Chapter 1428: The Unstoppable Rebuild

"Shrek Academy was destroyed by two Godslayer missiles several years ago, but according to the latest information we've received, the teachers of the academy had sacrificed their lives to protect all of the students, buying them enough time to escape into a sanctuary. After countless hardships, the academy is finally being rebuilt. The number one academy on the continent is the dream academy for countless Soul Masters, and its reconstruction entails that it will be making a return to our continent.

"To date, the federal government is still yet to provide an explanation for how the Godslayer missiles that had destroyed Shrek City had ended up in the hands of the Holy Spirit Cult, and it's yet to be seen whether the survivors of Shrek Academy know more about this. Unfortunately, the academy's rebuild hasn't been welcomed with open arms; not long ago, military officials were sent to the construction site to try and disrupt proceedings."

The image transitioned to that of a dozen or so police vehicles speeding onto the construction site with blaring sirens, and the provocative voice of the captain could be clearly heard.

The captain was seated beside the lieutenant colonel, and his face instantly turned deathly pale.

The lieutenant colonel's mind had also gone completely blank. Wasn't the media supposed to be under the federation's control? What was going on? 

"What right does a military captain have to oppose the reconstruction of Shrek Academy? Shrek Academy has always been an autonomous entity; has this tradition gone away in the wake of the academy's destruction? It's important for us to ask who is the one targeting Shrek Academy by sending that captain to foil the academy's reconstruction efforts. We have no evidence to prove anything, but perhaps this could be a lead pointing toward the masterminds who orchestrated that tragic bombing in the first place."

The news report hadn't declared them to be the perpetrators, but it was an extremely scathing one nonetheless.

The captain felt as if the sky had fallen on his head, and he couldn't imagine how he was supposed to face this situation. Shrek Academy's influences were enormous, and in contrast, he was only a measly captain!

"Not long after the captain's departure, a lieutenant colonel arrived on the scene."

The news anchor's voice struck the lieutenant colonel like a heavy hammer blow, and he suddenly lost the ability to breathe.

It had only been less than 10 minutes since he had departed from the construction site! Was the television station doing a live broadcast?

He was then greeted by the sight of himself burning the certificate of title with an arrogant smirk.

The captain had only tried to instigate a conflict through verbal provocation, yet he had burned Shrek Academy's certificate of title!

It was all over for him!

At the Shrek Academy construction site.

Yue Zhengyu sighed, "I wanted to make an even bigger deal out of that, but decided against it in the end. What can I say?"

He pulled out an identical certificate of title as the one that had been burned as he spoke. Each of Shrek Seven Monsters was carrying a couple of these replicas; they had made extensive preparations for the revival of Shrek Academy.

Tang Wulin smiled, and said, "Let's see if they dare to send anyone else now."

Xie Xie chuckled, "They can send whoever they like; we'll be ready to take care of them! Let them all come!"

Tang Wulin's eyes shimmered with vigor and determination. Indeed, let them all come! No one was going to be able to shake Shrek Academy's rebuild!

The news reports spread far too quickly, and news of Shrek Academy's rebuild had already spread through the entire continent before the federation had a chance to restrict it.

In particular, the scenes depicting the two military officials attempting to throw a wrench in the reconstruction effort drew a lot of public outcry.

The first federal organization to feel the heat was the military.

Unrest and dissatisfaction was quickly spreading through all levels of the military. Back when Shrek Academy had been destroyed, everything had happened too abruptly, to the extent that the alumni of Shrek Academy didn't even have a chance to react.

They were all extremely excited to hear that Shrek Academy was being rebuilt, and they naturally immediately rose up in opposition upon seeing the obstacles the military was trying to create for Shrek Academy.

All of the departments of the federal government received a flood of enraged calls, and the military and government were both thrown into complete turmoil.

Only now did some people realize that it would most likely be impossible to obstruct Shrek Academy's reconstruction on an official level.

Everything had happened far too abruptly, and it was under these incredible circumstances that Shrek Academy began its rebuild!

In the face of the immense pressure from all sides, the federal government didn't dare to restrict media outlets any further, and news of the Shrek Academy rebuild began to spread like wildfire.

However, there were also some dissenting voices. Some questioned how Shrek Academy could allow its students to study in an area with such destructive radiation that could threaten their lives. On top of that, almost all of the teachers of Shrek Academy had perished; who would be doing the teaching?

There were also some who made a point to remind everyone that Shrek Academy was no longer the number one academy on the continent, and that everything in the academy had been destroyed during the bombing.

As these doubts and criticisms were being raised, a massive influx of people began to arrive at the bank of the Sea God's Lake.

The first people to arrive were the families of the "deceased" students. No one paid more attention to the Shrek Academy rebuild than they did, and to them, it was more important than anything that their children were still alive.

The sound of sobbing family members could be heard virtually every day on the Shrek Academy construction site. Three days later, the first large-scale isolation barrier was complete, and it encompassed the area that the three-story main school building was going to be constructed upon. Within that area, everyone could live as normal without having to put on anti-radiation suits.

The barbed wire continued to expand to encompass a larger area, and at the same time, Shrek Academy announced that the original site of Shrek City was private property that belonged to Shrek Academy, and that no one could trespass on the area without permission.

Immediately following the families of the students were the people delivering resources to the site. Regardless of whether they were useful or not, all types of resources were being transported to the construction site in large quantities, and they had all come from the alumni of the academy.

On top of that, the alumni had created a Shrek Academy rebuild trust fund, and large sums of federal credits were being donated into the trust fund every single day for the academy to use.

Thus, the first stage of the rebuild was complete.

Tang Wulin had instructed Xu Xiaoyan and Tang Yinmeng to contact the academy's alumni. Establishing such relations hadn't been necessary to Shrek Academy in the past, but they were extremely important to the academy now.

Everything was progressing according to plan in a good direction.

What came as quite a surprise was that the Spirit Pagoda hadn't sent anyone else to investigate, and had only sent them some congratulatory bouquets of flowers. After that, they didn't do anything else.

Several days later, the buzz began to die down, and even the number of journalists arriving on the scene had begun to dwindle. It seemed that everyone was waiting for something to happen, as if this were the calm before the storm.

The current area of the Sea God's Lake was equivalent to that of the entirety of Shrek City, and even after half a month, the barbed wire had only made its way around roughly a third of the lake's circumference.

The construction of the main school building was progressing very smoothly, and all of the students had joined in on the construction efforts after the protective soul tools had been set up.

Mo Lan had sent two more groups of skills workers to the site in succession, and at this rate, the main school building would be complete in about two months. After that would come the internal decor.

All types of soul tools were also being set up, and after the protective barriers were erected, the next soul tools to be set up were disruptive ones that could prevent radar and satellite surveillance.

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