Chapter 1420: Rebuild Shrek Academy?

Tang Wulin shook his head in response. "I'm not sure how, but we have to find an opportunity. Free speech is a right in the federation; even though the parliament makes all decisions, controversy often plays an important role. We have to wait for an opportunity to prove that the Tang Sect is not a treasonous organization, and prior to that, we have to do our best to develop the sect to minimize the losses we'll suffer from being declared as a treasonous organization."

Tang Wulin's proposed plan was very ordinary, and there wasn't anything special about it. Zang Xin nodded in response, but there was a hint of disappointment in his eyes.

"Aside from that, there's something else I'm going to do." Tang Wulin raised his voice slightly, and a hint of determination and confidence reappeared in his eyes.

"Oh?" Zang Xin raised an eyebrow, and asked, "What is it?"

Tang Wulin replied without any hesitation, "I'm going to rebuild Shrek Academy!"

Everyone's eyes widened upon hearing this, and the Holy Spirit Douluo couldn't help but ask, "How can we rebuild the academy in this current situation?"

Tang Wulin replied, "The federation has declared the Tang Sect to be a treasonous organization, but they can't declare the same for our Shrek Academy. On top of that, our academy is a victim of a terrorist attack, so there's no sound reason for them to oppose the academy's rebuild. If someone were to declare the rebuild of Shrek Academy at a time like this, what would be the reaction from all sides?"

Xie Xie chuckled, "We'll probably become public enemy number one!"

Tang Wulin smiled, and said, "That's exactly our objective; only by doing this can we thrust ourselves under the limelight. The higher-ups of the federal parliament know that the Tang Sect and Shrek Academy are virtually a single entity, but they still can't declare Shrek Academy to be a treasonous organization. On top of that, our Shrek Academy has connections all over the continent, so we'll definitely receive a certain level of support once the rebuild is announced. We're no longer the Shrek’s Seven Monsters that we once were; we have what it takes to rebuild Shrek Academy now. Not only are we going to announce a rebuild, we're going to lodge an application to the federation to request their support."

Zang Xin's expression gradually changed slightly as he appraised Tang Wulin. He had also prepared some bold plans of his own, but none were as bold as this one. However, upon further thought, it was indeed a good opportunity to rebuild Shrek Academy at a time like this.

Tang Wulin and his friends had all developed, and the Spirit Pagoda had been struck by a lot of controversy and skepticism over their collusion with the Holy Spirit Cult. The Tang Sect had been declared as a treasonous organization, and the federal fleet had failed to instigate the war that the federation had promised. With the culmination of all of these events, the federation was actually currently in a very sticky situation.

If they were to announce the rebuild of Shrek Academy now, neither the federation nor the Spirit Pagoda would dare to directly attack the academy.

Another important factor was the Holy Spirit Cult, which was hiding in the shadows. The Holy Spirit Cult was undoubtedly very eager to see this war eventuate, as evidenced by the fact that they had even sent a powerful being of Infernal King Douluo Harosha's caliber to the Star Luo Empire. This meant that a very large portion of the Holy Spirit Cult's forces had to have been transferred to the Star Luo Empire to benefit from the widespread death that would occur during the war. Even though the war hadn't actually commenced, their people definitely still had to remain there, and it would take quite some time for them to return to the federation from the empire.

Even if a significant portion of the Holy Spirit Cult's forces still remained in the federation, Shrek Academy and the Tang Sect had four Limit Douluos to oppose them. As such, it would also be very difficult for the Holy Spirit Cult to destroy the new Shrek Academy. Even if the Spirit Pagoda wanted to assist the Holy Spirit Cult, they wouldn't dare to do so under this current storm of controversy.

Otherwise, if it were to be discovered that the Spirit Pagoda had assisted the Holy Spirit Cult in attacking Shrek Academy, then their collusion with the Holy Spirit Cult would be set in stone. No matter how ambitious Qiangu Dongfeng was, there was no way he would make such a foolish decision, and if Shrek Academy were to establish a stable foothold for itself, then all of the Shrek Academy alumni all over the continent would flock to support it.

At that point, Shrek Academy would be grabbing everyone's attention, thereby significantly alleviating the pressure on the Tang Sect.

As such, this seemingly risky plan actually seemed to be very viable.

Yali said, "Wulin, rebuilding Shrek Academy is an extremely important task that we have to take seriously. Once the rebuild begins, everything would be exposed to public scrutiny, and the academy will be under a lot of pressure from all sides. On top of that, you've already been exposed as the Tang Sect Master, so it's very likely that the federation is going to target you."

A confident smile appeared on Tang Wulin's smile. "I know the importance of this task, but I have a plan..."

The branding of the Tang Sect as a treasonous organization had taken place very abruptly, and the entire Douluo Continent was in shock.

After all, the Tang Sect had existed for an extremely long time; oppressing it from the shadows was one thing, but declaring it to be a treasonous organization was something else entirely.

The general public immediately raised vehement opposition and demanded that the parliament release evidence for these claims, in response to which Tang Wulin's participation in the Trial of Five Gods and the powerful soul missiles that the Star Luo Empire had used to attack the federal fleet were all presented as proof.

However, any intelligent individual could see that the federation had no concrete evidence to prove that the soul missiles had been provided by the Tang Sect; they were only using different excuses to link the Tang Sect to this matter. The federation had fabricated a lot of evidence, such as presenting soul missile fragments with the Tang Sect's insignia on them, but those were clearly forgeries. Even if the Tang Sect really were supporting the enemy, they wouldn't be foolish enough to leave such evidence behind.

Despite all this, the federal parliament stuck to its original decision, but they didn't dare to take things too far. All they did was order the closure of all of the Tang Sect's branches and prohibit the sect from engaging in all business and societal activities. On top of that, all Tang Sect disciples were ordered to leave the sect.

It was clear that the federation didn't dare to eradicate the Tang Sect in fear of retaliation, and what was even clearer was that the Spirit Pagoda's expression of support in this decision was a blatant act of revenge for the Tang Sect exposing their collusion with the Holy Spirit Cult.

Thus, the entire continent was plunged into turmoil, and all of the major powers were waiting to see what would happen next. The parliament's decision was receiving vehement objections from the Dove Faction, and they hadn't taken any extreme measures against the Tang Sect. However, they had set up checkpoints at all of the continent's ports and docks to prevent the Tang Sect from defecting to the Star Luo Empire.

Many of the organizations that were friendly with the Tang Sect were lamenting the situation. After being declared as a treasonous organization, the Tang Sect wouldn't be able to appear before the public eye, and it was clearly beginning to fall from grace.

This declaration would've definitely dealt the Tang Sect an extremely heavy blow, and many of the sect's disciples were undoubtedly going to leave.

They were using the pressure of controversy to slowly whittle down the Tang Sect from the inside. In contrast, the Spirit Pagoda was constantly engaging in a series of philanthropic activities, including creating more job openings for the general public to work in the Spirit Pagoda, donating soul spirits to the military, and providing free spots to enter the Spirit Pagoda's Spirit Ascension Plane. All of these measures had been taken to restore their public image.

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