Chapter 1382: Sift Away the Faults and Retain the Truth

Right at this moment, the surrounding grey world began to churn like boiling water, and a series of giant skeletons emerged from the ground. It was impossible to tell what creatures these skeletons belonged to; some resembled dragon skeletons, others resembled skeletons of marine creatures and other animals.

These massive infernal creatures unleashed a ferocious barrage of attacks toward the giant white dragons, and light was supposed to be the bane of darkness, but these infernal creatures didn't fear the power of light at all. The infernal energy emanating from their bodies surged forth like massive waves toward the Thousand Dragon Dance, and En Ci's domain was completely repressed!

The Infernal Rebirth domain was technically one of Harosha's soul skills, but it had repressed En Ci's four-word battle armor domain. It was often the case that reality was even more absurd than fiction; if news of this were to spread, no one would believe it to be true. 

However, this was the reality. The most powerful being in the entire Star Luo Empire, Holy Dragon Douluo En Ci, was being completely dominated by his opponent.

In that instant, a peculiar thought occurred to Tang Wulin: if Harosha had participated in the Trial of Five Gods in his stead, the Star Luo Empire would've been comprehensively crushed. 

Tang Wulin couldn't help but wonder if the Atlas Douluo would've been able to defeat Harosha.

En Ci's expression also changed drastically, and he immediately encircled his arms in front of himself. At his level of power, soul skills themselves were no longer important; everything had already been integrated and could be unleashed at will.

Qilin Douluo Tong Yu had also become a Limit Douluo, but he was still quite far away from reaching this step.

En Ci thrust his right hand through the air, generating a faint explosion. Immediately thereafter, a terrifying aura permeated through the air, and it was as if the entire space were collapsing and compressing toward the Infernal King Douluo.

"Do you still not understand?" Harosha asked in a cold voice.

He took a small step forward, and his entire body instantly turned translucent. The compressed space naturally decompressed when it reached him, and the vast expanse of greyness around him reared up with unprecedented ferocity.

The giant white dragons within the Thousand Dragon Dance began to howl with agony. Their illusionary bodies seemed to have taken on substance and were subjected to the frenzied attacks of the infernal creatures. Soon, all of them were on the brink of death.

En Ci's expression changed drastically upon hearing this. "You, you've already reached that level?"

Harosha replied in an indifferent voice, "If I hadn't, why would I have joined the Holy Spirit Cult? They're all just a bunch of ants. All I'm aiming to do is to sift away the faults and retain the truth. Even as far back as 50 years ago, I had already ascended beyond the level where I still had to resort to slaughter to accumulate energy."

En Ci's expression changed again upon hearing this, and a hint of astonishment and enlightenment, intermingled with a slightly forlorn expression, appeared on his face.

"Sift away the faults and retain the truth, eh?" En Ci repeated as he aimed a meaningful glance at Harosha.

"You can join us as well if you'd like. As far as I know, we are the closest to reaching that level. We've even already made an attempt, and even though we failed, we've accumulated a lot of experience. In the future, it's very likely that we're going to make that final breakthrough," Harosha said.

En Ci was very tempted by this proposition. After reaching his level, there were very few things that could attract him, but what Harosha had just described undoubtedly held the greatest allure for him.

Right at this moment, a burst of authoritative might suddenly erupt behind him, and within that authoritative aura was a powerful sense of intimidation that instantly snapped him back to his senses. At the same time, his heart jolted with astonishment. Even with his immense spiritual power, he had fallen prey to Harosha's enchanting abilities. It was most likely the case that he had already reached the pinnacle of the Spirit Domain realm and was one step away from crossing over to the Divine Origin realm.

"No, we are destined to walk different paths," En Ci said in an implacable voice, "You lot are heartless and selfish. You disregard all life as mere tools for you to accomplish your own selfish objective. You are defying the natural order, and you will be punished for it. Perhaps there are many outstanding talents among you, but you'll never be able to make that final breakthrough as even the ruler of our plane won't allow people like you to become gods. Otherwise, you'll bring disaster to the entire plane."

Harosha's expression finally changed slightly upon hearing this. "You seem to have a very clear perspective of everything. Striving for godhood is something that defies the natural order in the first place; there will definitely come a day when we will break through the restrictions of this plane. Step aside. You've reached this level as well, and I don't want to kill you; he is my target."

He cast his gaze toward Tang Wulin as he spoke, and his expression was very calm, but Tang Wulin felt as if his soul were about to be sucked into those void-like eyes.

Tang Wulin was almost certain that aside from perhaps the Atlas Douluo, this man was most likely the most powerful being he had ever encountered.

He had a feeling that in the face of a powerful being of this caliber, all soul technology would be rendered completely pointless.

A series of golden halos rose up from beneath Tang Wulin's feet, and his eyes also began to glow with dazzling golden light. In this murky grey world, the dazzling golden light was particularly eye-catching.

"Hmm?" A hint of bewilderment appeared in Harosha's eye. He was naturally very familiar with his own Infernal Rebirth domain, and he knew that within his domain, all objects and life forms would be contaminated by infernal energy. The main outward representation of this contamination would be a change in color.

Even a Hyper Douluo like Hu Jie currently had a layer of grey over his body, and when he had used his golden belly to withstand Harosha's earlier attack, his belly had turned completely grey for an instant.

The same thing had also happened to En Ci.

However, when those golden halos emerged from Tang Wulin's body, he could clearly see that this dazzling golden color was completely free from the grey contamination.

In the next instant, one of those golden halos lit up, and a giant golden dragon's head appeared in front of Tang Wulin before letting loose a thunderous roar to the heavens.

All of the giant white dragons that were being heavily repressed were immediately reinvigorated, as if their blood had been set alight, and a layer of golden light appeared over their bodies, forcing out the infernal energy that had contaminated them.

The auras of all of the giant white dragon's began to swell at a drastic rate, and they launched a ferocious counterattack against the surrounding infernal creatures.

En Ci immediately turned to Tang Wulin with astonishment in his eyes. He felt as if his domain had been fuelled by a sudden injection of power, and even his aura was beginning to swell dramatically.

This wasn't an increase in quantity. Instead, it was closer to a percentage-based increase.

When facing Tang Wulin, the Golden Dragon King bloodline had repressed his martial soul, but now that they were fighting alongside one another, the Golden Dragon King's aura significantly enhanced his powers.

Back when Tang Wulin had first awakened his Golden Dragon King bloodline, he and his friends had already discovered its ability to enhance dragon-type martial souls. Now that the enhancements from the Golden Dragon King bloodline was being applied to a powerful being of En Ci's caliber, the effect was naturally extremely pronounced.

The aura of his Holy Radiant Dragon was finally displayed in its full glory, and at the same time, all of the dragon-type infernal creatures within the Infernal Rebirth domain had become very feeble.

Giant dragons were always creatures that stood at the pinnacle of the food chain, and this remained the case even in the Infernal Rebirth domain. Without these dragon-type infernal creatures, the power of the domain would be severely hampered, and En Ci was beginning to make a resurgence.

"Interesting! No wonder they insisted on killing you; as expected of the one chosen by Shrek Academy. The thing I detest more than anything else in this world is Shrek Academy. If it weren't for that Heaven Blessed Douluo, I would've reached my current level at least 50 years earlier. However, the thing that I admire the most in this world is also Shrek Academy as it's the only worthy opponent for me. It was extremely foolish of those idiots in the Holy Spirit Cult to destroy Shrek Academy through such underhanded methods. Shrek Academy should've been destroyed by me, and all of the lives in the academy should've been used as the foundation for my ascension. If it's not for the fact that I still have too many things to do, I really want to wait until you reach your full potential before I kill you. That would be most satisfying."

Tang Wulin replied in a cold and resolute voice, "No one wants to hear your senseless rambling! If you want to kill me, then come at me!"

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