Chapter 1369: Peak Showdown

Even though there was a massive cultivation rank disparity, Tang Wulin's Golden Dragon King bloodline was still definitely going to suppress En Ci's Holy Radiant Dragon martial soul to a certain extent.

Tang Wulin had already broken 12 of his Golden Dragon King seals, resulting in an extremely powerful Golden Dragon King aura. As such, there was no doubt that his bloodline would affect En Ci quite severely during their clashes. As such, Tang Wulin released his aura to its maximal extent from the get-go, hoping to negatively impact En Ci's performance with his bloodline power. This was a lopsided battle that was weighed heavily against his favor, so he had to maximize the few advantages that he had.

A burst of bright light flashed as Tang Wulin brought his arms together in front of his own chest, and the air around him warped slightly as he hurtled directly toward En Ci. His powerful blood essence fluctuations made him resemble a giant dragon, and the momentum that he was building up had raised his aura to its absolute peak.

When facing an opponent more powerful than oneself, the worst thing one could do was to allow their opponent to gain the initiative right away. This often resulted in one-sided battles where the weaker side was dominated for the entire battle until they were defeated. In order to avoid such a miserable outcome, Tang Wulin was releasing his aura with all his might regardless of the energy expenditure incurred by doing so.

In the face of Tang Wulin's scorching aura, En Ci's murky eyes immediately lit up, and a clear dragon's roar rang out from his body as a giant white dragon with golden light shimmering around it rose up into the air. The powerful aura of light being released by the dragon seemed to illuminate the entire world. The aura that Tang Wulin was releasing was very spectacular and overbearing, but it still seemed to be somewhat hollow and illusionary.

In contrast, the white dragon that had risen up from En Ci's body seemed to be completely substantial, as if it were his martial soul true body.

The Holy Radiant Dragon was somewhat affected by Tang Wulin's Golden Dragon King aura, but from the looks of it, it wasn't affected all that heavily. It spread its wings and let loose one thunderous roar after another, managing to match Tang Wulin's aura even while remaining on the spot.

Thus, the disparity between the powers of the two combatants was immediately made very apparent.

Tang Wulin had already anticipated this, so he wasn't surprised at all, and it was also at this moment that he unleashed the first attack. As he was charging toward En Ci like a speeding arrow, his Golden Dragon King aura surged toward En Ci like a ferocious tidal wave.

Tang Wulin's entire body instantly took on a golden color, and shimmering golden scales appeared all over his skin. He didn't unleash his martial soul true body right away, but in that instant, his essence, energy, and spirit had all been raised to their very peaks.

It was as if his body had transformed into a golden cannonball, and he instantly reached En Ci before unleashing a devastating punch.

Countless spectating Soul Masters drew a sharp breath in unison at the sight of this punch, and they couldn't help but marvel at Tang Wulin's speed and explosive strength. Even the average Titled Douluo couldn't utilize their aura and blood essence to such an extent!

Of course, ordinary Titled Douluos were unable to accomplish this as their spiritual power didn't allow them to accomplish this level of coordination. However, Tang Wulin had been able to perfectly integrate his own power and blood essence into one, and even he was struck by a sense of exhilaration as he unleashed this punch.

En Ci remained completely still on the spot, and his expression also remained unchanged. All he did was raise his right hand.


Tang Wulin's right fist struck En Ci's right hand in what seemed to be a sequence that had been choreographed countless times in advance.

A resounding boom rang out, and both sides came to a complete standstill for an instant. One could clearly see the exact spot where the fist and palm were connected, and a devastating shockwave that was visible even to the naked eye proliferated outward in a frenzy.

The air over the entire competition platform warped slightly, and the fearsome shockwave crashed into the protective barrier, causing it to flicker and waver erratically.

So badass! So handsome! 

The eyes of countless female spectators were practically glowing. Almost no woman was immune to the sight of such a direct and manly clash.

Upon striking En Ci's palm with his fist, the first feeling that Tang Wulin was struck by was that he had punched an immovable mountain. The violent clash led to a brief impasse, following which Tang Wulin swiveled around like lightning, sweeping his right leg through the air to unleash his Golden Dragon Whips its Tail.

He didn't even bother to release his energy against En Ci as there was no way that would amount to anything. As such, he was completely containing his power within his own body and relying on his immensely powerful physical constitution to unleash a ferocious assault. He was confident that En Ci would be too conceited to dodge his attacks, and that would give him an opportunity.

As expected, instead of taking evasive measures, he merely moved his right hand to the side to block Tang Wulin's oncoming attack. Another burst of powerful soundwaves swept forth, and many of the spectators couldn't help but clamp their hands over their ears. Just how much power was required to produce such a violent clash? It most likely wasn't inferior to the power unleashed by the giant hammers that Tang Wulin had been wielding the day before.

Tang Wulin continued to unleash one attack after another, and the golden light around him glowed brighter and brighter. His limbs were his most powerful weapons, and with every clash, a burst of powerful shockwaves would erupt around himself and En Ci.

Meanwhile, En Ci's hands were like a pair of impregnable shields, firmly blocking all of Tang Wulin's attacks no matter how ferocious they were. It didn't look as if he were having any trouble at all, and if it weren't for the explosive shockwaves sending ripples running over the protective barrier, one could easily severely underestimate the ferocity of the clashes.

Neither of them were unleashing any soul skills; they were merely clashing over and over again in the simplest and most direct manner imaginable.

Only the truly powerful beings among the spectators could tell that this type of clash was the most perilous and fearsome; if En Ci failed to ward off even a single one of Tang Wulin's attacks, then he would risk being reduced to dust.

However, that clearly wasn't going to happen. En Ci continued to stand before Tang Wulin like an insurmountable mountain, remaining completely still on the spot no matter what attack Tang Wulin threw at him.

From Tang Wulin's perspective, it seemed that En Ci could keep this up forever, and he didn't seem to have been affected by Tang Wulin's Golden Dragon King bloodline, either.

Unbeknownst to Tang Wulin, from a pure bloodline perspective alone, Long Yue's Mountain Dragon King bloodline was superior to that of En Ci's Holy Radiant Dragon. As such, through his regular interaction with Long Yue, he had become far more acclimated to superior dragon bloodlines than the vast majority of dragon-type Soul Masters.

Tang Wulin's Golden Dragon King bloodline was far more powerful than Long Yue's Mountain Dragon King bloodline, but En Ci was already prepared for this, and there was a vast disparity in their cultivation ranks, so Tang Wulin was unable to gain the upper hand in this area for now.

28 clashes took place in quick succession, and even with Tang Wulin's physical constitution, he couldn't help but falter a little.

If a normal person had been in his place, their body would've given out long ago in the face of such ferocious clashes.

During this split-second pause, En Ci finally seized the initiative for the very first time.

He merely raised his right hand and pointed a finger toward Tang Wulin in a completely harmless-looking gesture.

However, in the face of that nonchalant gesture, Tang Wulin was struck by the same feeling he had experienced when he had witnessed Old Tang unleash Fury of the Masses for the very first time.

There was nowhere for him to evade or hide, and the surrounding space seemed to be collapsing in toward him from all sides.

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