Chapter 1366: The Federal Fleet

"It's true. Many members of the general public bore witness to her breakthrough, and I'm sure you'll receive the news soon as well. I only came here to verify that it did indeed happen. On top of that, she's the first healing system Limit Douluo in history! As such, I think it's necessary that we reconsider the stance that we're taking with the Tang Sect."

Dai Tianling could imagine what a healing system Limit Douluo entailed even without a description from En Ci. It wouldn't be an exaggeration to say that a healing system Limit Douluo would be able to save anyone as long as they weren't long dead!

The Tang Sect and Shrek Academy were so close with one another that they were virtually a single entity. As such, he really did have a lot to consider now that such a powerful being had appeared among them.

Dai Tianling took a deep breath as a wry smile appeared on his face. "Was I too conceited, Teacher? This could've easily all been avoided."

If he had agreed to the Tang Sect's conditions from the very beginning, none of this would've ever happened. Now, the imperial family was in a very difficult position.

"Now's not the time for remorse and backtracking, Your Majesty; we have to look ahead and focus on the future," En Ci said.

"Do you have any good suggestions, Teacher?" Dai Tianling asked.

En Ci replied, "I do. Seeing things have already progressed to this point, how about...


While the entire Star Luo Continent had its attention completely focused on the Trial of Five Gods, there was a group of people gathered in a dark underground dungeon.

The light here was very dim, and even people with exceptional eyesight would only be able to make out a series of blurry figures.

Everyone present was wearing large black hooded cloaks that concealed their entire bodies.

"What are the results of Demon Sovereign's blood test, Blood Demon?" An authoritative voice rang out within the dungeon.

A raspy voice replied, "The results are quite positive; the medicine is almost certainly working, and if we continue to administer it, we should be able to keep the situation under control. Once Demon Sovereign recovers, it won't matter even if the Atlas Douluo gets resurrected."

"Speaking of the Atlas Douluo, have you taken care of his soul properly? We have to return it to the Tang Sect once the date of our agreement arrives," the authoritative voice asked.

"Rest assured, I've taken good care of it. Yun Ming was no match for us even back when he was alive; now, his soul is naturally completely at our mercy."

"That's good to hear. The Divine Space Time Shuttle is very important, so we have to ensure that we can recover it. Alright, keep administering the medicine; I don't want there to be any mishaps."

A pleasant female voice suddenly rang out. "My Lord, the attitude displayed by the Spirit Pagoda has been rather ambiguous recently, and they've terminated many of the projects that they're collaborating with us on."

"The Spirit Pagoda is currently under a lot of pressure, but we're not going to allow them to cut ties with us so easily. Tell Qiangu Dongfeng that the preparations in the Star Luo Empire are complete; we're about to reap our harvest."

The female voice gave an affirmative response before continuing, "My Lord, the new Tang Sect Master, Tang Wulin, has already won four consecutive matches in the Trial of Five Gods. I've watched the footage of the matches; if he really is only in his early twenties, then he must be supremely talented. We can't allow him to continue to develop. Coincidentally, Zhang Geyang has also reached out for our assistance to take care of him; should we do it? If we leave him be, he could very well become the second Yun Ming."

"I'll leave it to you. Make sure to kill him, and don't give him any chance of getting away. Infernal Emperor is currently over at the Star Luo Empire, right? Get him to do the job."


A fleet of massive warships was slicing through the waves, creating a marvelous spectacle to behold.

The most eye-catching ships among them was a trio of giant warships, and the largest of those three warships was the one at the very forefront. The ship was like a floating city, and there were at least 100 of the most advanced soul planes parked on its massive deck.

Even in the boundless ocean, it resembled a massive monster. Around the three warships were all types of different warships, of which there were over 300.

A series of giant gleaming metal cannons could be seen on these battleships, and they were all ready to be fired at any moment.

In the captain's cabin of the Sea God Airplane Carrier.

Boundless Ocean Douluo Chen Xinjie was sitting on the main seat, and he turned to his deputy before asking, "How long until we reach the Star Luo Empire's territorial waters?"

"At our current speed, we'll definitely get there within 10 days. We've already activated all of our radar disruption equipment; with the Star Luo Empire's detection capabilities, it'll be at least seven days before they discover us."

"Alright," Chen Xinjie replied in an indifferent manner. He rose to his feet before casting his gaze out the window, and he was greeted by the sight of the boundless ocean.

For him, the ocean was his closest friend.

In the end, he had been unable to delay the commencement of this war for very long. The voice of the Eagle Faction had simply been too overbearing; even as one of the leaders of the Eagle Faction, it was impossible for him to repress everyone's voices.

Yueyue, please don't blame me for this; this war is a necessary evil. For the sake of the federation's future and for the future of the human race, we must seize more resources. I'll make sure to minimize the amount of slaughter that takes place, and I'll be ruthless to any Holy Spirit Cult clown that dares to rear their ugly heads! 

On this occasion, he was accompanied by 10 of the 18 Battle Gods of the Battle God Hall, as well as countless powerful beings from all of the major legions and fleets. He didn't even bother to think about the Dou Spirit Empire; his main opponent was the Star Luo Empire. If he could conquer the Star Luo Empire, then the Dou Spirit Empire would have no alternative other than to surrender.

Yueyue, if you had been willing to give me a chance, perhaps I wouldn't even be here. For you, I'm willing to give up the entire world, but you didn't give me another chance. In 10 days, the Star Luo Empire is going to face the full wrath of our federal fleet!


The dazzling sunlight of a new morning shone into Tang Wulin's room through his window.

During the Trial of Five Gods thus far, he had secured four consecutive victories, saved a Limit Douluo's life, bore witness to the emergence of a new Limit Douluo, and even robbed the Spirit Pagoda's vice-chairman of a soul spirit. What initially appeared to be a negative situation had since become a very favorable one, and Tang Wulin was in a very good mood.

Following his return the day before, the Smiling Douluo had already told him that even if he were to lose the final match, the Star Luo Empire would still be willing to accept all of the Tang Sect's conditions, albeit at a 10% discount. This meant that Tang Wulin had essentially already completed his mission.

The upcoming final match was going to be his first true battle against a Limit Douluo.

No matter how powerful his opponents had been in the past, they couldn't compare with a Limit Douluo, particularly one who was also a four-word battle armor master.

The final match of the Trial of Five Gods was going to be the battle armor battle.

Are you ready, Tang Wulin? Tang Wulin asked internally, and the answer was most definitely an affirmative one.

During his meditation the night before, he had completely integrated the Divine Blessing into his own body, and he felt like he had taken another stride toward combining all of his powers and abilities into a cohesive package.

Even Tang Wulin himself wasn't sure exactly how powerful he currently was, but he was definitely constantly improving at a rapid rate. 

Under the effect of the Divine Blessing, he was approaching full mastery of the Body Sect's congenital secret method. The congenital secret method couldn't make him invincible, but it made his path to invincibility a smoother one.

Even against En Ci, he wasn't completely devoid of advantages. At the very least, his bloodline would be able to suppress En Ci's powers to a certain extent.

He opened the window and took a deep breath of fresh air, then brushed his teeth before having some breakfast with his friends.

"Yuxue, make some preparations for the return journey; we can't continue to delay here. We have no idea what the situation in the federation is like, so we have to get back as early as possible. After the Trial of Five Gods concludes, I'll meet with the imperial family right away to establish our deal. After that, we'll stay here for three more days at most before we return to the federation."

The Tang Sect had declared war on the Spirit Pagoda, so it was definitely under immense pressure over in the federation; he had to get back as soon as possible to support the Amorous Douluo.

Furthermore, he had been completely exposed to the public, and Yali had also become a Limit Douluo, so it was time to set the revival of Shrek Academy into motion. At the very least, he had to ask Yali and Elder Long just how many powerful beings would be willing to unite under the banner of Shrek Academy.

At the same time, he had to track down sources of sufficiently potent life force energy to supply to the seed of life. Only after purifying the entire Sea God's Lake would they be able to rebuild Shrek City on its original site.

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