Chapter 1433: Rise Up, Shrek’s Seven Monsters!

She had once sensed Tang Wulin's Golden Dragon King aura in the past, but that couldn't even begin to compare with what it currently was. Just as Di Tian had said, they definitely couldn't allow him to continue to develop. Otherwise, he would grow to become a major threat. Once his Golden Dragon King bloodline completely awakened, he would be able to contend with even their lord!

She adjusted the power of darkness within her body to forcibly settle her trembling bloodline, then continued in her attack.

However, right at this moment, a burly man suddenly appeared before her. He was wearing a suit of golden armor, and he resembled a mighty god of war.

As he raised the giant saber in his hand, Zi Ji was suddenly struck by a sense of disorientation. It was as if she had adopted her Demonic Infernal Dragon Monarch form, and there were countless spectating dragons as a voice rang out with boundless authority. "All dragons must subject to my judgment!"

A sense of extreme horror immediately overwhelmed her, and she let loose a cry of alarm as she instantly shot back in panic. A burst of powerful purple light erupted from her body, making her resemble a miniature purple sun as she bulldozed through the undergrowth behind her.

In the face of the purple light, all plants quickly withered away before disintegrating within the darkness.

Sima Jinchi held his Dragonslaying Saber, yet instead of pursuing Zi Ji, he slashed the saber through the air with devastating might, and his target was none other than Bear Lord's Duskgold Dreadclaw attacks.

His true body was the Dragonslaying Saber, so in a sense, he and Tang Wulin had a spiritual connection, which allowed Tang Wulin to directly instruct him in battle.

After forcing the Demonic Infernal Dragon Monarch into retreat, Sima Jinchi turned to attack his actual target, which was Bear Lord. At this point, everyone else had also sprung into action.

Streaks of dazzling starlight descended from the heavens, and all of them were falling down upon Bear Lord. At the same time, the surrounding darkness suddenly brightened, and within the dim world, a series of bright stars appeared, forming a star disc that revolved up above, striking the four Great Beasts with a sense of dizziness.

Myriad Demon King's attacks were instantly reversed and shot forth in all directions, while the starlight basked Bear Lord in a layer of golden light, instantly immobilizing him on the spot.

This was Xu Xiaoyan's three-word battle armor domain, Revolving Heaven and Stars! It was a domain with ultra-powerful control abilities.

"Clang!" It was also right at this moment that the Dragonslaying Saber crashed into Bear Lord's attack.

Without the Revolving Heaven and Stars, Sima Jinchi would've most likely been forced onto the back foot by that attack, but under the effects of Revolving Heaven and Stars and Dazzling Starlight, most of Bear Lord's offensive power was nullified, and he was immobilized on the spot.

In the starry sky up above, a particularly dazzling speck of starlight suddenly descended directly toward Myriad Demon King's head.

Myriad Demon King looked up reflexively, upon which he was immediately struck by an indescribable sense of sharpness that reached him in a flash.

This was a combination between Revolving Heaven and Stars and the Stargod Sword!

Even though this wasn't a soul fusion skill, it was a martial soul combination skill between Ye Xinglan and Xu Xiaoyan, and it was made possible due to their common affinity with starlight.

Ye Xinglan had already achieved an elementary level of understanding of sword essence, and after becoming a Soul Douluo and fusing with a 100,000-year-old soul spirit, her powers had spiked significantly. Her three-word battle armor domain was very simple; it was known as the Sharp Star domain, and it was peerlessly sharp!

The combination of the Sharp Star and Revolving Heaven and Stars domains had culminated in this Revolving Heaven and Stars Stargod Sword attack!

However, Myriad Demon King was a Limit Douluo level powerful being, so he certainly wasn't going to be crushed by a single attack. The air around him suddenly became extremely viscous, and Ye Xinglan felt as if countless eyes had suddenly appeared around her. All of these eyes were releasing unsettling light that shone down upon her to nullify her power, and her peerlessly sharp attack had been reduced to something that was completely feeble and powerless.

Everything had become so sluggish, and all she could do was look on as these beams of light shone onto her body.

This was Myriad Demon King's Instant Eternity domain! His spiritual power was also at the Spirit Domain realm, so he naturally also had a spiritual domain.

Instant Eternity was a domain that only took effect for an instant, but the target would feel as if an extremely long time had passed by. During this lengthy period of perceived time, Myriad Demon King would be able to unleash many attacks.

Ye Xinglan was very powerful, but her domain was being completely dominated by that of Myriad Demon King. Just as she was about to perish in the face of the beams of demonic light, the surrounding area suddenly cleared, and everything returned to a second ago, before Myriad Demon King had unleashed his Instant Eternity domain, but Ye Xinglan's sword had already reached him.

"What?!" Myriad Demon King was astounded by this sudden development.

The sword struck his body, but it merely slid off to the side, and Ye Xinglan felt as if she had struck a piece of resolute dead wood.

Indeed, an inky-black piece of wood had taken Myriad Demon King's place, and in the next instant, he appeared several dozens of meters away, staring at Tang Wulin with an astonished expression.

Just as his domain had suppressed Ye Xinglan's Sharp Star domain, his domain had also been suppressed by Tang Wulin's Time Reversal domain.

Tang Wulin's control over his own domain was impeccable, as evidenced by the fact that it had only affected Myriad Demon King while sparing Ye Xinglan.

Right at this moment, a change took place on the battlefield.

Ye Xinglan was the only one attacking Myriad Demon King, yet as soon as the Revolving Heaven and Stars domain was unleashed, everyone sprang into action.

Revolving Heaven and Stars didn't just transfer energy; it was also capable of transferring objects, such as people.

Yue Zhengyu appeared in the air behind Bear Lord almost instantaneously, then spread open his four wings as holy angelic light erupted from his body.

In his Holy Angel True Body form, his Light of Judgment was significantly enhanced, and it instantly shone down upon Bear Lord as Yue Zhengyu slashed his holy sword through the air. This was his eighth soul skill, Scorching God Sealing Strike!

The string of attacks he had unleashed was completely smooth with flawless transitions, and Yue Zhengyu had unleashed the full extent of his offensive power from the get-go.

Bear Lord was a top-tier Great Beast with incredible defensive prowess, but even he was sent flying as a reddish-golden fireball after being struck by the Light of Judgment and Scorching God Sealing Strike.

In the direction that he was flying toward, there was someone already waiting for him, and she had also been transferred there by Revolving Heaven and Stars. Her body had already swelled to an enormous size, and her aura had been greatly enhanced by the Violent Golden Dragon Domain. Her fists were like a pair of giant hammers, sending countless fist projections hurtling through the air in an instant.

Yuanen Yehui had combined her seventh and eighth soul skills, Titan True Body and Cloud Vortex, to unleash the Titan Heaven Rocking Fist!

This eighth soul skill was one that Yuanen Yehui had obtained after fusing with the Land Dragon Golden Melon. It was a soul skill that perfectly integrated her power and her Divine Cloudvortex Fists, and every single fist projection that had been unleashed was hurtling through the air in a corkscrew shape.

Her strength and soul power were perfectly combined with the hardness of the Land Dragon Golden Melon, and countless explosive booms erupted all over Bear Lord's body.

Even though he had already recovered from the Dazzling Starlight, the terrifying rotational force of the Titan Heaven Rocking Fist made him feel as if his body were about to be torn apart, and as a result, he was immobilized once again.

At the same time, two figures appeared above his head, one in front, and one behind.

A streak of light that seemed to have slashed through time glided toward his throat, while the other figure extended a pair of rotund purplish-black hands toward the back of his head.

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