Chapter 1374: All Dragons Must Subject to My Judgement!

Was it over? Tang Wulin had gained the upper hand in the battle armor department, but this was a battle, after all, and the power disparity between the two combatants seemed to have decided the outcome of the match.

All of Shrek's Six Monsters, the Blood Dragon Squad, and the Smiling Douluo had risen to their feet with anxious looks in their eyes.

They were most concerned that Tang Wulin could've been severely wounded, or perhaps even...

In contrast, Gu Yuena remained completely calm and collected in the Spirit Pagoda booth. There was no way that an attack of that caliber could hope to destroy the body of the Golden Dragon King!

Just as an elated look had appeared on Zhang Geyang's face, a rumbling dragon's roar rang out, and in the next instant, the giant golden dragon rose up into the heavens from within the massive crater.

All of the crimson color that had appeared over its body had faded, but in the instant that it reared up, it began to radiate rainbow light, as well as a peerlessly authoritative aura.

A projection emerged from the golden dragon's body, and it was none other than Tang Wulin. However, the golden dragon was currently looking far more substantial, while Tang Wulin appeared to be more like an illusion.

Tang Wulin raised his right hand, yet the Golden Dragon Spear was no longer in his grasp. Instead, he reached out behind him as he cast his gaze toward En Ci in a solemn manner.

"All dragons must subject to my judgment!"

A giant white dragon appeared in mid-air, and it was writhing in pain and horror, trying to break free from something, but no matter how violently it struggled and thrashed, there seemed to be some type of invisible force that was locking it firmly into place.

A giant blade that was shimmering with rainbow light appeared in Tang Wulin's hand, and he slashed it toward the giant white dragon from afar.

An indescribable sense of peril instantly welled up in En Ci's heart. The Holy Dragon Breath he had just unleashed was a very powerful attack, and he could sense that Tang Wulin was completely unable to withstand it, so he had already planned to hold back thereafter, but much to his surprise, Tang Wulin had recovered almost instantly and was unleashing a fearsome attack of his own.

In the instant the giant blade had appeared in Tang Wulin's grasp, En Ci felt as if he had seen a vision depicting countless giant dragons of different shapes and forms slumping down onto the ground in submission. On top of that, he felt as if he had committed an inexcusable crime and was being escorted to his own execution.

In the instant the giant rainbow blade had appeared, an indescribable wail of anguish and an overwhelming sense of fear had welled up deep within his heart, causing his body to tremble uncontrollably.

This was not good!

He didn't know what type of ability Tang Wulin was currently using, but he instantly realized that this attack was powerful enough to pose a threat to his life. He definitely couldn't allow himself to be struck!

He bit down onto his own tongue, using the pain to snap himself back to his senses, and his eyes suddenly began to resemble a pair of deep voids. Celestial bodies then suddenly appeared around him, then instantly began to twist and warp. It was as if the stars were twisting, while the sun and moon were being tipped on their heads. In that instant, all of the light in the surrounding area was completely devoured.

This was En Ci's spiritual domain, Black Hole!

This was one of his true trump cards as a Limit Douluo, and it was capable of devouring everything.

In the face of the domain, the rainbow light began to tremor, but boundless authoritative might was suddenly injected into the giant blade.

This was the law-enforcing saber of the dragon clan, and it had been crafted by none other than the Dragon God; it was an existence of an even higher caliber than the Golden Dragon King and Silver Dragon King.

In the face of the law-enforcing saber, all dragons had to submit.

The rainbow light streaked through the air like lightning, and the giant white dragon in the air was destroyed amid an anguished wail. At the same time, the all-engulfing black hole had also been destroyed.

This was the true trump card that Tang Wulin had prepared for En Ci; it was the most powerful attack he had against the Holy Dragon Douluo.

Never did he think that he would be able to defeat a Limit Douluo, but at the same time, never did he think that he would be completely powerless against one.

He wasn't just representing himself; he was representing the Tang Sect and Shrek Academy.

There were too many responsibilities on his shoulders, and all of them kept him from conceding the match.

Even in the face of the almighty En Ci, he remained completely fearless. He had his own trump cards that he could rely on.

The law-enforcing saber was an alternate form of Sima Jinchi, but Sima Jinchi was supposed to be one of his weapons to begin with! On top of that, when had the Trial of Five Gods ever been fair to him?

Even during the weapons battle, Tang Wulin hadn't planned to use the law-enforcing saber; he was saving this "huge present" for the Holy Dragon Douluo.

As it turned out, no matter how powerful one was, they had to bow their head to a divine weapon that suppressed them to their core.

Another figure plummeted from the sky. On this occasion, the impact wasn't all that great, and no crater was smashed into the ground, but the figure was still looking quite disheveled.

A diagonal wound had appeared on En Ci's body, stretching all the way from his left shoulder to his right hip. The wound was very shallow; it seemed to have only sliced through his clothes and didn't even draw any blood. However, that was already enough!

Tang Wulin had truly managed to harm the Holy Dragon Douluo!

What was even more peculiar was that En Ci had been completely stripped of his Holy Radiant Dragon aura, leaving him with nothing more than his Limit Douluo level soul power.

The Golden Blood Dragon domain had forced Peerless Holy Radiant Dragon into hiding, while the law-enforcing saber had sealed away En Ci's Holy Radiant Dragon martial soul.

This was naturally an indirect product of En Ci's overconfidence, but it was also testament to Tang Wulin's powers and just how much he was able to repress dragon-type martial souls.

Of course, even with the law-enforcing saber, Tang Wulin wasn't powerful enough to kill En Ci, but he had temporarily sealed away En Ci's martial soul. This seal wouldn't last very long; the Holy Radiant Dragon martial soul had only been intimidated by the aura of the Dragonslaying Saber for now. However, this brief period of time was already enough for Tang Wulin.

The Dragonslaying Saber disappeared, and the Golden Dragon Spear reappeared in his grasp.

In that instant, all of the violence and authority abruptly vanished, and it was incredible to think that a single person could exhibit three changes in aura that were so drastic in such a short time.

At this moment, Tang Wulin seemed to be an ethereal cloud that was gently drifting in the sky.

Everything around him began to warp, and in the eyes of the audience, all of the warped light around him seemed to have transformed into clouds that were drifting down from above.

At this point, En Ci's heart was filled with nothing but astonishment. Ever since he had become a Limit Douluo, not even Atlas Douluo Yun Ming had struck him with as much of a threatening sensation as that law-enforcing saber.

If Tang Wulin were slightly more powerful than he currently was, he would definitely be able to kill En Ci. If Tang Wulin were also a Limit Douluo, then En Ci most likely wouldn't even be able to withstand a single saber strike. This wasn't a matter of power; it was the intimidatory effect that the saber itself had on him.

The authoritative words spoken by Tang Wulin earlier echoed within his mind. All dragons must subject to my judgment!

Why was that saber able to judge him? Could it be...

Just as he was reeling from astonishment, everything around him began to warp and twist, and in that instant, En Ci suddenly felt like a frail woman who had been stripped naked.

His battle armor had been nullified by Tang Wulin's battle armor domain, his martial soul had been sealed away by Tang Wulin's Dragonslaying Saber, and even his spiritual domain had been destroyed by Tang Wulin's last attack, rendering him unable to use it again in the immediate future. All he had at his disposal now was his enormous reserve of soul power.

He raised his hands to the heavens, and his soul power erupted forth to form an extremely dense light barrier around his own body.

Ever since he had become a Limit Douluo, he had never been repressed so severely, especially by an opponent who was clearly significantly less powerful than himself. This was an extremely frustrating and downright painful scenario to be in.

However, this was reality; he had no choice but to accept it.

In the next instant, his expression suddenly changed once again.

On the rostrum, a wide smile appeared on Hu Jie's face. "Let's see what you do about this, you old fart!"

Millennium White Clouds! Spear of Time!

Time began to warp along with the warped light, and a horrified voice suddenly rang out. "Stop! I concede!"

All of the warping light and descending clouds completely vanished in the next instant, and two figures passed by one another.

Tang Wulin landed on the ground, panting heavily as he used his Golden Dragon Spear as a crutch to support himself. Upon closer inspection, one could see that there was blood seeping out of his pores.

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