Chapter 1482: You Shouldn't Have Come Here

This black mecha had decent physical resistance, but it was still pushed slightly beyond its limits during the execution of the Gu Yuena Lightning Triangular Circuit. If he had been using his own black mecha, then such an issue wouldn't have occurred.

"Clap, clap, clap!" The sound of applause rang out, and Tang Wulin was given a standing ovation by Li Zheping, as well as all of the workers present. 

All of them were avid mecha enthusiasts, and their hearts were filled with astonishment and excitement after witnessing such a miraculous feat.

"That was incredible, Your Majesty! Your mecha piloting proficiency is truly extraordinary. From this day forth, the Gu Yuena Lightning Triangular Circuit will be recorded in history. Please allow me to confirm one final time that this is still the name you would like to use."

"It is," Tang Wulin verified without any hesitation.


After completing a series of signatures and registrations, Tang Wulin was given a certificate of authority, as well as an eighth-grade mecha pilot certificate.

This was one of the benefits of being so powerful; if he weren't a Titled Douluo, there was no way that he would've received an eighth-grade mecha pilot certificate so easily.

Li Zheping insisted on inviting Tang Wulin to a meal, but Tang Wulin had no intention of wasting any more time here. After placating Li Zheping by agreeing to visit the mecha pilot association whenever he had some spare time in the future, he quickly departed.

After returning to the blacksmith association, Tang Wulin returned to his own room and made a few calls using his soul communicator.

In his mind, the visit to the mecha pilot association was completely inconsequential compared to his discovery of the Myriad Beast Plane.

With the Myriad Beast Plane under its control, the Spirit Pagoda would be able to garner even more support from Soul Masters, and it would be very difficult for the Tang Sect and Shrek Academy to match its influence in the future. After all, Soul Masters were still the most revered beings on all three continents, and this had always been the case.

This joust for a spouse event was far more complicated than he had expected, and through it, the Spirit Pagoda was achieving its objectives one after another. Even if Shrek Academy and the Tang Sect had been still at the height of their powers, they would be powerless to stop this ploy.

Anyone who opposed the development of the Myriad Beast Plane was essentially opposing the entire Soul Master world, and that was the most damning thing about this situation.

If he wanted to address the conundrum, then he would have to investigate the Myriad Beast Plane, but that certainly wasn't going to be an easy task.

In any case, he had to think of a way to enter the Myriad Beast Plane again.

Right at this moment, he suddenly sensed something and abruptly turned around. "Who's there?"

"Your senses have become far sharper than before." A gentle voice rang out, and a figure also began to shake before him amid a flash of silver light.

She had a head of long silver hair, and her large purple eyes were as translucent as ever. The entire world seemed to dim around her, and Tang Wulin immediately rushed toward her as he exclaimed, "Gu Yue!"

Never did he think that Gu Yue would come to find him, and he had only been able to see her in the promotional footage released by the Spirit Pagoda. Now that the Silver Dragon Princess was right before his eyes, how could he hold back his emotions any longer?

Gu Yuena raised a hand to conjure up a silver light barrier that stopped Tang Wulin cold in his tracks.

The two of them looked into each other's eyes with the light barrier between them, and a hint of panic flashed through Gu Yuena's eyes at the sight of Tang Wulin's scorching gaze.

"You shouldn't have come here."

"Why?" Tang Wulin was asking Gu Yuena two questions at once: "why shouldn't I have come here?" and "why won't you let me get close to you?".

Gu Yuena replied, "Can't you see that this is a trap? They've already learned that we were close back at the academy, and that's why they organized this joust for a spouse event."

"So what? I can't come here just because it's a trap? I'm supposed to just watch as other men fight over you?"

Gu Yuena said, "You are the Tang Sect Master; you represent far more than just yourself and have many more responsibilities on your shoulders."

Tang Wulin replied, "I do indeed have many responsibilities, but you are the most important out of all of them. If I can't even protect you, then what's the point of continuing to cultivate and become more powerful? I haven't reached the true pinnacle of this world yet, but can't we face whatever problems you have together? Are you still unwilling to tell me exactly what it is that's been troubling you all this time?"

Gu Yuena was at a slight loss as she looked into Tang Wulin's scorching eyes. This was the first time Tang Wulin had ever been so intense and aggressive toward her, and it was both familiar yet also quite alien to her.

The two of them continued to look into each other's eyes, and Gu Yuena simply didn't know what to say.

All of a sudden, Tang Wulin took a step forward and forced himself into the silver light barrier that stood in his way, and Gu Yuena reflexively took a step backward in response.

Tang Wulin took another determined step forward, yet he didn't release any soul power as he was confident that Gu Yuena wouldn't hurt him.

Gu Yuena heaved a faint sigh as the silver light barrier faded, and she was instantly enveloped in a scorching embrace.

Tang Wulin held her with all his might, as if he were trying to fuse their bodies together, and Gu Yuena closed her eyes with a complex look on her face.

Nothing could compare with the feeling of being embraced by him.

What had she done to deserve this! Gu Yuena heaved an internal sigh, and tears began to well up in her eyes. Regardless of how strong she appeared before others, she couldn't maintain her facade in his presence.

She returned his tight embrace, and much to Tang Wulin's surprise, she was holding him with more power than he was holding her!

In this instant, he could sense that beneath her cold facade, Gu Yuena's emotional fluctuations were as violent as a volcanic eruption.

Just as he was about to say something, her voice rang out once again. "You can only truly be happy if you forget me."

Immediately thereafter, she disintegrated into specks of silver light within his embrace.

"Gu Yue!" Tang Wulin yelled as he tried to grab onto her, but his efforts proved to be completely futile.

He stared at the spot where she had been standing just a moment ago, and his aura began to fluctuate violently. His ability to think clearly and objectively had been completely thrown out the window.

From what she had said and the reaction she had displayed toward him, it was clear that she couldn't resist him, but she was trying to resist with all her might.

And what did she mean with that parting sentence?

After a while, Tang Wulin was able to regulate his own breathing and slowly calm down again.

She still wasn't willing to tell him what she was facing, so it had to be something extremely complicated. In any case, happiness was something that one had to fight for and strive toward, so he definitely wasn't going to allow Gu Yue to get away.

As his hands balled up into tight fists, a determined look appeared in his eyes.

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