Chapter 1364: Breaking Through the Limit

Yali had been stuck at rank 98 in soul power for several decades, but Tang Wulin's heartfelt call had allowed her to take that final step. 

En Ci had only just left the imperial sports stadium when all of a sudden, he stopped and turned back toward the stadium with astonishment in his eyes.

He wasn't the only one to have sensed something; everyone who knew what to look for had also been alerted to what had just happened.

In the air above the imperial sports stadium, a cloud that was radiating rainbow light had appeared. The cloud had a golden lining, and all those who witnessed it were struck by an indescribable sense of comfort, as if their hearts and souls had been cleansed.

In that instant, the light of the sun seemed to have dimmed slightly, and countless light elements were being absorbed by the rainbow cloud.

The rich energy fluctuations emanating from the cloud was extremely comforting to everyone in the general vicinity, and countless people were looking up at this divine phenomenon with awestruck eyes.

"Is someone making a breakthrough to become a Limit Douluo?" En Ci immediately rose up into the air.

Breakthroughs to become Limit Douluos were very dangerous as they would definitely trigger an energy tide, which could easily result in a major disaster.

As such, those attempting breakthroughs to the Limit Douluo level would generally choose to do so in a secluded place and arrange for others to help them monitor the situation in the outside world.

However, not only had this breakthrough arrived in a very abrupt manner, the person making the breakthrough had made no attempt to hide it at all.

After rising up into the air, En Ci silently experienced the changes taking place in the energy around him, and a complex look gradually appeared on his face.

Not only were these energy fluctuations not harmful in the slightest, all those who came into contact with them benefitted to a certain extent. At the very least, they were capable of extending one's lifespan. Even a Limit Douluo like him could experience this change, let alone the average person. This was like a blessing from the very heavens!

Even En Ci counted himself very fortunate to have encountered such a miraculous phenomenon, but at the same time, he couldn't help but feel rather confused. This phenomenon clearly indicated that a healing system Titled Douluo was making a breakthrough to become a Limit Douluo, but there were no healing system Soul Masters of that caliber in the entire Star Luo Empire.

As such, there was only one possibility.

En Ci had only been made aware of Holy Spirit Douluo Yali's existence after she had stepped in to save Tong Yu the day before, yet now, she was making a breakthrough to become a Limit Douluo right in the imperial sports stadium!

She was a representative of Shrek Academy, and according to Hu Jie, she was also the widow of the Atlas Douluo. As such, it was safe to assume that this breakthrough had something to do with the emergence of the Divine Atlas Spear during the recently concluded match.

This meant that Shrek Academy was going to have another Limit Douluo among their ranks! In addition to the two Limit Douluos of the Tang Sect, Tang Wulin now had an extremely formidable force behind him.

There were no precedents of healing system Limit Douluos in the history of the entire Douluo Star. At the very least, there were none that En Ci could think of. Who would've thought that such a miracle would take place here and now?

What would a healing system Limit Douluo be capable of? The day before, Tong Yu had clearly already died, but she had revived him in what was truly a miraculous feat, and that was before she had even become a Limit Douluo.

En Ci was a Limit Douluo himself, so he was well aware of just how massive a disparity there was between a Limit Douluo and a rank 98 Hyper Douluo. The difference was only a single rank in soul power, but the contrast was night and day.

With her by Tang Wulin's side, he would most likely have a hard time dying even if he wanted to!

He had to inform Dai Tianling of this right away, and reiterate the importance of improving the empire's relationship with the Tang Sect.

The Smiling Douluo was also witnessing this scene from a distance. He had already left, but just as the Tang Sect vehicle had departed from the sports stadium, he immediately sensed that something was amiss and rushed back right away.

He didn't know what changes a breakthrough from a healing system Titled Douluo could bring about, either, but he could sense that this was an opportunity that he would sorely regret missing. The more powerful someone was, the greater the benefit they derived from this, and the benefit in question was very simple and direct: it resulted in an extension in their lifespan.

It was truly fantastic that the Holy Spirit Douluo was making a breakthrough under these circumstances. En Ci was unaware of the fact that Shrek Academy still had another living Limit Douluo among its ranks, but he was aware of this.

Those two Limit Douluos would undoubtedly play an instrumental role in the revival of Shrek Academy. Could it be that Tang Wulin had planned all of this in advance?

Initially, Hu Jie had only been accepting of Tang Wulin as the new sect master, but now, he was slowly beginning to develop a sense of admiration for this young sect master. Even he hadn't realized that his attitude toward Tang Wulin had constantly been changing in subtle ways.

After a long while, Tang Wulin finally awakened from that mystical state. Yali was still standing before him, but she looked as if she had been born anew.

The hood on her head had been removed, and she appeared to be no more than 20 years of age. What was most astonishing to Tang Wulin was that her white hair had reverted back to its original color.

There were no traces of the tears that had flowed down her face earlier, and her entire body was radiating holy light while her eight wings of light flapped gently behind her. She was appraising Tang Wulin with a compassionate smile, and Tang Wulin reflexively called out, "Mother."

Yali nodded before raising a hand to pat his head as she said in a gentle voice, "I have a son now. I haven't felt such joy ever since your godfather passed away. Thank you, Wulin, I'm truly grateful to you."

Tang Wulin hurriedly said, "Don't say that, Mother; I should be the one thanking you. We've already tracked down Godfather's soul, and you've become a Limit Douluo; perhaps there'll be some further possibilities in the future."

Yali nodded in response. "I certainly hope so. I thought I would never be able to take this step; who would've thought that it'd be so easy in the end? I have to return to the submarine right away so I can go into seclusion and fortify my newfound powers; you'll have to look after yourself in the meantime."

After making such a sudden breakthrough to become a Limit Douluo, she had to consolidate right away. Otherwise, there was a chance that her cultivation rank would drop back down, and there were also other hazards involved as well.

"Don't worry, Mother; I'll be fine with Hall Master Hu here to help me, and there's only one match left in the Trial of Five Gods anyway."

Yali nodded in response. "I'm not overly concerned. After all, the Star Luo Empire is still an ally for us and the Tang Sect. Look after yourself tomorrow. I'm sure En Ci won't press you too hard in the match tomorrow, but don't force yourself beyond your limits, do you understand? Sometimes, it's better to bend than to break, and failure can teach one a valuable lesson."

Tang Wulin understood that Yali was saying that she was worried that he would be overly dejected after losing the match. 

"Rest assured, I've already mentally prepared myself for a defeat. I knew that I would win some of the matches during this Trial of Five Gods, but I didn't think that I would do this well. I'm already very satisfied, and I know that I haven't brought shame to our Tang Sect and Shrek Academy. For this last match, I'm just going to enjoy myself. Look after yourself as well; you've only just made a breakthrough, so take care not to rush things. I'll go and meet up with you right away once everything is taken care of here."

Tang Wulin was also in a very good mood. Yali's breakthrough to become a Limit Douluo was fantastic news for Shrek Academy, not to mention that she had also recovered from her extreme grief-stricken state. On top of that, as his godmother, Yali also filled the void left in his life by the departure of his foster parents.

Following Yali's departure, Tang Wulin also strode out of the resting area, yet just as he was about to leave, he suddenly sensed a familiar presence.

"Why isn't everyone else with you?" A gentle voice suddenly rang out.

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