Chapter 141 - True Control

Chapter 141 - True Control

The Man-Faced Demon Spider’s giant body shuddered as yellow-green blood continuously gushed from its abdomen. It wanted to attack, to shoot some spider threads, but they only flew a few meters before hitting the ground. They were completely unsuitable to use as an attack now.

It continually struggled like this as it grew weaker by the minute. Simultaneously, a yellow light shot out from the Curtain of Darkness.

The darkness gradually vanished while the yellow light lingered on the pale-faced Tang Wulin. His arm had already transformed back to its normal human form, with only golden scales covering it now. Thanks to those scales, he hadn’t suffered any corrosion from the Man-Faced Demon Spider’s blood.

Hundred-year Man-Faced Demon Spider, killed!

Xie Xie had already been pulled back awhile ago, so the five of them stood there, exchanging looks of astonishment from prevailing over such a calamity. Wang Jinxi couldn’t help but embrace Tang Wulin with an ardent expression that overflowed with passion.

This battle had fully displayed the team’s ability and was the culmination of the knowledge and experience they had gained. In the end, the formidable Man-Faced Demon Spider had died by their hands!

From start to finish, there had been no room for luck. They had claimed this victory purely with their own strength.

Even as they blatantly stared at the corpse of the Man-Faced Demon Spider that was a few meters away from them, they still couldn’t believe that they had succeeded. Tang Wulin was the most surprised of them all; he had been prepared to sacrifice himself in their plan, yet they had actually achieved victory.

If his Golden Dragon Claw had been unable to resist the toxins, or if Gu Yue’s ice had been incapable of shielding him from the corrosion of the spider’s blood, he would have died.

Fortunately, the two of them were able to give a perfect performance. His Golden Dragon Claw proved its might once again with its immunity to the toxin’s corrosion, while Gu Yue’s control of ice had been able to isolate the toxic blood for a few moments. These two elements had combined to give him enough time to break away from the corpse and toxins.

Every single moment of their battle had been ridden with extreme danger.


The Spirit Pagoda staff member stared at the screen dumbstruck. He was completely speechless.

Just how perfect were their tactics!? That was actually a hundred-year Man-Faced Demon Spider that even four or five ring Soul Masters would avoid! They wouldn’t even dare to engage it without thorough planning. Yet, this group of kids, who at most have two rings, actually performed a miracle and defeated the Man-Faced Demon Spider! This is unbelievable!

Even Wu Zhangkong was a bit shaken by this. A smile had actually appeared on his ice-cold face.

“He meets the requirements of a Control System Soul Master,” he quietly muttered under his breath.

He’s also the one who has made the most progress in the last three months.

This battle had tested not only the limits of their strength but also the breadth of their knowledge. During their battle, Wu Zhangkong took note of every single detail with his experienced eyes. Even if the students were baffled, Wu Zhangkong observed the events with clarity. It wasn’t until Tang Wulin appeared beneath the Man-Faced Demon Spider that he suddenly realized Tang Wulin’s intentions.

“Teacher Wu, are these children thinking about joining the Spirit Pagoda? If I send a recording of this battle to the higher-ups, I think an exception can be made to accept these children as members. Their potential is simply astonishing.”

The Spirit Pagoda staff member finally snapped out of his daze, but his eyes were still filled with shock and admiration.

As a staff member of the Spirit Pagoda, he had a comprehensive knowledge of various  soul beasts as well as Soul Master battle styles. Yet, after witnessing the unconstrained battle style of class zero, every single inch of his body was in awe.

He could only describe the battle as ‘shocking.’

To prevail over the Man-Faced Demon Spider, the first thing the students needed was a deep understanding of it.

At first, he assumed the children to be foolishly standing still, letting the Man-Faced Demon Spider weave its webs and continuously tighten it around them. After their remarkable performances in their previous battles, it came as a disappointment. He’d been anticipating just how these children would deal with a powerful soul beast such as the Man-Faced Demon Spider.

The staff member thought that the best course of action would have been to immediately flee. Although the Man-Faced Demon Spider was fast, it was lacking in long-range attacks; as long as they were ahead of it, they would have a chance at escaping. The second best choice, in his opinion, was for one of them to sacrifice themselves in order to allow the others to escape. This way, they would minimize their losses.

There was once a team of Soul Masters who similarly encountered the Man-Faced Demon Spider in the spirit ascension platform and had verified that these two choices were indeed the best.

Yet, the response Tang Wulin initiated with his team today had widened the staff member’s horizons.

Gu Yue hadn’t revealed her control of the earth element until this battle. Against the Man-Faced Demon Spider and its toxic spider webs, it wasn’t her other elements, but her use of the earth element, that had the greatest impact on the battle.

As the Man-Faced Demon Spider continuously decreased their area of mobility, thinking them trapped, it was, in truth, the one to have been tricked instead. Soul beasts were also living creatures, and so they shared some similarities with humans. Once it felt that its victory was all but assured, it subconsciously relaxed a bit.

None of their soul power fluctuations were particularly strong, and they were trapped in a cramped space. To the hundred-year Man-Faced Demon Spider, they were as good as dead. It didn’t consider any other possibility of survival remaining for them.

At that moment, it decided to shoot out its largest spider web net, minimizing the maneuvering space of the five opponents.

Thus, the five students were forced to attack the Man-Faced Demon Spider. Clearly, it never imagined an obelisk would suddenly shoot out of the ground to block the spider web though, as it had been stunned for a split second.

Then there was the Bluesilver Grass which had shot up from the ground and bound both the spider and Wang Jinxi, who had appeared out of nowhere. Just this was enough to praise their coordination.

The Man-Faced Demon Spider responded amazingly as well. It effectively used the sharp points of its legs to resist the Bluesilver Grass and bought it the time necessary to shoot out another spider web.

Yet in the end, it was tricked. Wang Jinxi was pulled back by a strand of Bluesilver Grass, and the spider web it shot out was met with nothing but air. Then, Xie Xie’s Light Dragon Storm appeared out of nowhere to begin the first wave of their assault.

It was at that moment that the staff member began to shower them with praise. After all, who wouldn’t exclaim in admiration of children who could reach such a level? At the very least, they had secured a chance at victory.

There was also the vital golden strand of Bluesilver Grass, which was the result of fusing it with a spirit soul. Tang Wulin controlled it perfectly to trap the Man-Faced Demon Spider.

However, how could he have imagined the miraculous scene that occurred after? That strand of golden Bluesilver Grass had broken with meticulous precision and timing. Thanks to the strand’s pulling force, that final moment caused the Man-Faced Demon Spider to stumble as the child dragged himself under its body. At the same time, Gu Yue had manipulated the earth to propel him even further, ensuring he slid beneath the spider completely.

When the staff member saw Xie Xie unleash his Light Dragon Storm on the spider’s rear, he thought the children didn’t have the necessary understanding of the Man-Faced Demon Spider’s weakest point on its underside.

He was proven wrong, however, in but a few moments. It turned out that the chain of attacks didn’t stop with Xie Xie, and the final attack was the most marvelous and shocking one.

Covered in ice to protect himself from the toxins, Tang Wulin pulled himself underneath the spider, his toxin resistant golden claw ready to attack.

A total victory, it had been a total victory! They hadn’t lost a single member. These children who had two rings at the most were actually able to kill a hundred-year Man-Faced Demon Spider! If anyone heard this, they would find it completely unbelievable!

Was the Man-Faced Demon Spider stupid? Of course not. This was all due to the meticulous planning of these five students. The staff member couldn’t help but stare at the handsome, young teacher. This is the man who taught them!

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