Chapter 1429: Disruptive Celestial Vault

If another organization had done something like this, they would immediately be questioned by the federation, but in this instance, the federation had remained completely silent, as if they had no idea what was going on.

However, it was quite clear what Shrek Academy was hiding; they were hiding their reconstruction from prying eyes.

The disruptive soul tool encompassed not just the main school building, but the entire Sea God's Lake as well. 32 foundational points had been set up around the Sea God's Lake, forming a soul tool array created by the invisible Disruptive Celestial Vault, which was several kilometers tall. Only the special energy frequency that Shrek Academy had decided on could be used within this Disruptive Celestial Vault.

After that was set up, the entire Sea God's Lake had been wiped off the face of the planet as far as the soul satellites were concerned.

After around 20 days of construction, the Disruptive Celestial Vault was complete, and this was undoubtedly all thanks to the Tang Sect. All of the soul tools and installation services had been provided by the Tang Sect, and from the day that Disruptive Celestial Vault was completed, no one would be able to see what Shrek Academy was doing unless they traveled to the lake to inspect the proceedings in person.

Tang Wulin dove into the lake and swam freely through the water. The destructive energy within the lake was kept at bay by a protective energy barrier that he was releasing.

All of the Shrek Academy students who had returned from the demonic island had developed a high level of resistance to this destructive power, and at this point, three groups of students had already returned from the island, including Wu Siduo's group.

Following the return of Shrek’s Seven Monsters, they were immediately scrutinized with intense resentment by all of these students, and when Tang Wulin had seen Wu Siduo for the first time, he had been struck by the urge to flee for his life.

Tang Wulin swam through the Sea God's Lake in an expert manner, and perhaps it was due to the lack of life forms in the lake, but the water was extremely clear, and it was as if he were immersed in a massive blue crystal.

During this recent period of time, Tang Wulin had worked hard to consolidate the fruits he had reaped during his trip to the two empires while also contributing to the Shrek Academy reconstruction effort. The rate of his cultivation had slowed, but this was all to create a more stable foundation.

He wasn't an ordinary Soul Master as he had the ticking time bombs that were the Golden Dragon King seals within his body. He was already confident that he could break the 13th seal after his body had been refined by that lightning storm, but he wasn't in a hurry at all. Only after forging a more stable foundation could he better handle that breakthrough.

At the same time, he had discovered an issue. Due to the enormous increase in soul power within his body following his progression to the Titled Douluo level, the 13th seal had become slightly unstable.

The seal was undoubtedly going to be affected by his cultivation as well, and the faster he progressed, the sooner the seal would be broken.

Purple light flashed through Tang Wulin's eyes, allowing him to see everything within the lake. Even from afar, he could already see the seed of life.

Compared to when it had been first planted, the seed of life had undergone some changes. There was a faint layer of green light shimmering around it, and it had reached over a foot in height with nine small leaves growing on its stem.

In this place where there were no other life forms, the seed of life struck a very lonesome figure, yet it had brought an aura of life to an otherwise completely dead environment.

Tang Wulin descended onto the lakebed and sat down with his legs crossed beside the seed of life. Soul power circulated through his body, and a layer of white light was released before surging toward the seed of life in wisps and tendrils.

The main characteristic of Mysterious Heaven Method soul power was its endless nature, and it was a very nurturing cultivation technique that significantly bolstered one's life force. He was currently using his soul power to nurture the seed of life, and under its influence, the nine leaves of the seed of life had all turned a vibrant green color.

Neither the federation nor the Spirit Pagoda could've imagined that the biggest function of the Disruptive Celestial Vault was to conceal the existence of the seed of life. If a suitable source of life force energy were to be found, then the seed of life's rate of growth would accelerate significantly, and that would definitely attract a lot of attention.

The value of the seed of life could no longer be quantified. In a sense, it was a manifestation of the planar ruler and represented all life force energy.

Greenish-golden light radiated from Tang Wulin's body, and his status as the Son of Nature allowed him to absorb life force energy from the outside world in a very large area. He could then funnel this energy into the seed of life, and even though that wasn't enough to accelerate its growth, it would at least be able to maintain the seed's current state so it didn't wilt from digesting destructive energy.

Following his progression to the Titled Douluo level, Tang Wulin's Son of Nature powers had naturally been enhanced as well, thereby allowing him to absorb more life force energy.

As such, he would cultivate here every single night, using himself as a bridge to guide more life force energy toward the seed of life.

The pure life force energy was injected into the seed of life, which purified the energy and reciprocated some of it back to Tang Wulin.

Even though the amount of reciprocated life essence was very minute, it was improving Tang Wulin's body in a subtle fashion.

Tang Wulin's rate of cultivation had decelerated significantly as he assisted the seed of life in its growth, but his physical constitution was slowly evolving.

The seed of life had told Tang Wulin that he would be able to achieve an even better effect if he were to become a Limit Douluo.

This was going to be the final time that Tang Wulin fed energy to the seed of life during this period of time as he was going to travel to the Great Star Dou Forest the next day.

Only Shrek’s Seven Monsters and Sima Jinchi were embarking on this trip; even A'Ruheng was being left behind. No one knew what type of problems Shrek Academy's rebuild could face, so all of the Limit Douluos were staying behind to protect the academy.

The initial stage of the rebuild was of the utmost importance, so it definitely couldn't go wrong. The true core of Shrek Academy was the seed of life that resided on the lakebed. Only after the seed of life grew into an enormous tree that could protect the entire academy would the rebuild truly be successful.

Just like the ancient Golden Tree, the seed of life was going to be the core of the academy.

If it weren't for the ancient Golden Tree keeping most of the destructive force from the Godslayer missile explosions at bay, there would've been no way that the teachers of Shrek Academy could've saved all of the students.

At the time, the ancient Golden Tree was missing around a third of its energy, which it had bestowed upon Tang Wulin. If it had been in a fully healthy state, perhaps Shrek Academy wouldn’t even have been destroyed in the first place.

An uneventful night passed by, and Tang Wulin and his friends left the Sea God's Lake the next morning under the concealment of the Disruptive Celestial Vault.


"We're unable to verify if the Atlas Douluo is truly alive, and they've set up disruptive devices to make us unable to ascertain the progression of the Shrek Academy rebuild. How are your preparations going?" Qiangu Dongfeng spoke into a soul communicator in a grim voice.

"Demon Sovereign has already awakened, and Harosha has also returned, but we have to join forces to do something very important. Shrek Academy can't rebuild itself that quickly anyway, so we'll ignore it for now."

"What?" Qiangu Dongfeng immediately flared up with rage, "What could be more important than destroying Shrek Academy? Don't forget what you promised me! Also, the existence of Shrek Academy is definitely going to have a negative impact on our future plans."

"It's alright, we'll take care of Shrek Academy after we finish what we're doing here. Now that Demon Sovereign has awakened, it won't even matter if the Atlas Douluo has truly been resurrected; we'll just have to kill him again."

Qiangu Dongfeng faltered slightly upon hearing this. "What exactly is it that you're doing?"

"You don't need to know that; this is an internal matter of our Holy Spirit Cult. As for Shrek Academy, just do your best to delay their rebuild as much as possible. If you can get your hands on the third Godslayer missile, then just bomb them again."

"Do you think Godslayer missiles grow on trees?" Qiangu Dongfeng's brows furrowed tightly. For some reason, he was struck by a sense of foreboding from the tone that Ghost Emperor had adopted. What exactly was the Holy Spirit Cult planning to do?

For him, the Holy Spirit Cult had always been a double-edged sword. This terrorist organization was able to do some things that he couldn't do out in the open, but at the same time, the more he learned about the Holy Spirit Cult, the more it began to dawn on him that this was an organization that he couldn't control.

If it weren't for his ambition to achieve that ultimate goal, he definitely wouldn't be collaborating with such a dangerous organization.

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