Chapter 1488: Blue Emperor Myriad Lightning Hell

In the past, he would've been astonished by this, but following his ordeal in the Myriad Beast Plane, he could sense that this type of summoning had something to do with the Myriad Beast Plane. Soul beasts hadn't actually gone extinct. 

At the very least, a small portion of them resided in the Myriad Beast Plane, and there was no lack of powerful beings among them. If all of these soul beasts were being raised by the Spirit Pagoda in the enclosure that was the Myriad Beast Plane, then the Spirit Pagoda would truly be a terrifying organization.

Three streaks of light flashed, and the first three giant wolves instantly fused into the formation as streaks of black light. 

Immediately thereafter, a massive wolf that was over 10 meters in length emerged from the formation amid a thunderous roar.

This wolf's fur was also inky-black, but each and every strand of it gave off a crystalline appearance. It crouched down slightly, and an incredibly powerful aura immediately erupted from his body. A series of black halos proliferated outward from beneath its paws, leaving a series of demonic patterns on the ground.

This was a domain! A 100,000-year-old Wolf Emperor that possessed a domain was undoubtedly going to be more powerful than a normal 100,000-year-old soul beast.

The entire competition platform only had side lengths of 100 meters, so the emergence of such a gigantic wolf instantly made the available space on the platform very limited, leaving not much room for evasion.

Could it be that another Titled Douluo was going to be upset? All of the spectators looked on in a flabbergasted manner. In their eyes, the proud display being put on by Yu Longyue was one of unfounded arrogance.

What the hell was he doing? Did he have a death wish?

Ao Wuchang was standing above the Wolf Emperor's head with his eight inky-black soul rings shimmering around him, giving him an invincible, overbearing appearance. He looked down at Tang Wulin with a smug look in his eyes, and he was finally going to make Tang Wulin pay for his arrogance!

"Howl!" The Wolf Emperor howled, and all of its fur stood up on end like a series of black crystalline spears, following which it pounced directly toward Tang Wulin.

The attack was very simple, but due to the restricted area, there wasn't much space for Tang Wulin to take evasive measures.

The black domain beneath the Wolf Emperor's paws quickly spread, and a series of inky-black runes rose up from within it.

The Wolf Emperor's domain was known as Haunting of Vengeful Spirits! All of the living beings slain by the Wolf Emperor would become a part of its domain, and they would rise up as vengeful spirits to attack the Wolf Emperor's enemies while also enhancing its powers at the same time.

Right at this moment, Tang Wulin suddenly let loose a thunderous dragon's roar, and arcs of blue lightning began to appear over his body, forming a bluish-golden light barrier.

The Wolf Emperor clearly faltered momentarily in mid-air, and what was even more peculiar was that as soon as the lightning appeared, the Wolf Emperor's domain parted as if it had been struck by an invisible force.

Tang Wulin stepped forward with his left foot, then launched his right fist forward.

Lightning coursed over his arm, following which bolts of lightning erupted out of his body in a frenzy.

Each and every bolt of lightning was like a ferocious giant python, and the vengeful spirits that didn't have enough time to evade were all instantly destroyed amid bloodcurdling cries.

"Boom, boom, boom, boom, boom..."

Lightning filled the entire platform right before the astonished eyes of all of the spectators. That's right, the entirety of the competition platform had been instantly filled with lightning, and even the powerful protective barrier around it seemed to be on the verge of collapse.

Ao Wuchang and the Wolf Emperor had been completely inundated in the terrifying world of lightning, making it impossible for the spectators to see them.

Even the other nine competition platforms were illuminated by the scintillating lightning, and all of the competing participants couldn't help but turn their attention toward the spectacle.

Good heavens! What was going on over there?

On the rostrum, Qiangu Zhangting's calm facade was instantly shattered, and he abruptly rose to his feet as an astonished look appeared on his face.

With side lengths of 100 meters, the competition platform had an area of 10,000 square meters, yet all of it had been filled with lightning without even the slightest gap to be seen.

Just a moment ago, he had thought that he would be watching an upset victory, but now, there were chills running down his spine. Yu Longyue appeared to be very arrogant, but it seemed that he had what it took to back up his own arrogance!

This was a truly incredible display of power. How much soul power would it require to unleash an attack that covered such a large area? Would the Wolf Emperor be able to withstand such an attack?

The lightning gradually subsided, and as everything became clearer, the spectators discovered that the Wolf Emperor was still alive and well.

However, their expressions quickly changed drastically as they discovered that the Wolf Emperor had slumped down onto the ground.

There was still someone standing on its back, but it was now Tang Wulin instead of Ao Wuchang.

Ao Wuchang was laying on the wolf's head, spasming uncontrollably. His entire body was completely charred black and unrecognizable at this point, and the Wolf Emperor was also trembling uncontrollably with its front paws covering its own head.

The overbearing Wolf Emperor was being made to look like a cowardly dog, and it was truly an indescribable sight.

All of the spectators were completely flabbergasted, but Tang Wulin merely stood with his hands clasped behind his back as if nothing had ever happened.

After that, he casually strolled off the Wolf Emperor's back before departing from the competition platform, and his victory was declared.

During the match, the foreplay had lasted far longer than the climax ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°), and Ao Wuchang had been made to look like a complete clown. Yu Longyue had allowed him to take all of the preparatory measures that he pleased, only to crush him like an ant in the end.

Gu Yuena turned to the stunned Qiangu Zhangting, and asked, "Do you still think he'll be an easy opponent now? It looks like he's mastered the true meaning of lightning as opposed to pursuing the path of a second Holy Radiant Dragon awakening. Lightning is the embodiment of righteous energy, so it's no surprise that it was able to nullify the Haunting of Vengeful Spirits, but for him to crush the Wolf Emperor with a large-scale soul skill indicates that his lightning is extremely powerful."

Qiangu Zhangting nodded in response. He was not some unintelligent buffoon who had nothing but power, and he knew that he had to take this Yu Longyue more seriously.

"I'll examine the data to see just how powerful that soul skill was," Qiangu Zhangting said before hurriedly departing.

Gu Yuena cast her gaze out toward the sports stadium again, but her large, beautiful eyes had already become glazed over and unfocused.

Tang Wulin reviewed the match in his mind as he left the competition platform.

Ao Wuchang's loss had naturally been sealed from the very beginning. With Tang Wulin's power, even the average Hyper Douluo may not be a match for him, let alone a mere Soul Douluo.

As for the Wolf Emperor, it was indeed a 100,000-year-old soul beast, but Wolf Emperors were quite ordinary among 100,000-year-old soul beasts, and its domain had been completely dominated by Tang Wulin's Infernal Lightning Vine.

On top of that, Tang Wulin had unleashed that roar to release his dragon's might, and the Wolf Emperor had already been severely intimidated by his Golden Dragon King bloodline aura; it had only survived as Tang Wulin had held back in his Blue Emperor Myriad Lightning Hell.

After clashing with the Titan Giant Ape and Sky Azure Bull Python, he seemed to have attained a deeper level of understanding of lightning, thereby allowing him to use the Infernal Lightning Vine's power more effectively. Of course, there was still room for improvement. Tang Wulin had already ironed out all of the abilities that he currently possessed; the most important thing for him now was to continue to integrate them.

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