Chapter 1564: Yuanen Tiandang

Tang Wulin noticed that among the members of the Yuanen Family in the surrounding area, there were around seven or eight who had projections that were as clear as the one behind Yuanen Yehui, which meant that there were seven or eight Titled Douluos in this family.

In a dimly-lit room, a disheveled and unkempt man stared blankly at the pillar of yellow light outside the window.

His body was already trembling uncontrollably, and tears had welled up in his eyes. Specks of yellow light began to converge behind him, slowly but steadily forming something.

All of a sudden, he let loose a shrill howl, and a resounding boom erupted within his body, as if something had exploded. All of his clothes and the hairs all over his body were instantly reduced to dust, and bright yellow light surged out of his body. The room around him was also instantly razed to the ground as a pillar of yellow light erupted into the heavens.

It wasn't as dense and thick as the light of the guidance in the distance, but it was just as bright.

A massive Titan Giant Ape projection also appeared behind him, and his muscles bulged as he roared over and over again, as if he were trying to vent all of his frustrations and negative emotions.

This commotion naturally drew the attention of everyone around him, and someone exclaimed, "It's Yuanen Tiandang!"

Yuanen Yehui shuddered upon hearing this, and she reflexively cast her gaze toward that direction.

There, the yellow light was becoming brighter and brighter, and the figure within it almost looked as if it had been set alight. Extremely powerful energy fluctuations surged through the air, and as the yellow light brightened, the man's aura was also steadily becoming more powerful.

All of a sudden, a figure emerged from the first pillar of light; it was none other than Er Ming.

A look of surprise and elation appeared on his face as he swept a hand through the air, releasing a rune that landed in the second pillar of yellow light. At the very center of the rune was a translucent drop of blood that was shimmering like a ruby.

The rune vanished into the yellow light, and the pillar of yellow light instantly erupted into a torrential storm of light that illuminated the entire mountain range.

Immediately thereafter, the rain of light converged back to its origin point, where it was quickly absorbed.

A mountainous aura then surged through the entire area, indicating another successful breakthrough to the Limit Douluo level had been made.

Tang Wulin had witnessed the moment that Yali had become a Limit Douluo, so he had no doubt in his mind that this man had become a Limit Douluo with the assistance of Er Ming's blood essence and the light of guidance. Even though he was still only a quasidemigod, he truly had become a Limit Douluo!

The yellow light transformed into a suit of armor that encapsulated his entire body, leaving his completely hairless head and face exposed.

As he experienced the enormous power that had returned to his body, a lost and pained look appeared in his eyes.

Right at this moment, an emotional sob rang out. "Father!"

Immediately thereafter, a figure plunged into his embrace.

That's right, the man who had just become a Limit Douluo was none other than Yuanen Yehui's father, and the former heir to the position of family leader, Yuanen Tiandang.

No one knew why the disabled Yuanen Tiandang had been able to suddenly progress to the Limit Douluo level, but this was definitely fantastic news!

Er Ming descended from the heavens and landed next to Tang Wulin. Due to their close proximity, Tang Wulin could clearly see that his face was slightly pale.

"Are you alright, Uncle Er Ming?"

Er Ming smiled, and replied, "I've never been better, especially mood-wise. This amount of sacrifice is nothing if I can do something for them. I'm going back to rest now. Carefully experience the changes in the power of laws here; this is a rare opportunity."

Indeed, regardless of whether it was the light of guidance or the subsequence Limit Douluo breakthrough, both were extremely rare spectacles.

For those with insufficient cultivation ranks, the changes in the power of laws would only benefit them slightly, but this was immensely beneficial to someone of Tang Wulin's level.

In particular, after Gu Yuena had organized the power of laws within his body, he had developed a far better sense of all types of elemental laws.

Yuanen Tiandang was staring at the young woman in his arms with incredulity in his eyes.

"You, you're Yehui?" Due to the fact that he hadn't spoken in a long time, his voice was quite hoarse, and it was also trembling slightly.

Yuanen Yehui had already reverted back to her original appearance, and she looked up at her father with tear-filled eyes.


"I'm so glad you're back. Wait, no, why did you come back? You shouldn't be here!"

He abruptly grabbed onto his daughter's shoulders before pushing her away.

"Go away! Who told you to come back? Hurry up and get away from here!"

After pushing his daughter away, he also stumbled back a few steps as if he had witnessed something extremely terrifying.


Yuanen Yehui was at a loss for what to do. She didn't think that this would be her father's attitude toward her.

"Rest assured, Uncle, Yehui will be fine. We came back for the purpose of resolving her Fallen Angel martial soul issue, and we've already found a solution," Xie Xie explained as he made his way over to Yuanen Yehui and held onto her hand.

Yuanen Tiandang faltered slightly upon hearing this. "There's a solution?"

Only then did Yuanen Yehui realize that her father was pushing her away because he was afraid that she would meet the same tragic fate as her mother. Tears began to flow from her eyes again as she rushed over to her father and caught him in another tight embrace.

"I'm not going anywhere, Father; I'm going to always stay by your side from now on. I've made you suffer so much because of my immaturity."

Many members of the Yuanen Family had already gathered around them, and the older ones naturally recognized Yuanen Tiandang. Through their conversation, it was made apparent that this young woman was his daughter.

"That's Yuanen Yehui, the girl who inherited the power of demons; is she going to bring disaster to our family again?"

"Why did she come back? Did our family leader capture her and bring her back here?"

"Silence." A voice that was filled with complex emotions rang out.

Everyone looked up to find that the one who had spoken was Yuanen Tianshang.

The crowd parted to reveal a path for Yuanen Tianshang, who slowly made his way forward.

Looking into the soulless eyes of his elder brother, he suddenly felt like something in his body had melted.

After reaching Yuanen Tiandang, Yuanen Tianshang took a deep breath before uttering the words "Big Brother".

Yuanen Tiandang shuddered upon hearing this, yet before he could respond, Yuanen Tianshang suddenly turned around, and declared, "It was my father who invited Yehui back to our family, and we've already found a way to resolve the issue surrounding her martial soul. No one wants to see the same tragedy repeat itself. Yehui is a member of our family, as is my big brother. I, Yuanen Tianshang, am willing to let bygones be bygones and dedicate the rest of my life to working toward the prosperity of our family."

"Brother, I'm so sorry!" Yuanen Tiandang yelled as his emotions spilled over in the form of gushing tears.

Yuanen Tianshang turned around, and there were also tears flowing down his face. "Big Brother, this was never your fault. It's no one's fault; we can only blame fate for its cruelty. I always knew this, but I refused to accept it as pain and resentment had blinded me. You never did anything wrong, yet you were imprisoned for over 10 years. I'm putting everything in the past; you have to do the same, Big Brother. I don't blame you or my sister-in-law anymore. Both of us have lost the loves of our lives, you need to become stronger now, Big Brother; you are the one who must shoulder the responsibility of leading our family in the future."

Yuanen Yehui extricated herself from her father's embrace before falling to her knees and kowtowing toward Yuanen Tiandang and the rest of her family.

Yuanen Tiandang grabbed his brother, and the two engaged in a tight embrace as they bawled into each other's shoulders.

Even though close to 20 years had already passed, that deep-rooted pain from that tragedy had never left their hearts.

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