Chapter 1567: The Domineering Tang Wulin

"Boom!" Tang Wulin used his Golden Dragon Spear to withstand Yuanen Yehui's fists, and he was forced back another step.

His Golden Dragon Spear tremored violently in the wake of the attack, while Tang Wulin reached out with his right hand again.

The rainbow light reappeared over his palm, and at the same time, the air seemed to warp slightly as an illusionary figure emerged. Even though it hadn't been dragged toward Tang Wulin, the figure had been forced to appear nonetheless.

Right at this moment, Tang Wulin began his retaliation. Countless bolts of dazzling bluish-purple lightning erupted from his body as he unleashed his Blue Emperor Myriad Lightning Hell!

A flurry of resounding thunderclaps as countless bolts of lightning erupted forth, creating a forest of lightning that encompassed virtually the entire drill ground.

Tang Wulin was well aware of what his advantages were. In terms of speed, he couldn't match Xie Xie, but he was the only Titled Douluo in this battle, and he was definitely no ordinary Titled Douluo.

Even though Xie Xie was able to evade most of the lightning by phasing in and out of reality, he was stunned to discover that he was still receiving electric shocks as Tang Wulin's lightning appeared both in the real world and in the other surrounding spaces.

When he phased out of reality, he wasn't actually phasing into another world. There were many spatial cracks in this plane that could be easily found and exploited by his Space Time Dragon martial soul, but Tang Wulin's lightning was infiltrating into these spatial rifts, and this was something that he had never expected.

Right at this moment, golden halos began to spread from beneath Tang Wulin's feet. The halos contained simple Bluesilver Emperor vine patterns, and as they proliferated around him, golden light flashed in Tang Wulin's eyes.

All of a sudden, Xie Xie was struck by an empty feeling, as if something had just been entirely drained from within his body.

At the same time, Tang Wulin thrust his Golden Dragon Spear forward once again, and a series of golden halos appeared out of thin air, encompassing the entire surrounding area.

In the face of this barrage of lightning, Yuanen Yehui had already adopted her Titan Giant Ape true body form. She was using her physical resistance to withstand the lightning, but she was still spasming uncontrollably from the electric shocks.

Right at this moment, the thin and nondescript-looking golden halos gently descended upon her, and Yuanen Yehui suddenly felt as if she had been completely immobilized, both in body and soul.

A bolt of purple lightning suddenly swept through the air, and a howl of pain rang out as Xie Xie flew out of thin air with his entire body illuminated a deep purple color.

Tang Wulin made a grabbing motion with his right hand, and rainbow light instantly surged forth to envelop Xie Xie within it.

In reality, Xie Xie was completely unfit to continue in this battle. He was spasming uncontrollably and frothing at the mouth.

This was the result of being directly struck by Tang Wulin's Lightning God Whip, particularly after all of the elements in his Space Time Dragon had been stripped away.

Tang Wulin swept his right hand through the air, and the golden rings brought the immobilized Yuanen Yehui to his side, while his Golden Dragon Spear vanished into his glabella as a streak of golden light.

Thus concluded the sparring match.

All of the spectators wore different expressions in the wake of the match's conclusion.

In the beginning, Yuanen Yehui and Xie Xie's performance had given them a very pleasant surprise. Their teamwork was impeccable, and both of them possessed powers comparable to a Titled Douluo. It seemed like they were dominating Tang Wulin in the match, so how had they suddenly lost?

It seemed that Tang Wulin hadn't really done anything, and one eruption of power was enough to instantly grant him victory.

Only the most powerful Yuanen Zhentian was able to identify the crux of the matter.

The golden halos faded, and Yuanen Yehui wore a slightly strained expression as she asked, "What was that, Captain? I was struggling with all my power but couldn't free myself."

From the moment that her body was enveloped by the golden halos to the instant that they were withdrawn by Tang Wulin, five whole seconds had passed!

With Tang Wulin's powers, five seconds would've been enough to kill her countless times.

Yuanen Yehui had always known that she wasn't as powerful as Tang Wulin, but she didn't think that the gap was this massive.

She was currently in peak condition, but Tang Wulin's Blue Emperor Myriad Lightning Hell and those golden halos had forcibly controlled her and rendered her completely powerless.

Only after facing Tang Wulin did she truly understand the disparity between them, and the disparity was so large that it barely seemed plausible.

Tang Wulin replied, "This is my most effective control ability, and I've yet to fully master it; its name is Unpredictable Storm."

Indeed, those golden halos stemmed from Tang San's divine technique, Unpredictable Storm.

With the improvements Tang Wulin had made in his overall power and understanding of laws, he was finally able to just barely unleash it.

This was the first time that he had used Unpredictable Storm in a relatively complete form, and even with Yuanen Yehui's powers, it proved to be inescapable.

Xie Xie struggled to his feet and wiped the froth away from his mouth as he turned to Tang Wulin with an indignant expression. "H, how did you do that, Boss? How did you find me? And how was your lightning able to attack me through space?"

Yuanen Zhentian strode over as he appraised Tang Wulin with astonishment in his eyes, and explained, "He was able to do this through his understanding of planar laws."

Tang Wulin's final eruption appeared to be very simple, but his victory had been sealed by his control over the power of laws.

As he was defending himself against Yuanen Yehui and Xie Xie's attacks, he was already drawing upon the surrounding laws, and the power of laws was also what allowed his lightning to infiltrate into the nearby spatial cracks.

The halo that had erupted from beneath his feet was his Bluesilver Golden Light Array, and the power of laws allowed this soul skill to forcibly strip Xie Xie of his light elements, even though he had escaped into a spatial rift.

It could be said that Tang Wulin had won this match with overwhelming power rather than outstanding technique.

His spiritual power was far too immense, and combined with his understanding of laws, Xie Xie and Yuanen Yehui had no chance at all. This was an insurmountable gulf.

Xie Xie and Yuanen Yehui were comparable to normal Titled Douluos, while Tang Wulin was already able to just barely contend with Limit Douluos.

"My eyes have truly been opened!" Yuanen Zhentian praised with bright eyes. Only around a month had passed since their last meeting, yet Tang Wulin had evolved once again and was clearly more powerful than he was back then.

On the previous occasion, he only withstood three punches from Yuanen Zhentian, but that was nothing to be scoffed at as those were direct clashes. In actual battles, it was very rare for such full-frontal clashes to take place. Tang Wulin's spiritual power wasn't inferior to Yuanen Zhentian's by much, so he could definitely contend with Yuanen Zhentian for some time.

"You're far too kind, Senior," Tang Wulin replied with a smile and a nod.

As the Tang Sect Master and Sea God's Pavilion Master, he couldn't act in an overly respectful manner.

Yuanen Zhentian sighed, "You young people are truly extraordinary! Tiandang was already very exceptional, but he still couldn't compare with you at the same age; even Yehui is far more outstanding than her father was back then."

Yuanen Tiandang blushed upon hearing this.

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