Chapter 1373: Golden Blood Dragon Domain

Who could've anticipated such a startling turn of events?

The almighty Holy Dragon domain had crumbled away along with En Ci's suit of four-word battle armor in the face of Tang Wulin's Golden Blood Dragon domain! 

There was definitely an element of bloodline suppression involved, but how could a three-word battle armor domain force a four-word battle armor domain into submission? This was incredible!

"How is this possible?" Zhang Geyang blurted out in a stunned manner.

This was completely unimaginable to him. He was very close to the Limit Douluo level, but he still didn't own a suit of four-word battle armor, and his two greatest dreams were to become a Limit Douluo and attain a suit of four-word battle armor.

He couldn't recall anyone in history who had used a suit of three-word battle armor to defeat a suit of four-word battle armor as the two were simply on completely different levels!

Limit Douluos were close to demigodly beings, and with suits of four-word battle armor to enhance them, they were able to become true demigods. Hence, no one had ever doubted the notion that suits of four-word battle armor were divine-grade treasures.

However, En Ci's Peerless Holy Radiant Dragon battle armor had crumbled away within the Golden Blood Dragon domain just like that; how could he not be astonished?

Gu Yuena was standing right beside him, but she was focused on something else entirely. Following a brief moment of astonishment, she realized that Tang Wulin had already begun to grasp some of the essence of the Golden Dragon King's powers.

The most fearsome aspect of the Golden Dragon King's abilities was its peerless destructive power; that was the true root of its power. Unfortunately, destructive power was a double-edged sword that could destroy others, but also oneself from the inside.

Humans had invented battle armor and fused it with their bodies. The Golden Dragon King's destructive aura had manifested itself on Tang Wulin's suit of battle armor instead of within his body, and this was precisely because Tang Wulin hadn't allowed his soul to be controlled by this destructive intent.

Even though he had only grasped a tiny portion of the Golden Dragon King's essential aura, his Golden Blood Dragon domain was already something that could completely dominate other dragon-type domains or battle armor.

If En Ci's battle armor had only been of the three-word level, it would've most likely been devoured by the Golden Blood Dragon domain before it even had a chance to escape.

The one who was most astonished by this turn of events was naturally none other than En Ci himself. Never did he think that the Peerless Holy Radiant Dragon battle armor that had been with him for so many years would be defeated by Tang Wulin, and by a suit of three-word battle armor, at that.

Tang Wulin's Dragon Moon Song battle armor appeared to have been weakened, but his suit of four-word battle armor had completely disappeared! Battle armor projection indicated that suits of four-word battle armor had already grasped some of the power of spatial laws. They possessed life force and instincts of their own, and in the face of serious threats, they had the ability to make their own decisions.

En Ci could sense that Tang Wulin's Dragon Moon Song battle armor wasn't powerful enough to overcome his Peerless Holy Radiant Dragon battle armor, but this Golden Blood Dragon domain seemed to be able to erase the sentience of his suit of battle armor. If that were to happen, it would essentially mean that the soul of his four-word battle armor would be destroyed. As such, Peerless Holy Radiant Dragon was forced to flee in horror. Otherwise, it would've already been reduced to an ordinary suit of battle armor.

Didn't this entail that if Tang Wulin's cultivation rank were to catch up to or approach his in the future, then he would be no match for Tang Wulin no matter what?

The killing intent that he had harbored toward Tang Wulin in the past had already faded, but in that instant, it involuntarily resurfaced in his heart.

The two sides were locked in a brief impasse, and cries of surprise had rung out across the entirety of the spectator stands.

The clash between domains had created a spectacular sight that encompassed the entire competition platform! What exactly was that giant crimson flower? Why did it seem as if En Ci had fallen to a disadvantage? Had the Tang Sect Master always had this trump card up his sleeve?

Tang Wulin didn't immediately spring into action as he was currently reflecting on the sensation he had experienced when the Golden Blood Dragon domain had first been activated.

A chill ran down his spine as he recalled that burst of deranged destructive intent. If he were the one who had been targeted by that intent, would his mind be able to handle such an assault? The answer was most definitely no.

That was most likely the true essential power of the Golden Dragon King. He had to be a lot more cautious in the future and do everything in his power to avoid breaking any further Golden Dragon King seals.

Otherwise, if that deranged destructive intent were to overwhelm him, then he would be reduced to a mindless killing machine.

"Hmph!" All of a sudden, a cold harrumph jerked Tang Wulin back to reality, and he was greeted by the sight of En Ci's cold and unforgiving gaze.

For any Soul Master, their battle armor was their second life, especially a suit of four-word battle armor.

Having lost his suit of four-word battle armor, En Ci was like a dragon that had lost its claws. Even with his calm and steadfast personality, he was feeling greatly enraged.

He took a step forward with his left foot and took the initiative to unleash an attack for the first time.

He rose up into the air in a flash, then made a hand seal as he looked down at Tang Wulin.

All of a sudden, a giant white dragon's head emerged above him, and it expeled a burst of white breath toward Tang Wulin. This was followed by two more breaths in rapid succession, and as they descended toward Tang Wulin, he was struck by the feeling that everything around him was about to be engulfed and devoured.

Even without his suit of four-word battle armor, En Ci was still a Limit Douluo, and in his fit of fury, he had forgotten to hold back.

Tang Wulin's heart stirred upon seeing this. His Golden Blood Dragon domain had just rid En Ci of his suit of battle armor, but as a result, the enhancements he received from his suit of three-word battle armor had also diminished significantly.

The most fearsome part about En Ci's attack was that it gave him no opportunity to evade. The three breaths had encompassed virtually the entire space, so he had no choice but to stand his ground and take the attack head-on.

He took a deep breath as dazzling golden light erupted from his Golden Dragon Spear. There was no fear or indecision in his eyes; only single-minded determination!


A thunderous dragon's roar rang out, and he unleashed his martial soul true body alongside his Golden Dragon Roar. At the same time, he had also released his most powerful Golden Dragon King bloodline ability: Golden Dragon Infernal Massacre!

The sky completely darkened, creating a stark contrast with the giant white dragon's head.

The three breaths combined as one to form a massive white vortex, which was attempting to draw in and destroy the crimson-golden giant dragon.

The crimson-golden dragon was clearly already being suppressed, yet all of a sudden, a burst of unyielding intent suddenly erupted from its body. Its fearsome aura swelled drastically amid the Golden Dragon Infernal Massacre, and white and crimson-golden light clashed incessantly up above.

The dark sky acted as the perfect backdrop, treating the spectators to a spectacular lights show.

A rumbling boom akin to a thunderclap rang out, and a figure plummeted from the sky before crashing heavily down onto the ground.

A massive crater was instantly smashed onto the competition platform, and a burst of fearsome shockwaves erupted outward from the center of the crater, sending huge ripples running along the surface of the protective barrier.

Dai Tianling couldn't help but furrow his brows upon seeing this. Things weren't progressing according to what he and En Ci had planned!

A streak of light flashed over the heavens, and En Ci landed nearby. At this point, he had already reverted back to his usual calm expression.

Of course, the fact that he had just descended meant that the person who had been slammed into the ground was Tang Wulin.

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