Chapter 1435: Golden Trident

Yuanen Yehui said in a serious voice, "Xinglan is right. You are indispensable to Shrek Academy and the Tang Sect, so you have to live on."

Tang Wulin shook his head in response. "We came together, and we're leaving together. Di Tian, you are truly very powerful; too powerful for us to contend with, but you're still not a god. I'll have to sacrifice something of the utmost importance to me, but for the sake of my friends, the Tang Sect, and Shrek Academy, I'll show you the power of a god!"

The power of a god?

The four Great Beasts all faltered slightly upon hearing this. Tang Wulin was only a puny human, yet he dared to proclaim that he possessed the power of a god? In contrast, all of Tang Wulin's friends were struck by a sense of hope upon hearing this. Xie Xie had witnessed the miracle that Tang Wulin had created in person. In particular, that golden trident had left him with a very deep impression.

A faint trace of golden light surfaced on Tang Wulin's forehead, and he fully immersed himself into his own mind.

The giant golden trident hovered high up in the air in his mind, and even just by observing it, he could clearly sense that his own energy was being rapidly absorbed by it. He was injecting energy into the trident using his soul core, dragon core, and spiritual power, but all of that was being devoured at a terrifying rate, as if the golden trident were a bottomless pit.

Di Tian was the first one to sense that something was amiss. After Tang Wulin closed his eyes, a peculiar golden symbol had appeared on his forehead. This was a shimmering golden trident, and it radiated dazzling light. At the same time, an indescribable sense of gravity and oppression appeared.

Di Tian was a powerful being who stood at the very pinnacle of the continent, yet even he was being struck by such an immense sense of pressure; could it be that this was truly the power of a god? But how was a puny human like him able to draw upon the power of a god?

Right at this moment, Tang Wulin reopened his eyes, which had already turned as blue as the sea, and they seemed to have infinite depth, just like the boundless nature of the ocean.

A burst of invisible pressure also began to emanate from Tang Wulin's body, and he stepped forward with his left foot while raising his right hand, and a streak of golden light suddenly shot forth into his grasp from his forehead.

The dazzling golden light was like a miniature sun, and everyone present couldn't help but close their eyes.

Di Tian could clearly sense that a peerlessly authoritative aura was sweeping toward him, and the terrifying pressure was of the same caliber as the fearsome aura of the Dragon God, but at the same time, he could sense that this wasn't the Dragon God's power.

Only Tang Wulin himself, who was holding the golden trident, could experience exactly how powerful it was.

He was only just barely able to raise the enormous trident while straining every single muscle and sinew within his body, and the crystal at the very center of the trident was none other than the Vast Sea Cosmic Crystal.

The prongs of the tridents were as smooth as mirrors, and the golden blade projections it was releasing seemed to be threatening to cause the entire surrounding space to collapse.

Tang Wulin could still clearly recall how easily his father had been able to wield the trident; it was as if the trident had been an extension of his body. However, in his hands, the trident felt as heavy as a mountain.

He took a deep breath and poured his energy into the golden trident without any reservation. He knew that he would most likely only be able to unleash a single attack with this incredibly powerful divine weapon.

It wasn't that he didn't want to use one of the two remaining life-saving opportunities his father had left to him; he simply didn't have autonomous control over that!

From the prior clashes, it was quite clear that even the Dragonslaying Saber couldn't pose any threat to Di Tian in Tang Wulin's hands, so he knew that this golden trident was most likely their only hope for survival. Only the power of a true divine weapon could pose a threat to the mighty Beast God.

Piercing golden light erupted forth in all directions, and the black rifts began to appear in the surrounding space, indicating that it was on the verge of collapse.

Even the domain that Di Tian had released was beginning to tremor and strain.

"Could it be?" Di Tian's heart jolted with shock as he identified the weapon in Tang Wulin's hands.

A peculiar voice rang out from Tang Wulin's mouth, resembling both a chant, but also errant mumbling.

"Millennium White Clouds!"

Layers of golden light erupted from his body, and gentle clouds and mist drifted around him, giving off an ethereal appearance. What was even more peculiar was that as the clouds and mist emerged, everything around Tang Wulin began to change. His friends seemed to have suddenly vanished, and the surrounding space began to twist and warp.

Eternal change; that was the true meaning of time.

Countless clouds and mist spread through the entire surrounding space, and the golden trident in Tang Wulin's hands began to release a peculiar type of fluctuations that went against the laws of heaven and earth.

Di Tian's brows furrowed tightly as he stepped forward and finally initiated an attack for the first time. His attack was very simple: it was a straight punch.

As his fist was thrust through the air, a giant black hole appeared up ahead, devouring everything in its wake. The spatial rifts created by the power of the golden trident were instantly devoured by this black hole to further bolster it, following which the black hole began to compress and fold in on itself in a frenzy.

He had cultivated arduously for hundreds of thousands of years, and no human could compare with his control over space and time. As such, upon sensing that something was amiss, he naturally immediately unleashed his power.

White clouds blossomed as time passed by like flowing water.

Meanwhile, the fearsome black hole seemed to be capable of devouring this entire world.

The two bursts of incredible power instantly clashed, and extremely formidable energy fluctuations erupted forth in all directions. An indescribably powerful aura erupted forth, and the laws of space and time intertwined at the focal point of their clash.

It wasn't that Tang Wulin didn't want to use the most powerful Unpredictable Storm; he simply wasn't capable of unleashing such a powerful attack.

His spiritual domain was Time Reversal, and he had been cultivating Millennium White Clouds for a longer time, so he naturally had far superior mastery of this attack.

However, only when he truly held the golden trident in his hand did he discover that he was still nowhere near achieving full mastery and control.

The golden trident was far too heavy; it most likely weighed over 50 tons, and he was only just barely able to wield it. What was even more damning was that the golden trident was constantly devouring everything that comprised his very being. Regardless of whether it was his spiritual power, soul power, and energy, or his blood, flesh, and bones, all of it seemed to have been fused as one by the trident.

As such, as Tang Wulin unleashed his Millennium White Clouds, his body was already on the brink of falling apart even before he had managed to do anything to his opponent.

Was this the power of a true divine weapon? He most likely wouldn't be able to truly wield such a fearsome weapon even after becoming a Limit Douluo!

Why exactly had his father bestowed upon him a divine weapon that he couldn't even use?

Even as all of these thoughts flashed through Tang Wulin's mind, he was able to clearly experience his clash with Di Tian.

Di Tian truly lived up to his title as a soul beast who was the closest to ascending to godhood; his mastery of spatial power had already reached an unfathomable level.

Time and space clashed, creating a devastating vortex of space and time that rose up into the heavens like a tornado. The protective barrier set up in the air by the Spirit Pagoda was torn apart with ease, and a golden tornado appeared high up in the air. As soon as the clouds and wind came into contact with this golden tornado, they were instantly erased from existence.

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