning to strike the metal while the excess was diverted away by Tang Wulin. This made forging a lot more difficult, and it was also the stage where most heavenly refinements failed.

Zhen Hua had no choice as his body wouldn't be able to handle direct bombardment from tribulation lightning, but that wasn't the case for Tang Wulin. The main benefit of his current forging method was the super high success rate. It could even be said that in the face of four-colored lightning tribulation, his success rate was virtually 100%. There was also a 70% chance that the finished product would be a supreme-grade heavenly refined metal, so it was the ideal choice for him to display during this demonstration.

The four-colored light gradually became brighter, and initially, it was only on the surface of the metal, but it then gradually seeped into the metal to alter its internal structure. What was even more remarkable was that the metal was gradually changing shape. There was no further refinement from Tang Wulin, but with the influx of four-colored light, the piece of metal was slowly transforming into a boxing glove.

"Boom!" A bolt of four-colored lightning that was as thick as a water tank struck Tang Wulin's body, completely inundating him in the process.

"Boss!" Xie Xie immediately rushed toward him, only to be stopped in his tracks by Yuanen Tiandang.

"Are you an idiot? None of the tribulation lightning is seeping out, which means that he still has absolute control over it; are you trying to rush into the lightning for an early death?"

Xie Xie faltered slightly upon hearing this, and only then did he realize that despite the fearsome bombardment of tribulation lightning, the Yuanen Family manor remained completely undamaged.

"Rumble!" Four-colored light surged into the piece of metal, and a layer of light appeared over its surface. The aura of the fist intent that had been injected into it earlier suddenly spiked drastically, as if it had absorbed the power of laws.

Powerful fist intent surged through the surrounding area as if it were contending with heaven and earth.

All of a sudden, an additional figure appeared beside Yuanen Zhentian; it was none other than Er Ming.

His expression changed several times at the sight of the boxing glove suspended in mid-air, and in the end, he couldn't help but sigh, "The intelligence of humans truly can't be matched by soul beasts. Humans really are blessed by the heavens."

The four-colored light around Tang Wulin and the tribulation clouds in the sky gradually dissipated, and at the same time, all of the light radiating from the piece of metal was withdrawn as it descended into Tang Wulin's grasp.

It had returned to its original black and lusterless appearance, and if it weren't for the fact that it had changed shape, it would appear as if nothing had happened to it at all.

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