Chapter 1370: Dragon Moon Song Tang Wulin

A terrifying aura erupted toward him, but he couldn't sense any energy fluctuations from that finger. 

Tang Wulin took a deep breath as he took a half step backward with his right foot. He lowered his center of gravity slightly, then launched his fist against En Ci's finger in a solemn manner.


Tang Wulin felt as if he had been struck by a soul train traveling at full speed. His body was sent flying like a cannonball, and it was completely outside of his control.

From the perspective of the spectators, Tang Wulin had been sent flying as a rapid streak of golden light by what seemed to be a nonchalant finger from En Ci.

He then crashed heavily into the protective barrier in the distance before falling onto the ground.

Was this the power of a Limit Douluo?

The entire stadium fell completely silent. In particular, the spectators who were cheering for Tang Wulin were staring at the scenes unfolding before their eyes with their mouths gaped wide open.

Everyone had heard of Limit Douluos, but the vast majority of people had no idea just how powerful a Limit Douluo was. In this instant, En Ci was displaying to everyone what true power was through his actions.

Many of the spectators were left reeling by this sudden turn of events. Tang Wulin had secured four consecutive victories, yet he was still being made to look so powerless in the face of the Holy Dragon Douluo.

He had unleashed such a fierce barrage of attacks to no avail, yet En Ci had only unleashed a single nonchalant attack, and that was enough to send him flying. They were on completely different levels!

Was this the disparity between the two?

Tang Wulin's blood essence was churning within his body as he fell onto the ground, but in the next instant, he immediately sprang to his feet before turning to appraise En Ci through narrowed eyes.

A hint of surprise appeared on En Ci's face.

What the spectators saw, felt, and imagined was always different from reality.

That finger strike from En Ci seemed to have been very simple, but it was actually imbued with power that En Ci had borrowed from all of Tang Wulin's 28 successive attacks, and that power had been intermingled with his own soul power.

However, in the instant that Tang Wulin was sent flying, it felt to En Ci as if he had transformed into a ball, nullifying much of the impact of the clash before hurtling back through the air.

It seemed that Tang Wulin had been dealt an extremely heavy blow, but En Ci knew that he hadn't actually managed to deal Tang Wulin any substantial damage. It was quite clear that Tang Wulin was well prepared for this battle!

Tang Wulin threw his head back and let loose a dragon's roar as his eyes became particularly bright. Specks of golden light began to appear at all of his joints, and he raised his right hand high above his head before making a grabbing motion, as if he were trying to tear down the heavens.

A clear and domineering voice then rang out across the entire venue. "Dragon, Moon, Song!"

In that instant, it was as if the specks of golden light that had appeared over his body had become miniature scintillating suns. The air inside the sports stadium began to warp slightly, and the golden dragon projection appeared behind Tang Wulin once again. However, on this occasion, there seemed to also be countless specks of light all over the giant golden dragon's body as well.

How had his battle armor been manifested on that projection? Wasn't that something that could only be achieved with suits of four-word battle armor? Could it be that he was already a four-word battle armor master? But that was impossible! No matter how powerful Tang Wulin's physical constitution was, there was no way for him to fuse with a suit of four-word battle armor before he became a Titled Douluo.

En Ci's heart was filled with astonishment, and he didn't take advantage of this opportunity to attack Tang Wulin.

All of a sudden, he realized how foolish he had been. Tang Wulin had already declared the name of his suit of battle armor to be Dragon Moon Song, thereby confirming it to be a suit of three-word battle armor.

Gu Yuena's body shuddered slightly upon hearing this name as she sat in the Spirit Pagoda booth, and a hint of pride flashed through her eyes.

Tang Wulin's suit of battle armor contained her name, just as her suit of battle armor had been named Dragon Dance Qilin.  [1]

He now had the right to refer to himself as Dragon Moon Song Tang Wulin!

As the specks of light on the giant golden dragon's body brightened, it became clearer and more substantial, and pieces of battle armor began to emerge over Tang Wulin's body.

The glittering and translucent golden battle armor resembled an artistic masterpiece carved out of golden crystal, presenting a spectacular sight to behold.

The golden visor concealed Tang Wulin's handsome features, the helmet was covered in golden patterns that extended downward, and each piece of battle armor was filled with layers and textures. The pauldrons on his shoulders resembled golden dragon heads, and the breastplate didn't appear to be very heavy. On top of that, there was an emblem that seemed to have been carved out of a giant golden gem at the center of the breastplate, and every single piece of battle armor was covered in dragon patterns.

This was his full suit of three-word battle armor!

Dazzling golden light flashed, and by the time the entire suit of battle armor appeared, Tang Wulin had already grown to three meters tall. His eyes became even brighter, all of the spectators who had just lost confidence in him were instantly revitalized.

What a spectacular suit of battle armor! Setting aside how powerful it was for now, just its appearance alone was an incredible sight to behold.

If a collector's replica of this suit of battle armor could be created, there would most likely be countless prospective buyers.

In response to this, the giant white dragon reappeared behind En Ci, and specks of light also appeared over its body, but the same didn't happen to En Ci himself. This was true battle armor projection, the sign of a suit of four-word battle armor.

The Holy Radiant Dragon let loose a loud dragon's roar, and its body suddenly disintegrated before it surged toward En Ci as streaks of dazzling white light.

"My battle armor is called Peerless Holy Radiant Dragon!"

Peerless Holy Radiant Dragon En Ci! 

It was clear that the "peerless" in the name wasn't an adjective to highlight the power of the Holy Radiant Dragon. Instead, it had to have some kind of special meaning to him; it was quite possible that this was the name of his lover!

A suit of white battle armor quickly encapsulated En Ci's entire body, and after he donned the suit of battle armor, it became completely impossible to tell that he was an old man who was close to 200 years of age, and his aura also instantly transformed.

A gigantic white halo encompassed virtually the entire sports stadium, and countless dragons were dancing within the halo. A rich aura of light rose up in what was virtually a substantial wave, and the entire venue was transformed into a sea of light.

The giant white dragons within the halo slowly ascended, and everything seemed to be so realistic.

Battle armor projection and domain actualization; both of these were signature traits of a suit of four-word battle armor. Suits of three-word battle armor enhanced a Soul Master by bestowing upon them the power of a domain, while suits of four-word battle armor triggered an evolution in its wearer.

Four-word battle armor was also known as Demigod Armor, and it was truly something that transcended beyond this world.

A suit of four-word battle armor was the most important constituent component of its wearer's life; it was like the wearer's most important organ.

Following the creation of a suit of four-word battle armor, the four-word battle armor master had to expend a third of their own blood to awaken the suit of battle armor and truly bestow upon it life.

The creation of every suit of four-word battle armor was a tribulation of life and death for its corresponding four-word battle armor master. If they could transcend the tribulation, then they would ascend to become part of one of the most exclusive groups on this planet. In contrast, failure could quite possibly result in death.

This was why four-word battle armor masters were so exceedingly rare. 

Furthermore, the power of suits of four-word battle armor could only be compared with Godslayer missiles.

To put it in simpler terms, both Tong Yu and En Ci were Limit Douluos, but if they were to face one another in battle with En Ci using his suit of four-word battle armor, Tong Yu wouldn't even be able to last a minute.

In the world of battle armor masters, suits of four-word battle armor were known as bridges to the Divine Realm.

Why was it that all of the Limit Douluos of the Holy Spirit Cult, Tang Sect, Shrek Academy, and Spirit Pagoda were yearning for ascension far more so than the Soul Masters of ancient times? This was precisely because ever since the invention of suits of four-word battle armor, they were able to sense just how powerful that world was through their Limit Douluo powers and suits of four-word battle armor.

[1] [The wu(舞) in Tang Wulin translates to dance, while the lin(麟) is the same lin in Qilin(麒麟)]

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