Chapter 1408: Lightning Falling Like Rain

In particular, the Trial of Five Gods had triggered an evolution within him, transforming him into a truly worthy Tang Sect Master.

Back when Tang Wulin had first become the Tang Sect Master, no one had paid much heed to him, and everyone thought that he was only being nurtured as a stand-in sect master. They had thought that the Heartless Douluo and Amorous Douluo were still the ones who were truly in power, and that it would take a long time before Tang Wulin could truly become the sect master.

However, less than a year had passed since then, and Tang Wulin had already shown himself to be more than capable of holding his own; how could his friends not be in awe and admiration of him?

Even Xie Xie himself hadn't noticed that he had gradually lost hope in competing with Tang Wulin, and was now simply proud of being one of Tang Wulin's closest companions.

Following this trip to the two neighboring continents, Shrek’s Seven Monsters had truly begun to mature. During their first battle against the Monster Eight Kings, there had been a significant gap between them. If Tang Wulin and Gu Yue hadn't suddenly unleashed their Divine Dragon Transformation at the end, they would've had no chance at all. However, during what was supposed to be the revenge battle for the Monster Eight Kings, Shrek's Six Monsters had crushed their opponents with ease. The tables had been completely turned, and they hadn't even used their full power during that battle.

Yuanen Yehui alone had been enough to hold off their two most powerful opponents, and she still had more to spare. All of them were prodigies, but their different experiences had caused their paths to diverge, and it was undoubtedly the case that Shrek’s Seven Monsters were going to be able to go further.

With that in mind, Xie Xie focused his attention on Tang Wulin again, wondering to himself just how powerful Tang Wulin as a Titled Douluo would be once he fused with this fourth soul spirit. He had already been able to contend with Hyper Douluos at the Soul Douluo level; what was he going to be capable of as a Titled Douluo? With his ultra-powerful suit of three-word battle armor, he would most likely be able to ensure self-preservation even against a Limit Douluo.

The lightning, wind, and rain showed no signs of subsiding, and even after becoming interconnected, the three fleets were still being tossed around in the turbulent waves.

All of their communication and sensory devices had been rendered completely ineffective, which meant that they were essentially temporarily completely lost and blind.

Chen Xinjie's expression darkened further and further. The longer this storm persisted, the likelier it was that it was a man-made storm. However, if this really were a man-made storm, then just how fearsome was their opponent?

Even if the sea hadn't suddenly turned on him, there was still no way that he could possibly conjure up such a ferocious storm.

Six hours had already passed since the commencement of the storm, and all of the members of the federal fleet were completely exhausted. The interconnection system had allowed them to avoid casualties thus far, but in the midst of such horrible weather conditions, the energy and stamina of the members of the fleet were being forced to undergo a stern test.

Some of the soul tools on the ships were already being damaged by the storm, and he had already received over 20 emergency reports. Perhaps this was a super soul tool that could disrupt the weather?

This thought had occurred to Chen Xinjie before, but if it were true, then that would be even more terrifying. If the Star Luo Empire had developed such a fearsome piece of technology, then the federation may not be able to win this war.

In any case, all they could do now was wait. Even with his powers, he didn't dare to rise up into the clouds to inspect the conditions within the realm of lightning up above.

There was simply no way that a single man could contend with the full fury of nature.


All of a sudden, an unprecedentedly deafening boom rang out, and the entire world outside the control center seemed to have suddenly changed color.

A purplish-golden color had appeared in the air, and it was quickly assimilating all of the lightning in the air, turning them into the same color.

A ball of lightning descended from above like a massive raindrop, and in the next instant, it had already crashed down upon the ocean.

The seawater in a radius of over a kilometer was instantly turned into a purplish-golden color, and a string of violent thunderclaps rang out in rapid succession.

"All ship, activate your protective barriers to full capacity!" Chen Xinjie immediately yelled into the internal communication device.

He didn't know what this purplish-golden lightning was, but his instincts told him that it was not something they could afford to mess with.

More purplish-golden balls of lightning began to fall from the heavens like rain, descending toward the ocean, as well as upon the three fleets.

Even Tang Wulin himself was unaware of what was currently happening as he had reached a critical juncture in his meditation. 

The surrounding purplish-golden lightning had illuminated him into a purplish-golden color, and his entire body had almost become transparent. The Infernal Lightning Vine was growing in a frenzy, and it had already completely fused as one with the Bluesilver Emperor, but it was still devouring lightning with reckless abandon.

It had never felt so alive and free of inhibitions! Ever since it had attained sentience, it had always craved more lightning, even if devouring lightning would eventually lead it to destruction. However, it had never encountered such a violent lightning storm that had persisted for such a long time.

Ever since it had become Zhang Geyang's soul spirit, it had been forced to essentially starve and deny its greatest instinctive desire, and after being starved for long, its greed had been exacerbated to an unprecedented level.

Every single vine had elongated to several hundred meters in length, and they were swaying wildly through the air. The inside of the vine was the Bluesilver Emperor, but on the outside was what appeared to be a purplish-golden suit of lightning armor that was radiating dazzling light. With each passing second, large quantities of lightning were flowing into the Infernal Lightning Vine, causing it to constantly evolve. Whenever it reached the brink of self-detonation, a burst of neutralizing power would surge forth to nullify the destructive power, thereby allowing it to devour more lightning.

This was a euphoric feeling, and the Infernal Lightning Vine had completely lost itself, and also accepted Tang Wulin with all its heart.

Even if it were to be destroyed, experiencing such bliss and exhilaration was well worth the consequences.

However, Tang Wulin was already struggling to keep up. Even with his insane physical constitution, his body was beginning to break down within this realm of lightning.

It was no longer just his power as the Son of Nature that was bolstering the Infernal Lightning Vine; it was his power as the son of the Sea God as well. Through his control over the sea, he was able to draw upon the rich water elements in the environment to protect the Infernal Lightning Vine and allow it to last this long.

However, Tang Wulin's body was already filled to the brim with lightning power, and the terrifying destructive power was beginning to repress even his Son of Nature aura. Lightning elements were the most volatile of all elements, and his Son of Nature aura had already been debilitated to begin with here in the sea. No matter how much the realm wished to protect him, there was a limit.

What could he do? If things were to continue like this, both he and the Infernal Lightning Vine would be led to destruction!

Right at this moment, Tang Wulin's forehead suddenly lit up. A burst of dazzling golden light abruptly erupted out of the heavy purplish-golden light, and it emerged out of his glabella before hovering in front of him.

Xie Xie's eyes immediately widened upon seeing this. It was a trident that was around four meters in length, and the golden light shimmering over the trident was rippling like water. In the instant that it emerged, the surrounding lightning was suddenly silenced for a moment.

In contrast, the sea down below began to churn in a frenzy, and a string of countless sobs rang out.

Below the central prong of the trident was a fist-sized rhomboid blue gemstone that was giving off a gentle light.

"My son, I am only able to save your life on three occasions, and at the same time, there'll also be three opportunities for you to experience Unpredictable Storm, so make the most of this opportunity."

A familiar warm and compassionate voice rang out within Tang Wulin's heart, and he reflexively opened his eyes. Only he could see that there was currently an almighty figure standing beside the golden trident, resembling a pillar between heaven and earth.

The man was clad in a suit of golden armor, and his long hair was as blue as the sea. His eyes seemed to contain the entire universe, and he had one hand closed around the long shaft of the trident.

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