Chapter 1409: My Son, Wait for My Return


Tang Wulin wanted to yell out, but he was unable to do anything in his current state. Tang San turned to him with the benevolent and compassionate smile of a father, then gently waved his golden trident through the air in a beautiful arc as if it were as light as a feather.

Golden halos proliferated outward one after another, layer upon layer, and as soon as they appeared, everything in the surrounding area became silent. The lightning subsided, and the sea also became peaceful again.

The golden halos easily encompassed all of the surrounding purplish-golden lightning, and it was as if they contained a small world within them.

The surrounding space began to fluctuate violently as if it were struggling for its life, but during its struggles, it naturally formed a mystical type of resonance with the golden halos.

The violent purplish-golden lightning conformed to the order within this small world, and it began to inject itself into the Infernal Lightning Vine in wisps and strands.

What was even more remarkable to Tang Wulin was that he had lost that overinflated sense of being filled by excessive violent energy. A series of golden halos had appeared around the Infernal Lightning Vine, and he could clearly sense that there was enormous lightning power imbued within the halos, but none of it was able to come out.

This was a spatial seal, similar to the Golden Dragon King seals within his body.

The control over spatial power could only be described as perfect, and in that instant, Tang Wulin felt as if his mind had been struck by a bolt of lightning, and he began to attain an unprecedented understanding of the paramount laws of heaven and earth.

The surrounding lightning disappeared within the golden halos, as did the mighty golden figure.

"My son, wait for my return."

After the golden figure vanished, the golden trident flew back into Tang Wulin's glabella as a streak of golden light, and an indescribable sense of emotion welled up in Tang Wulin's heart.

His father had told him that he would be able to save him on three occasions. Even though he was far, far away, caught up in the turbulence of space and time, he was doing everything in his power to protect Tang Wulin.

Even though Tang Wulin had never actually met his birth father, tears were flowing down his face. He was able to clearly see just how much love his father had for him through those eyes that encompassed the entire world.

Father, I'll definitely find you! he roared in his heart as the tears continued to flow.

In the end, all of the golden halos vanished into Tang Wulin's body, and a soul ring appeared to join his other eight soul rings.

This was a purplish-golden soul ring that was riddled with golden patterns, which were giving off a regal aura. 

The Infernal Lightning Vine had already disappeared into Tang Wulin's body, and it had become as fond of him as a small child was of a parent figure.

The Infernal Lightning Vine had completed its 100,000-year evolution, and sealed within Tang Wulin's ninth soul ring was an enormous amount of pure lightning power that hadn't been completely absorbed earlier.

This lightning power would continue to support the Infernal Lightning Vine's future evolution, allowing it to develop countless times faster than normal soul spirits.

As the lightning disappeared, the sky also gradually cleared. The dark cloud subsided, and the storm was finally about to be over after wreaking havoc for over seven hours.

The ocean became placid again, but the interconnected fleets were currently looking very much worse for wear.

The protective barriers had almost been completely destroyed by the ferocious storm, and almost two-thirds of the three fleets' energy supplies had been depleted.

On top of that, many of the soul tools on the smaller ships had been damaged. If Chen Xinjie hadn't reacted quickly enough and immediately commanded all of the ships to release their protective barriers to their fullest extent, that storm of lightning could've quite possibly destroyed the entire federal fleet.

All of the supervisors on the ships were in complete awe, and even Chen Xinjie himself felt as if he had dodged a bullet.

That storm of purplish-golden lightning had most likely never been seen before in the entire history of the Douluo Continent, and even a Godslayer missile couldn't match its destructive power!

The total energy reserve of the three fleets combined could power a major city like Bright City for 20 years, yet during the storm, many of the soul energy battery circuits had been damaged from overexertion; this was simply unimaginable!

This level of destructive power had most likely never been seen before.

"Look! There's someone up there!" an advisor suddenly yelled.

Chen Xinjie immediately rushed over to the screen and focused his gaze on the two people hovering in mid-air depicted on the screen.

One of them was standing while the other was seated, and they were situated at the epicenter of where the storm had been before. The one who was seated was a young man with purplish-golden light radiating from his entire body, and his ninth purplish-golden soul ring was extremely eye-catching.

Standing beside him was none other than the man who had been detected by the sensory soul tools earlier.

All of a sudden, Chen Xinjie's pupils contracted drastically as he identified the man seated in mid-air to be none other than the captain of the Blood Dragon Squad! Furthermore, through comparisons with photos supplied by the federation, he was able to confirm that he was also the Tang Sect Master, Tang Wulin!

How could it be him?

Chen Xinjie's heart was filled with incredulity. No matter how he thought about it, he couldn't understand how Tang Wulin could possess such fearsome power, allowing him to draw upon the power of the sea.

A series of loud buzzing rang out as all of the functioning soul tools on the federal fleet quickly locked onto Tang Wulin and Xie Xie. Right at this moment, Tang Wulin opened his eyes, which were still glistening from his tears, but what was especially remarkable was that there was a purplish-golden light shimmering within them.

Under the scrutiny of the entire federal fleet, he waved a hand through the air, and an enormous wave was suddenly swept up over the ocean, which had already returned to a placid state.

All of the soul tools instantly lost their target, and when the giant wave subsided, both Tang Wulin and Xie Xie were already nowhere to be seen.

The commanders of the three fleets were rooted to the spot upon seeing this. Who was that and why had he appeared in this place? Was he the one who had brought on that terrifying storm?

Who was he?

Chen Xinjie's expression had darkened significantly, and at the same time, thoughts were racing through his mind, allowing him to instantly form a string of conclusions.

With the Star Luo Empire's soul technology, it was virtually impossible that they would possess the power to alter the weather. However, that didn't mean that others would also be incapable of this.

As the Battle God Hall Master, he had always been aware of just how powerful the Tang Sect was. If there were any organization that could contend with the Federal Institute of Soul Technology, then it could only be the Tang Sect.

Furthermore, this Blood Dragon Squad Leader was also the Tang Sect Master; it had to be the Tang Sect that was behind this!

Chen Xinjie took a deep breath before issuing an order. "Examine all of the equipment and tally up all of the losses that we incurred during this storm. At the same time, attempt to connect with the satellite system to ascertain our location. In the meantime, all three fleets are to remain in place and maintain interconnection."

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