Chapter 1509: Dragon Emperor Law Restriction!

The surrounding beastly roars abated noticeably, and the giant beasts formed by the dense mist were all dispersed by the golden light.

The dragon's roars resonated with the laws of the Douluo Continent, and Tang Wulin's eyes became extremely bright as golden scales appeared all over his entire body.

All of a sudden, he yelled, "Restrict!"

The surrounding space immediately began to warp violently, and a massive golden dragon's head erupted out of his body, instantly dispersing all of the mist within a 30-meter radius around him.

Li Weisi was struck by a rush of dizziness, and in the face of Tang Wulin's thunderous roar, he was almost unable to control his own crystal ball.

He was then stunned to discover that all of the mist that he had released had turned a radiant golden color without any warning.

"Dragon!" Tang Wulin let loose another resounding roar, and his dragon core thumped violently while his soul core began to vibrate at a high frequency.

His soul power and bloodline power surged forth in a frenzy, and his entire body was beginning to tremble slightly, perhaps due to the fact that he still hadn't fully recovered from his injuries.

However, his heart was full of excitement as uttering those two words had finally brought about that catalyst that he couldn't afford to miss no matter what.

The massive golden dragon's head slowly reared up, and it seemed to have attained a substantial form. A golden scale at the very center of the dragon's forehead suddenly turned a rainbow color that was fluctuating in an indescribable manner.

On the rostrum, Gu Yuena suddenly rose to her feet and instantly arrived before the glass barrier, where she stared intently at the competition platform with bewilderment in her eyes.

"Emperor!" Another explosive cry rang out, but the protective barrier around the competition platform made Tang Wulin's voice completely inaudible to all of the spectators.

As the word "emperor" was uttered, the dense mist suddenly turned an enchanting rainbow color.

In that instant, it was as if the air had completely congealed, and Li Weisi felt as if everything around him had solidified, rendering him completely immobilized.

An overwhelming sense of fear instantly surged through his entire body. Never did he think that his sickly-looking opponent would be capable of releasing such a terrifying aura. Even as a Soul Douluo, he was feeling completely and utterly helpless.

"Shatter!" Yet another deafening roar erupted, and all of the mist instantly dissipated, clearing the entire competition platform. However, the spectators were still unable to see what was happening as all of the light on the entire platform was warped, and everything was concealed within fluctuating rainbow light.

The yellow protective barrier remained completely still, indicating that it hadn't received any impact, and it was as if everything within the barrier were an illusion.

"What's wrong, Na'er?" Qiangu Dongfeng asked in a curious manner.

There didn't seem to be anything remarkable about the energy fluctuations emanating from the competition platform, and the energy released by Tang Wulin was restricted to within the protective barrier, so even Qiangu Dongfeng hadn't been able to detect anything amiss.

"Nothing, it's just that I was drawn into the illusions for an instant. That Li Weisi sure is something!" Gu Yuena replied in a natural voice, but her eyes were filled with astonishment. However, her gaze was being directed outward, so Qiangu Dongfeng didn't manage to see her expression.

 "It's just an illusion. Once your spiritual power reaches a certain level, you'll be completely immune to such illusions. His illusions primarily rely on the use of water, fire, and wind elements, so if you were facing him in battle, he most likely wouldn't even be able to conjure up any illusions at all," Qiangu Dongfeng analyzed.

At this moment, Li Weisi felt as if his soul had left his body.

In the instant that the word "shatter" was uttered, his crystal ball had exploded, as had his soul core. What was even more terrifying was that everything that had exploded had instantly erupted out of his body.

He was struck by an overwhelming sense of feebleness that made even standing a difficult task. The spectators couldn't see anything, but he could see that Tang Wulin was standing before him like a god.

His right hand was completely covered in golden scales that were reflecting rainbow light, and it appeared to only be a dragon's claw, but in the eyes of Li Weisi, the claw was like a rainbow-edged black hole capable of grasping the entire world.

Li Weisi's body began to slowly move toward the black hole in an uncontrollable manner, and the intense horror in his heart made him want to scream for help, but he was unable to utter so much as a single sound.

Everything around him was twisted and warped, and his opponent was like an invincible deity.

Just as Li Weisi thought that his own death was inevitable, the twisted space suddenly shuddered, and everything returned to normal.

Li Weisi fell flat onto the ground with a dull thump, and he was gasping for air like a fish out of water.

All of a sudden, Tang Wulin threw up a mouthful of blood, and his body swayed slightly before he managed to just barely steady himself.

His face had become even paler, and the dragon claw, dragon scales, and dragon's head had all vanished, as had the sense that the entire world was about to be torn apart.

"Wh, what happened?" As a commentator, it was very unprofessional for Ai Fei to say something like this, but there was simply nothing else to be said.

 Indeed, what had happened? He had no idea!

First came the dense mist, then the mist changed color, then the mist disappeared, only to be replaced by a veil of warped light. After that, everything ended. One lay sprawled out on the ground, while the other was throwing up blood.

The entire process had only lasted several minutes.

Where was the spectacular clash? Where were the resplendent displays of power?

Not only was he disappointed, the spectators also felt this to be a huge letdown. 

It was beyond doubt at this point that Tang Wulin had won, but how had he won? He was clearly in very bad condition, so this had to have been an evenly-matched clash, right? Otherwise, how had this outcome been reached?

Everyone had bought tickets to see an exciting battle, but they ended up seeing nothing!

The entire spectator stands instantly erupted into uproar, and many of the spectators were loudly expressing their displeasure.

The judge strode onto the stage and approached Li Weisi first, only to find that Li Weisi seemed to have become a soulless husk. He then turned his gaze toward Tang Wulin, who gave him a hand signal indicating that he was alright.

Thus, it became a simple matter to adjudge the outcome.

"Number 66 Yu Longyue wins!"

Tang Wulin strode over to Li Weisi and helped him up from the ground, then patted him on the shoulder in a seemingly friendly gesture, but at the same time, his voice rang out within Li Weisi's mind. "You saw nothing, and you know nothing. Your soul core will reform itself in seven days, and nothing will be different, understood?"

Li Weisi shuddered in response, and only then did he return to his senses. His eyes were filled with astonishment as he cast his gaze toward Tang Wulin, and he replied with a respectful nod, "I, I understand."

Tang Wulin gave him a faint smile, then departed in a feeble manner.

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