Chapter 1386: Holy Light Spirit Formation

He preferred to be with them over anyone else, and they were his most loyal subordinates, companions, and brothers at all times. They were constantly by his side, and even though Harosha had countless ways to resurrect a fallen cavalier of death, he would still fly into a blind fury whenever they were slain by enemies, and this was what Tang Wulin was having to face right now.

"Look out!" En Ci yelled as he thrust his left fist forward to try and stop Harosha, but Harosha didn't even look at him and merely allowed the holy fist to strike his back.

En Ci felt as if a vortex had appeared on Harosha's back. The power from his attack was dispersed and nullified by the vortex, and some of it was even borrowed by Harosha.

In the next instant, Harosha had already arrived before Tang Wulin. He was simply far too fast, reaching Tang Wulin virtually in the same instant that he had felt his soul freeze solid.

Harosha's sword was directed straight at Tang Wulin's heart. Only by killing Tang Wulin could he assuage the burning fury in his own heart.

This sword wasn't actually a part of his martial soul, nor was it a part of his battle armor. Instead, it was a divine weapon that he had forged over countless years using his own powers.

The name of the sword was Sigh of the Infernal Realm, and it could channel the infernal energy within his own body to allow him to fuse with the Infernal Rebirth domain, thereby instantly granting him enhancements from the entire domain. After being struck by Sigh of the Infernal Realm, any living being would instantly become an infernal creature. The most fearsome ability of Sigh of the Infernal Realm was Hundred Penetration, which meant that it could instantly penetrate the defenses of a rank 100 god.

One became a Limit Douluo after reaching rank 99, so the concept of rank 100 didn't exist. Beyond rank 99 was the realm of the gods, so essentially, Harosha had named this ability of his sword as such in a bold proclamation that it could even pierce through a god's defenses.

This was why such a casual-looking slash from him was able to instantly inflict internal injuries on the Smiling Douluo.

He very rarely stabbed with his sword, but whenever he did was when Sigh of the Infernal Realm would unleash its most fearsome offensive power.

Tang Wulin felt as if his soul had been pierced through, and his opponent was far too fast for him to evade.

An unprecedented sense of powerlessness spread through his entire body. Was this the true power of a Limit Douluo? It had been a very long time since he had felt this close to death.

When facing Qilin Douluo Tong Yu, the Five-elemental Divine Arrow had posed a threat to his life, but that was only a threat, and he was able to instantly react in a calm manner.

However, in the face of this attack, he was completely powerless and immobilized, unable to even take evasive measures. He could only look on as the sword extended toward his own heart.

Everything had happened far too abruptly, and neither En Ci nor Hu Jie could stop Harosha in time.

A sense of powerless spread through Tang Wulin's entire body, and for the first time, he wondered if he was going to die.

Right at this moment, a beam of holy light rained down from above before filling the entire space, and Tang Wulin abruptly teleported backward over 100 meters. Standing in his original spot was an eight-winged angelic projection, which was immediately shattered by Sigh of the Infernal Realm.

A surge of warmth flowed through Tang Wulin's entire body, and all of the immobilization and powerlessness instantly vanished as he was returned to his peak condition. Even so, his back was still instantly drenched in cold sweat, and an overwhelming sense of lingering fear welled up in his heart.

Divine Substitute!

This was something that Holy Spirit Douluo Yali had bestowed upon Tang Wulin after making a breakthrough to the Limit Douluo level. She was only able to use this ability once, and it had saved Tang Wulin's life in this dire situation.

All of a sudden, the dark sky overhead lit up, and a "sun" emerged in mid-air alongside a clear angelic song. All of the infernal creatures instantly became very slow and sluggish, and beams of holy light descended from the heavens.

Each beam of holy light contained an adorable little angel, and as they descended, they began to cleanse this world of all evil and impurities. The holy light shone down upon En Ci, and all of the negative effects that had befallen him from the Infernal King Douluo's attacks were completely erased. It also fell upon the Smiling Douluo, and all of his injuries were quickly healed.

A six-winged angelic projection then appeared behind each of them, injecting beams of holy light into their bodies to grant them significant enhancements.

En Ci was the most powerful one among the two, so he naturally received the greatest enhancements. His Peerless Holy Radiant Dragon battle armor began to glow with scintillating light, and he instantly appeared before the Infernal King Douluo before thrusting his right fist forward. On this occasion, his Thousand Dragon Dance was completely reinvigorated, and countless giant white dragons surged toward the Infernal King Douluo with unstoppable force.

Following a devastating clash, En Ci took a half step backward. His right fist was punctured by Sigh of the Infernal Realm, but it was instantly healed by the six-winged angelic projection behind him.

As for Harosha, he was forced to take three consecutive backward steps, and it was quite clear that he had come off second best during that clash.

All of a sudden, a vast expanse of holy light surged up from the ground, and countless holy runes surged toward the infernal creatures with unerring accuracy.

White formations had also appeared beneath the cavaliers of death, releasing beams of white light that temporarily immobilized them.

Harosha's expression darkened significantly upon seeing this. "Holy Light Spirit Formation? You're Yali? Even a little brat like you was able to become a Limit Douluo?"

A cold voice rang out from all directions. "I didn't think that you were still alive, Harosha. I'll complete the job that my forefathers were unable to finish."

The sun in the sky suddenly lit up even further, and extremely intense holy light began to gather, as if the sun were accumulating some type of immense power. 

"I'll let you live for a few more days." Harosha cast a cold glance toward Tang Wulin, then shot back in retreat like lightning, and a series of grey halos appeared beneath the infernal creatures before sucking them away

"You're not going anywhere!" En Ci stepped forward with his left foot, then punched the air with his right fist, and a ball of scorching white light erupted forth, within which were countless giant white dragons.

Dragon Realm! This was En Ci's most powerful attack!

Harosha harrumphed coldly in a derisive manner, "You think you have what it takes to stop me? Even the Heaven Blessed Douluo was unable to stop me; what makes you think you're any different?" All of a sudden, everything in the surrounding area took on an ethereal quality, and all of the infernal creatures transformed into streams of grey energy that disappeared alongside Harosha.

En Ci's Dragon Realm lingered in the air for close to 20 seconds before gradually fading away, and the Smiling Douluo had already situated himself in front of Tang Wulin.

The two of them exchanged a glance, and both of them could see their own lingering fear mirrored in one another's eyes.

Even the Smiling Douluo had never encountered a being of Harosha's caliber, let alone Tang Wulin.

Yali descended beside Tang Wulin and patted her own chest in a slightly flustered manner. "Thank heavens I cast the Divine Blessing on you earlier. Otherwise, things could've ended a lot worse than they did."

Divine Blessing was considered to be a second life not only because it could create a substitute in a dire situation and recover Tang Wulin back to his peak condition, even more importantly, it could instantly teleport Yali to his side to ensure his safety thereafter.

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