Chapter 1436: Godly Power

This was true destructive power that incorporated both space and time.

A look of astonishment appeared on Di Tian's face. This really was the power of a god! He could sense that Tang Wulin was only able to wield a very small amount of this power, but during their clash, the passage of time around him was rapidly accelerating. He had only just barely managed to transcend his last heavenly tribulation, and he had been using the life force energy within the spring of life to preserve his own life force, as well as to compress time as much as possible so he didn't continue to age. However, in the face of this Millennium White Clouds, he could clearly sense the rapid passage of time. If things were to continue like this, he was most likely going to have to face his next heavenly tribulation earlier than expected!

A soul beast became a Great Beast after reaching 100,000 years of age, but Great Beasts weren't immortal; they had to face a major heavenly tribulation once every 100,000 years. If they could survive the heavenly tribulation, then they would be able to live for another 100,000 years.

For soul beasts, their supposed "age" was actually directly related to their level of power. It was quite often the case that a soul beast didn't actually have to live for a certain number of years to attain that corresponding level of power.

For example, It would often take an Infernal Lightning Vine only 10,000 to 20,000 years to reach the 100,000-year level.

As such, Di Tian naturally wasn't actually 800,000 years old. As the Gold-eyed Black Dragon King, his growth had been extremely rapid during its initial stages, and he had reached the 100,000-year level after cultivating for less than 10,000 years. After cultivating for 30,000 years, he experienced his first heavenly tribulation, and since then, he had experienced many more heavenly tribulations. He was constantly evolving during this process, but his body was also aging.

He knew that if he couldn't become a god, then there was no way he would be able to transcend his next heavenly tribulation.

The million-year mark was a major hurdle for all of the most powerful soul beasts, and all of the soul beasts in history that managed to reach that point had all stood at the very pinnacle of the soul beast world at some point. It was often the case that they had only been able to achieve that level of power after receiving a massive amount of external assistance.

For example, Spirit Ice Douluo Huo Yuhao's first soul spirit, the Skydream Ice Worm, was only able to reach the 1,000,000-year level by hibernating for 1,000,000 years in Myriad Year Profound Ice. It possessed no offensive abilities, and all of the soul skills it bestowed upon Huo Yuhao were geared toward assistance.

However, its existence coupled with its vast wealth of knowledge and experience had helped the Spirit Ice Douluo develop in his journey to become a god, and also allowed him to create the soul spirit system, thereby completely transforming the world of Soul Masters.

Unfortunately, Di Tian wouldn't be able to replicate this. He possessed an extremely powerful bloodline, and because of this, the heavenly tribulations that he had to face were far more formidable. The fact that he was able to come this far was already a testament to his powers, and he was certainly worthy of the title of Beast God.

Judging by the current rate at which his body was aging, he would have to face his next major heavenly tribulation in about 30,000 years. However, during his brief clash against Millennium White Clouds, his aging had accelerated drastically, and even the seal that he had placed on his own body to arrest the passage of his life force had been damaged.

Tang Wulin had been developing at an incredible rate, but his powers were still far inferior to those of Di Tian. However, his Millennium White Clouds had had a very damning effect on Di Tian.

En Ci had also faced Millennium White Clouds in the past, and he had conceded precisely because he had been in fear of the effect that the attack would have on his body. In contrast, Tang Wulin's Millennium White Clouds was far more mature now, and he was using the Sea God's Trident rather than the Golden Dragon Spear!

The Golden Dragon Spear was also a divine weapon, but it was a part of the Golden Dragon King's body as opposed to a part of the Dragon God's body. As such, it was actually slightly inferior even to the Dragonslaying Saber.

In comparison, this golden trident was the primary weapon of the Sea God, who was a first-rank god of the Divine Realm. The godseat had been inherited by Tang San, who then went on to become one of the five godly monarchs of the Divine Realm. The Sea God's Trident had been with him for countless years, and it had constantly been evolving alongside him, so its power naturally far surpassed that of the Golden Dragon Spear.

On top of that, Millennium White Clouds was a soul skill that was meant to be used with the Sea God's Trident in the first place!

This was why Di Tian was suffering so severely in the face of this attack.

However, Tang Wulin wasn't Tang San, so there was no way that he could unleash the full power of the golden trident. The aura of Millennium White Clouds was gradually fading, but the black hole was only expanding in size.

In his fit of fury, Di Tian had unleashed the full extent of his power, and despair seemed to be setting in.

Even the other Great Beasts had all retreated far away in fear of being caught up in the clash.

However, Tang Wulin was completely calm and collected. He knew that the power of his father would step in when his life was truly under threat. In this dire situation, he could only rely on his father's power to save himself and his friends.

Even so, his heart was filled with reluctance as he knew that before he attained the power to go and search for his father, he would only have three opportunities to see his father. He had already used up one of those opportunities when fusing with the Infernal Lightning Vine, and after this, he would only have one opportunity left.

He was beginning to miss the days when Old Tang was still around. At the very least, Old Tang was a projection of his father, whom he could regularly see and turn to for guidance.

In the face of the terrifying devouring power, everyone behind Tang Wulin was also releasing all of their power to help him weather the storm. However, the Beast God was simply too powerful.

Right at this moment, the golden trident suddenly began to glow with bright golden light.

"Father, is that you?" Tang Wulin asked in his heart. Tears of emotion had already welled up in his eyes, and this feeling of being protected had completely warmed his heart.

However, in the next instant, he discovered that something was amiss.

His father's familiar aura didn't appear. Instead, his body was enveloped within the golden light released by the Sea God's Trident. The golden light then exploded, destroying the black hole up ahead, and Tang Wulin completely blacked out amid a rush of dizziness.

From the perspective of everyone else, Di Tian's attack was nullified by a flash of golden light, which then disappeared along with Tang Wulin. The Sea God's Trident then rose up into the air as a streak of golden light before vanishing into thin air in the blink of an eye.

Fearsome energy fluctuations surged forth in all directions, and everyone present was completely rooted to the spot.

How had Tang Wulin managed to pull off a disappearing act in the face of Di Tian's devastating attack?

Di Tian himself was also completely flabbergasted. How was this possible? That power just now seemed to have been released by the divine weapon itself. Tang Wulin clearly didn't possess the ability to unleash this power, so was this a result of the divine weapon trying to protect its wielder.

If that were the case, then how exactly was that divine weapon related to Tang Wulin?

"Roar!" A rumbling roar of fury rang out as Bear Lord swept his sharp claws directly toward Shrek's Six Monsters and Sima Jinchi.

"That's enough!" An authoritative voice abruptly rang out, and a spatial rift appeared, from within which a giant claw emerged.

The claw had a diameter of over 100 meters, and it completely dwarfed even Bear Lord's massive frame.

Bear Lord's Duskgold Dreadclaws were intercepted, and he was hurled viciously through the air.

Immediately thereafter, silver light shone down upon Shrek's Six Monsters and Sima Jinchi from the giant claw, and they also instantly vanished.

Di Tian immediately returned to his senses before hurriedly extending a respectful bow. "My Lord!"

Myriad Demon King and Zi Ji also followed suit. All of them were filled with astonishment as they could sense through this claw that their lord had returned; she had returned to the height of her powers, comparable to back when she had first emerged from her underground slumber, and there was no longer any residual feebleness from her transformation into a human.

Silver light flashed, and the giant claw transformed into a humanoid figure.

She had her hands clasped behind her back, and her entire body was enveloped within a layer of silver light. "It seems that none of you have ever taken me seriously."

Di Tian immediately fell to one knee. "We wouldn't dare, my Lord!"

"Really? Then how do you explain what just happened?" the silver figure asked in a cold voice.

She had actually been appraising the battle this entire time, but had only stepped in following Tang Wulin's abrupt disappearance, which had placed Shrek's Six Monsters in an extremely perilous situation.

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