Chapter 1422: Shrek Academy!

His voice wasn't very loud, but everyone in the car could hear it very clearly. In fact, his voice was reverberating throughout the entire area hundreds of kilometers around the Sea God's Lake.

Scintillating white light erupted from the spear that the white-robed young man was holding, and a spear projection surged upward to illuminate the entire heavens. Even the sun seemed to pale into insignificance in the face of its radiance. The destructive aura on the Sea God's Lake was clearly repressed, and in the next instant, white light hurtled directly toward the western shore of the lake, following which a massive crater appeared in that direction amid an earth-shattering boom.

Yaping and her friends couldn't see all the way to the western shore, but the resounding boom continued to echo through the area.

"Quick, drive over there!" Yaping yelled as he grabbed onto the shoulder of the man who was driving.

"You got it! I have a feeling we're about to bear witness to something amazing!" They were all fearless young men and women, and they had no inhibitions. Then again, if they were timid and hesitant by nature, they wouldn't have traveled so close to the Sea God's Lake in the first place.

Yaping's hands had clenched up into tight fists. That man was going to rebuild Shrek Academy? Who was he? He seemed to be so powerful. Rebuilding Shrek Academy entailed that there had to be people from Shrek Academy who were still alive; was her brother still alive?

The SUV drove toward the place where the white figure had descended, but the terrain was too uneven, and the Sea God's Lake was massive, so it would take them a while to get there.

They weren't the only ones to be stunned by that announcement; they had heard the voice of the white figure, so it had naturally also been audible to the Spirit Pagoda headquarters, which wasn't all that far away from the Sea God's Lake.

"What?" Qiangu Dongfeng immediately awakened from his meditation. 

"Rebuild Shrek Academy? Did I hear that correctly?" A series of emotions instantly appeared in his eyes. How was that possible? Shrek Academy had already been completely destroyed by the Godslayer missile; how could any remnants of it possibly still remain?

Following a brief moment of astonishment, Qiangu Dongfeng quickly calmed down. He had sent people to examine the situation over at the Sea God's Lake, and they had determined that it was not suitable for human habitation. On top of that, people were required to rebuild the academy; who exactly was it that was planning to rebuild Shrek Academy?

He immediately issued an order, sending out a group of Spirit Pagoda Soul Masters to the Sea God's Lake.

Not only had the Spirit Pagoda received news of this, the federal parliament and all of the major powers were notified as well, and the Sea God's Lake instantly became the subject of widespread attention.

In the air above a massive crater that was over 30 meters deep with a diameter of over a kilometer, a white figure rose up into the air.

He looked down at the massive crater, and murmured to himself, "This should be sufficient as the groundwork."

He then spoke into the soul communicator on his wrist. "You can begin transporting the supplies over now."

He hovered in mid-air with the spear in his hand, looking down at the massive crater and the boundless Sea God's Lake down below with excitement surging through his heart.

Shrek Academy was finally going to be rebuilt! All of them had been waiting for this moment for far, far too long. Next, it was time to wait for more people to arrive.

The SUV drew closer and closer, and the man sitting in the passenger's seat pointed out the window as he hurriedly said, "Look, that's him! Let's get closer!"

The SUV quickly approached the site of the explosion, and the massive crater began to appear in their field of view.

"My god! How could a human be capable of something like this? Who is he?" the woman with the ponytail exclaimed.

The SUV drew to a halt, and Yaping immediately threw open the door before rushing out, completely forgetting about the lingering radiation.

Everyone else also emerged from the car, but they had already donned the anti-radiation suits in the car. Yingying chased after Yaping, and yelled, "Wait, Yaping, put on the anti-radiation suit first!"

However, Yaping paid no heed to this at all. The miraculous scene she had just witnessed told her that there was hope. Even though that hope was extremely minuscule, she wasn't willing to give up on it!

She cupped her hands around her mouth, and yelled up to the white-robed figure in the air, "Senior!"

Yingying had already caught up to her, and as she draped the anti-radiation suit over Yaping's body, she also looked up into the air.

Now that they had drawn closer, both of them were able to see his incredibly handsome features. He was like the embodiment of a perfect idol! On top of that, he had just displayed such immense power; how could any young woman not be filled with excitement at the sight of such a perfect man?

The five of them looked up at the white-robed young man with no fear in their hearts whatsoever. The man had just declared that he was going to rebuild Shrek Academy, and they had grown up hearing all types of heroic stories about Shrek Academy, so they only had admiration and reverence toward the academy.

"Who are you?" A gentle voice rang out, making them feel as if they'd been basked in a warm spring breeze. They could even sense that an invisible layer of energy had appeared around them, resisting the radiation in the outside world.

"Senior, my name is Zhao Yaping. Are you from Shrek Academy?" Yaping immediately asked.

The white-robed young man nodded in response.

Tears began to flow uncontrollably down Yaping's face. "Senior, my brother is also from Shrek Academy! He's an inner court disciple; is he still alive? His name is Zhao Yali; is he still alive?"

Her body was already trembling with sobs at this point.

Everyone was looking up at the white-robed young man with tense expressions, eagerly awaiting his reply. His answer could very well be the final verdict!

The white-robed young man replied, "All of the students of Shrek Academy are still alive. Shrek Academy will always do everything in its power to protect its students, even if it means sacrificing all of the teachers, so your brother is still alive."

His voice was placid yet filled with warmth, and Yaping slumped onto the ground as she howled with violent sobs.

Several years had passed since that tragic bombing, and her entire family had been weighed down by crippling grief. However, they couldn't do anything; they couldn't even find the remains of her beloved brother! That disaster had stripped her entire family of their hope, but now, she was being told that her brother was still alive! She felt as if she had been reborn anew, as had her entire family!

"Don't cry, child; your brother is still alive." Right at this moment, a burst of gentle energy enveloped Yaping's body, nourishing her soul and soothing her turbulent emotions. Her tears involuntarily ceased, and she was struck by an indescribable sense of comfort, as if she were immersed in a pool of warm water.

Her eyelids suddenly felt very heavy, and she fell into a deep and comfortable sleep.

A figure silently appeared beside her and caught Yaping's body before she could fall.

Yaping was already very beautiful, but she couldn't even hold a candle to this woman.

All of Yaping's friends were already completely flabbergasted. They had never seen such a beautiful woman; her beauty was seemingly able to make everything around her pale into insignificance, and it was filled with a sense of holiness.

"She's too tired, so let her rest; it'll be very beneficial for her body and mind," the woman said in a gentle voice, then handed Yaping over to her friends.

Yingying finally mustered up the courage to ask, "Are you telling the truth? Is Yaping's brother still alive?"

"He's still alive. I know of Zhao Yali; he's currently undergoing special training at a certain place; he'll be back in around two months. After that, you can come and find him so he can reunite with his family. Just as he said, not only is Zhao Yali still alive, all of Shrek Academy's students are alive. Regardless of what happens, our teachers will protect the students with all of their power. Shrek Academy is being rebuilt today, and it's time for them to re-emerge as well."

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