Chapter 1383: Cavaliers of Death

A faint smile appeared on Harosha's face. "Do you really think you have what it takes to oppose me? I've killed countless so-called prodigies like you. Your ancestors weren't even born when I started killing!"

A furious look appeared in Tang Wulin's eyes upon hearing Harosha insult his ancestors, and right at this moment, a peculiar scene ensued.

The insignia of a golden trident suddenly appeared on his forehead, immediately following which his eyes turned into a bluish-golden color.

Harosha let loose a muffled groan as he abruptly hurtled back in retreat, and over a third of the infernal creatures in his Infernal Rebirth domain instantly crumbled away.

"Godly backlash?!" Harosha's voice instantly spiked up a few octaves as his calm and collected demeanor completely faded. His expression also changed drastically as he appraised Tang Wulin.

Initially, he had completely disregarded Tang Wulin as a mere ant, but in this instant, terrifying killing intent had appeared in his eyes alongside an expression of astonishment.

En Ci was also quite startled by this. What did godly backlash entail? It entailed that there was a god among Tang Wulin's ancestors, whom Harosha had just insulted.

Even though they weren't directly present to protect Tang Wulin, their residual aura that lingered in Tang Wulin's bloodline automatically generated this reaction to being insulted.

This was a type of energy fluctuation of a godly caliber, and it wouldn't actually have any effect on the average person. Only for Limit Douluos who had begun to attempt to ascend to godhood would these fluctuations have a severe impact.

Even for a being of Harosha's caliber, he had been dealt a heavy blow directly to the essence of his soul.

In that instant, En Ci also sensed an aura that was no less authoritative than the Dragonslaying Saber that had repressed his martial soul. The aura was more even and placid, but it was imbued with peerless restrictive power.

What was even more astonishing was that godly backlash wasn't something that could happen easily. Humans who ascended to godhood would naturally produce offspring, but with each passing generation, their bloodline would be diluted, and eventually, it would be close to non-existent, and that would make it impossible for godly backlash to occur. 

According to all of the historical records of the Douluo Continent, the last person to ascend to godhood was the founder of the Spirit Pagoda, Spirit Ice Douluo Huo Yuhao.

Huo Yuhao's bloodline had naturally been passed down, both on the Douluo Continent and in the imperial family of the Star Luo Empire. However, after so many generations, the bloodline had become extremely diluted.

En Ci had very close ties with the imperial family, but he had never sensed the power of godly backlash from any member of the imperial family. The emergence of godly backlash indicated that Tang Wulin's bloodline was very close to that of a god. Generally speaking, this should mean that he was within three generations of a god.

But how was that possible at his age? There were no gods that had emerged during the past three generations on the entire Douluo Star!

Following that brief flash of killing intent, an expression of scorching yearning suddenly appeared in Harosha's eyes as he had also realized that Tang Wulin had to be within three generations of a god for godly backlash to occur.

Perhaps not all gods could be found in historical records; perhaps there were people who had ascended to godhood completely unbeknownst to everyone else.

If there really were someone who had succeeded within three generations, then this was extremely important information. As such, he no longer wanted to kill Tang Wulin. Instead, he wanted to capture him and take him back for interrogation.

Instead of speaking any further, the rhomboid grey crystal on Harosha's forehead suddenly lit up.

The entire Infernal Rebirth domain shuddered, and a series of grey gates of light suddenly emerged within a radius of 100 meters around Harosha. There were 12 gates in total, and as soon as they appeared, the entire space seemed to have congealed.

Even En Ci felt his body become more sluggish, and the holy aura that had just made a resurgence was instantly repressed again.

It was often the case that only after truly facing someone could one grasp the gap between themselves and an opponent. No words could describe what En Ci was currently feeling.

He had already become accustomed to being the most powerful being on the continent, and even when he had lost to Tang Wulin, that hadn't been an actual defeat; he had merely conceded in order to preserve his own lifespan. However, in the face of Harosha, he was struck by a genuine sense of powerlessness. Harosha was simply far too powerful.

The 12 gates were opened, and 12 humanoid infernal creatures emerged from within.

They were all wearing suits of thick and heavy armor that concealed the entirety of their bodies, revealing only 12 pairs of dark blue eyes.

All of their suits of armor were of a dark grey color, and they each held a shield in their left hand, while wielding a heavy sword in their right.

The shields bore the appearances of monstrous heads, and all of the shields were different.

These infernal creatures were each around four meters tall, and they were extremely intimidating in their bulky suits of armor.

What struck Tang Wulin with the greatest sense of foreboding was the halos beneath the feet of these infernal creatures, all of which were also different.

This was the first time that Tang Wulin had seen these halos, but there was no mistaking them; they were clearly battle armor domain halos that only three-word battle armor masters should possess!

This meant that 12 powerful beings with suits of three-word battle armor had just emerged from those grey gates.

There wasn't a single trace of life force that could be detected from these creatures, and the only parts of their bodies that were visible were their eerie dark blue eyes.

"Death is the destiny of all things!" they roared to the heavens as they raised their swords in unison.

As they did so, the grey Infernal Rebirth domain suddenly turned into a dark blue color, and all of the giant white dragons instantly faltered for a moment while their auras were significantly diminished.

Even Tang Wulin's Violent Golden Dragon Domain seemed to have been repressed by the emergence of these 12 creatures.

"Kill them!" Harosha commanded.

"Your wish is our command," the 12 infernal creatures answered in unison. They then all raised the shields in their left hands before charging toward the center from 12 different directions.

"These are my 12 cavaliers of death. They gradually evolved to their current level from the most basic skeletons, and each of them is as powerful as a Hyper Douluo. Enjoy this evolved version of my Infernal Rebirth domain, the Banquet of Death!"

Tang Wulin and Hu Jie's expressions both changed drastically upon seeing this. They had both encountered powerful beings in the past, but this was the first time that they had encountered a being of Harosha's caliber.

It was quite clear that only now was the Infernal King Douluo truly beginning to display his full power, and it seemed that even En Ci wouldn't be able to match him.

En Ci heaved a faint sigh, and he knew that he couldn't hold back any longer. Otherwise, he may not even be able to save himself, let alone Tang Wulin.

He pointed up at the sky with his right hand while pointing down at the ground with his left, and said in a slow voice, "Illuminate Heaven and Earth!"

Two balls of light suddenly appeared both in the air and on the ground, and En Ci's chest also lit up. It was as if a miniature scintillating golden sun had suddenly appeared there. A golden halo proliferated outward, and immediately thereafter, two streaks of golden light suddenly emerged before extending toward Harosha.

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