Chapter 1425: Yun Ming is Still Alive?

The reconstruction of Shrek Academy entailed that the situation on the entire continent would be altered. The bombing had created far too much grief and pain, and the people that would be most directly affected by the reconstruction of the academy would be the families of the students who had been gone for so long.

As was the case with Yaping, it would be a massively pleasant surprise for all of the families of Shrek Academy's students to find out that their loved ones were still alive.

Shrek Academy's teachers had given their lives to protect the students and ensure their survival. This was the most important point that the Dove Faction latched onto for its promotion, and was definitely going to have an extremely positive impact on the revival of Shrek Academy.

Looking down at the Tang Sect disciples and Shrek Academy students, tears began to well up in Tang Wulin's eyes. Following the bombing, he and his friends had been under a cloud of crippling grief as they set off to join the military to preserve the seed of the academy.

Now, Shrek Academy was finally being rebuilt, and the process was definitely going to be an extremely arduous one, but they were going to see it through to the end and defend the academy with everything they had, just as the teachers had protected all of the students.

A series of faces surfaced in his mind, including the stern face of Silver Moon Douluo Elder Cai, and the expectant and hopeful faces of his grandteacher, the Scarlet Dragon Douluo, and his teacher, the Blazing Dragon Douluo. All of those familiar teachers and seniors no longer existed now, but the students had survived, and they were the seeds of Shrek Academy.

Did these students not miss their families during these past few years? Of course they did. However, none of the students left. In order to prevent news of their survival from being leaked, they gritted their teeth and forcibly repressed their longing to see their own families.

All of them had the same conviction, which was that their lives had been given to them by Shrek Academy. If it weren't for the teachers' sacrifices, they would've all been dead already.

There were so many Titled Douluos among their teachers, if they had abandoned the students and attempted to escape, their chances of survival would've been very high. However, not a single teacher did that; all of them sacrificed their lives to buy time for the students to escape.

As a result, the same sacrificial spirit had been instilled deep into the hearts of the students as well. Ever since that tragic disaster, all of them had pledged their lives to Shrek Academy. The glory of Shrek Academy was their glory, and they would live and die with Shrek Academy.

Thus, all of them followed the rules. Regardless of how much they missed their families, they repressed their impulsive urges, and it was all for this very day! They were finally able to return to the surface, as was Shrek Academy.

News of the rebuild of Shrek Academy spread like wildfire through the entire Douluo Federation within the span of an hour, and this piece of news garnered even more attention than the news of the federal fleet's retreat.

At the Spirit Pagoda headquarters.


Qiangu Dongfeng's favorite cup slid out of his hand and shattered on the ground as his mouth gaped open in astonishment.

Yun Ming was still alive?

How was this possible?

He didn't dare to believe that this was real.

He and the Atlas Douluo were both powerful beings of the same generation. Both of them had enjoyed their respective rise at almost the exact same time, and it was exactly because of this that he had always felt a heavy sense of oppression. No matter how hard he worked and how much effort he gave, he simply couldn't catch up to the Atlas Douluo. Even after he became a Limit Douluo, he was still painfully aware of just how massive the gap between him and Yun Ming was.

For all of the powerful beings of their generation, Yun Ming's death had come as a relief; it was as if a massive mountain had been lifted off their chests. This feeling was shared by virtually all powerful beings of his caliber, including the likes of the Boundless Ocean Douluo.

Yun Ming's death meant that the very pinnacle of the pyramid had been vacated.

Even someone as proud as Infernal King Douluo Harosha had never truly challenged Yun Ming as everyone was aware of just how powerful Yun Ming was.

Thankfully, he perished during that disaster, and even his soul had been taken by the Holy Spirit Cult, but who would've thought that he would return to life? If he really were still alive, then who would be able to shake Shrek Academy?

Qiangu Dongfeng's breathing began to accelerate as he waved a dismissive hand. "You can go now."

Standing before him was none other than the Titled Douluo who had been scared away by Tang Wulin.

Following his departure, Qiangu Dongfeng was the only one left in the room, and he did his best to calm himself down.

He pressed a button on the table, and the most cutting-edge isolation light barrier appeared around the room to isolate all sounds and vibrations within the room.

He then pulled a soul communicator out of a secret compartment beneath the table and dialed a long string of numbers.

"Why are you contacting me at a time like this?" A coarse voice rang out from the other end of the line.

Qiangu Dongfeng forcibly repressed his own fury as he asked, "You owe me an explanation! Why is Yun Ming still alive?"

"What?" the voice on the other end instantly spiked up a few octaves, "That's impossible! He's already dead; I killed in person, and nothing remains of his body. I'm still recovering from the injuries that I sustained during my final battle against him."

"I don't care about all that, Ghost Emperor; I'm telling you now that he's still alive, and he's currently rebuilding Shrek Academy on the bank of the Sea God's Lake. A large number of people from Shrek Academy have also appeared alongside him, including the Holy Spirit Douluo; how do you explain that?"

The voice on the other end immediately calmed down. "I know that Yali is still alive; Yun Ming did everything in his power to protect her at the end. During that battle, we lost seven Titled Douluos, and only then were we able to kill Yun Ming in conjunction with the explosive power of the Godslayer missile; there's no way he's still alive. We're all Limit Douluos; I'm sure you're aware of the circumstances that will result in a Limit Douluo's death."

"Then what about his soul? Is it in your hands? If so, then we can confirm that the Yun Ming over at Shrek Academy is an imposter."

The voice on the other end suddenly fell silent.

"Well?" A sense of foreboding welled up in Qiangu Dongfeng's heart.

Ghost Emperor replied, "We no longer have Yun Ming's soul. However, his soul had been torn apart by my Nine Ghost Soul Chasing Nail, so it's only an incomplete soul that's carrying very severe injuries. There's no way even for Yali to heal one's soul; all she can do is watch as his soul gradually dissipates."

"What did you say?" Qiangu Dongfeng's fury instantly spiked upon hearing this, "You returned Yun Ming's soul? Why? Tell me why!"

Ghost Emperor replied in a cold voice, "A mishap occurred, during which the Divine Space Time Shuttle fell into the hand of the Tang Sect, so we had no choice but to exchange Yun Ming's soul for it."

Qiangu Dongfeng felt as if a bucket of cold water had been poured over his head upon hearing this.

Ghost Emperor continued, "There's no need for you to be so worked up. You should be aware of how powerful my Nine Ghost Soul Chashing Nail is; there's no way Yun Ming can be resurrected. The Dark Phoenix Douluo begged me to spare his soul, so I didn't completely destroy it with my Nine Ghost Soul Chashing Nail. Otherwise, it wouldn't even exist anymore. There's no way that he can be revived; even a god won't be able to be resurrected under those circumstances. I'm sure this is just a bluff by Shrek Academy."

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