Chapter 1412: Terrifying Missile

Dai Tianling was renowned as the most outstanding emperor that the Star Luo Empire had seen in 1,000 years; Chen Xinjie wanted to see just how powerful the Star Luo Empire had become under his rule.

Currently, he was actually more concerned about the storm that had taken place earlier than the Star Luo Empire.

He had clearly seen that figure following the conclusion of the storm, which meant that he had to have had something to do with the storm. How had he managed to stir up such a devastating weather phenomenon?

There was a massive gap between their cultivation ranks, so how had Tang Wulin managed to deprive him of his control over the sea?

As the Boundless Ocean Douluo, Chen Xinjie was at the height of his powers in the ocean. He had always thought that he would be invincible in the sea, but he had been dealt a heavy blow, and by such a young man, no less.

Exactly what kind of secrets were being harbored by him and the Tang Sect?

Even if he wanted to cover for the Tang Sect and Shrek Academy, there would be no way for him to cover up Tang Wulin's involvement in this incident. The entire federal fleet had seen him, and video footage of him had already been transmitted back to the federation.

This was definitely going to have a very negative impact on the Tang Sect. Compared to the Tang Sect Master's participation in the Trial of Five Gods, this was a far more damning incident that would pile even more pressure on the Tang Sect.

"Commander, we are about to enter the range of the enemy's large offensive soul tools."

Chen Xinjie immediately abandoned that train of thought, and ordered, "Proceed according to the original plan. All ships, prepare to attack; all fighter aircrafts, take off."

The plan for this battle had already been refined countless times, and it was as simple as it was elegant. The entire plan could be condensed into a single word: blitzkrieg!

They were going to crush the enemy's defenses through brute force, then establish a firm foothold on land and construct the necessary infrastructure. After that, they were going to scout out the locations of the opposing troops, then attack them with the firepower of the three fleets, crushing the empire's military forces before conquering the entire land.

If everything went according to plan, the Star Luo Empire would be entirely conquered in no more than three months.

In the eyes of Chen Xinjie, this wasn't a difficult task. After all, the Star Luo Empire's technology and military prowess couldn't even begin to compare with that of the federation.

"Beep beep beep!"

All of a sudden, a sharp siren sounded, and the aircraft carrier's protective barrier was automatically activated in the face of an attack. A streak of red light suddenly rose up from the shoreline in the distance without any warning, then hurtled directly toward the Sea God Fleet's aircraft carrier while drawing a dazzling parabola through the air.

The Star Luo Empire had unleashed the first attack!

Chen Xinjie's expression darkened upon seeing this.

According to their original plan, he was going to give the empire a chance to surrender, but there was no need for that now.

The aircraft carrier's protective barriers were fully activated, and at the same time, streaks of powerful light were launched to intercept the oncoming attack.

Aircraft carriers were among the most powerful modern weapons and were essentially fortresses on water. There wasn't even a single aircraft carrier to share between the Star Luo Empire and Dou Spirit Empire, and if the three aircraft carriers hadn't acted as the main stabilizing forces of the federal fleet, it would've already been wiped out by that storm a few days ago.

As such, carrier-based vanguard groups were essentially invincible out at sea!

The aircraft carrier's protective barriers could easily withstand the explosion of a ninth-grade soul missile, and its interception system was also the most advanced; there were almost no attacks that could breach these stalwart defenses.

"Boom!" The streak of red light exploded violently after being intercepted, and the entire sky was instantly stained red as fireballs fell from the sky like rain.

The provocation from the Star Luo Empire had enraged the federal fleet, yet just as they were about to retaliate, another streak of red light suddenly descended from the explosion that had just taken place up above.

The interception system was kept at bay by the force of the explosion, so this second streak of red light was able to fall directly upon the aircraft carrier's protective barrier.


An extremely terrifying explosion erupted on the protective barrier, and the entire aircraft carrier tremored violently as it was forced to tilt off to the side, while the entire world outside the windows had turned bright red.

Piercing sirens rang out within the entire control center, and the energy storm created by the violent shockwaves had caused all of the sensory devices in the aircraft carrier to temporarily malfunction.

Even a ninth-grade soul missile couldn't unleash this much destructive power!

Setting aside how that streak of red light had managed to pierce through the interception system, just its explosive power was something that a ninth-grade soul missile definitely couldn't match.

A chill immediately ran down Chen Xinjie's spine as a possibility occurred to him, and a sense of fury also welled up in his heart.

The explosion of red light lingered for close to 10 seconds before finally subsiding, and the formation of the federal fleet had been thrown into disarray.

From a birds-eye perspective, one would be able to see that even though the protective barrier had just barely managed to withstand the force of the explosion, the front end of the Sea God Fleet's aircraft carrier had sunk slightly, and it had been forced backward, crashing into several ships in the process. The warship that was closest to it had been sent drifting off to the side, and this was downright unimaginable.

In the eyes of the federal fleet, the Star Luo Empire was like a lamb waiting to be slaughtered. However, they suddenly discovered that it was a wolf in sheep's skin, and now that it was baring its fangs, everyone was taken by surprise.

The Sea God Fleet's aircraft carrier was the most powerful one among the three fleets, yet it had still been forced back. The commanders of the other two aircraft carriers couldn't help but wonder what would've happened if the target had been one of their aircraft carriers. Would their protective barriers have been able to withstand such an attack?

The condition of the Sea God Fleet's aircraft carrier was currently unclear, but it definitely hadn't managed to remain completely unscathed. Since when did the Star Luo Empire come into possession of such a powerful weapon?

Even the aircraft carrier's defense system hadn't managed to destroy it, and it had even been capable of exploding a second time.

What exactly was that thing? There was definitely no such weapon in the federation.

At the same time, the Star Luo Empire control center had erupted into cheers.

When the second explosion of red light had appeared on the screen, everyone, including Dai Tianling and Dai Yueyan, had let loose raucous cheers.

The enormous aircraft carriers were like mountains weighing down on their hearts, yet the Sea God Fleet's aircraft carrier had been knocked lopsided by 30 degrees. Even with its powerful defenses, it hadn't been able to withstand that attack; perhaps they would be able to sink it with another one of the same missile!

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